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  1. Solo player, 38 yrs old, lots of A2 Epoch playtime, significant Alpha & Beta testing experience on other games.
  2. iBane

    Gender select?

    I do not get the option either. Pretty commonplace right now.
  3. When Commander went on the fritz I ended-up using Dayz Launcher to keep things working...never went back to commander. I like launcher better.
  4. This is not an EPOCH issue. Zombie collision problems are rooted in the ArmA 2/DayZ mod coding. The solution is to wait for the ArmA 3 version of EPOCH or go play something else like Breaking Point.
  5. iBane

    Database Issues?

    I've seen this happen on several servers. I cannot help you diagnose, but I can tell you it's not just you. Most noticeable when the servers are busy in my experience. Good luck!
  6. I agree with TheFarix. This sounds like BattleEye all the way.
  7. EPOCH is the only zombie-anything worth playing at the moment. EPOCH proves that originality or concept alone is not enough and that excellence can be achieved in a saturated genre. The ultimate lesson is that depth of content is king and this is why EPOCH is thriving while others are dying or struggling to make it out of infancy. Well done. Can't wait for more EPOCH and eventually ArmA 3: EPOCH!
  8. Shouldn't be an issue. My base will basically be a fortification of existing structures. However, if the map gets re-positioned then I (and everyone else) is f'd. I doubt that's a serious possibility.
  9. Make sure you don't have a VAC ban or BE ban. Then verify local files for all BI ARMA 2 apps on steam and reinstall Epoch mod via DayZ commander.
  10. Should allow or does allow? ;D I know this is an older post, but I've never seen a resolution posted. Last I've heard they do not allow all vehicles to pass through as-is. A garage doorway must be raised 3 (small) increments which leaves the bottom of the doorway open when the door is down/closed. This is a list I found on this issue from a while back: Utility Fuel: Fits Utility Truck: DOES NOT FIT V3S Fuel: Fits V3S Truck: Fits MTVR Fuel: DOES NOT FIT MTVR Truck: DOES NOT FIT
  11. Epoch dev team has been pretty silent on this, but they must have something planned as they are continuing to put together updates.
  12. Was this fixed or do garage doors need to be placed above the ground to allow for the larger vehicle to pass under?
  13. What kind of tester are you looking for to balance the group?
  14. In the rolling changelog for v. 1.0.5, line 2 states: [ADDED] Latest version of Napf 1.0.1 by Momo Is there any concern that updating the map will re-position/alter/ruin/bug player-added persistent objects like bases and (to a lesser extent) purchased vehicles?
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