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  1. Woah calm down dude no need to start screaming me as moron, i'm so sorry i tried to help this guy, but hey, at least u got new posts shouting me moron, that's good right? I know how to install scripts, i have had my servers for 7 months, and just now decided to try the repack since it had almost all the scripts i had already installed and a few more, which would save me some time for i'm so busy at college.OP, Repacks are decent if you don't know much about installing scripts, there is a support thread for the repack in case you get some kind of errors on the rpt log. That was just my suggestion and then some 'moron' feels like someone is stealing his posts and jumps on me. I'm out.
  2. I don't have time to argue with immature l33thacxors so proud of installing or making a script on their server, and i dont care if u have many posts, maybe u think it extends ur virtual.. to replace something physical? I was just trying to help this guy and you start jumping on me, do you maybe have some kind of aggression issues? have you talked about this to anyone? maybe one day you should open up your venetian blinds and take a look outside. Its nice out there, you might even see people. Not to go fully off-topic, im still running'this repack on my first test server while i have my own server with scripts installed myself WOW both work perfectly fine. I'll go outside now, you should try that too. Maybe you just hate on the repacks because they simply work but you have wasted some time that someone else has installed scripts himself so the not-so-experienced people can use it. Oh and i never said anything about ur pbo or scripting skills whatsoever, maybe you are getting paranoid for sitting inside too long. Get some air And about the wrong text element null, i already fixed it and yes it was simple, i didn't fix it earlier since it just didn't cause any issues on my server itself, just flooded the RPT log.
  3. If you were intelligent enough to google "wrong text element 'null'" it's caused by the debug monitor, and has nothing to do with the server functions, it's just there. What do u know about my pbo editing skills? I have 8 different map additions, i installed 14 scripts (Noxcicarius antihack, tow, lift, deploy bike, air raids, AI, DZmission system, WAI etc..) by myself before testing the repack and there was no errors whatsoever. I thought it would be the same to have a repack since it's not causing any errors. Maybe your lack of brain capacity fails to understand it.
  4. If i had to get a gaming laptop it would definitely not be an alienware or razer, they're both overpriced garbage. I would go for Msi or ASUS ROG gaming laptops, they are decent price, have excellent cooling (extends lifetime) and have a great performance :)
  5. Well i have had this repack on my server for 2 weeks now and excluding the evac chopper everything works fine and rpt log doesn't really have any errors, only a few small ones like "wrong text element 'null'
  6. Where is the WAI folder? It says in the instructions to copy everything from the ai spawn to the WAI folder but there is no folder named WAI? and how would i paste the text to a folder?
  7. If it's just about installing the scripts, i suggest you use a pre-made PBO like this: http://opendayz.net/threads/wip-release-sheeps-epoch-repack.14561/ You only have to add yourself to the admin list and disable evac chopper due to it causing bugs, otherwise its perfect! and FREE!
  8. Awesome additions, although i can't seem to get the markers working for some reason, before it was like i had markers working but map additions not, now it's the other way around :D
  9. It will show up in the commander automatically once you've installed the server and booted it up.
  10. Yes, i have very similar problems, sometimes i have been killed in my chopper from 800m away from the mission, and when i went back there was ai from the mission in the treeline (around 8 of them) but none at the crate itself.
  11. http://opendayz.net/threads/wip-release-sheeps-epoch-repack.14561/ there you go :)
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