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  1. thanks guys im giving people on the server the garages and press insert and save to data base...then i am using the well and insert and save ...i then go to the database and rename the pumpa which is the well to helihcivil...i know its back to front but easy for me so i can make sure they work for them.
  2. Hi ive installed overheats virtual garage but and struggling how to spawn the garages and helipads.....is there a right click option to do this... this is the script https://github.com/0verHeaT/VehicleGarage thanks
  3. ok sp i have it working now but had to remove the blowout script so think its something to drobio thanks that was the thread i followed to get them working with ....im gonna try and get the blowout working again see if was something i missed thanks .
  4. I have managed to get the warm clothing in and working but sometimes it teleports the player and takes his gear off him...has anyone ever came across this before thanks
  5. Did anyone manage to get a fix for this problem thanks thanks.....
  6. I am not on about scripts i am on about a tutorial to install into a already working server
  7. Same here has anyone got a working link with files or even just the installation instructions thanks. Thank you very much
  8. Thanks....so really you can just delete it and have the weather as sunny all the time with no changes to raing...storms...and cloudy ...thanks
  9. Ok so when i commented the dynamic weather out i got errors in reference to this lin #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" i deleted this line and it works great....so my question is does the server work ok without this line of code....if so what does this code refer to thanks.
  10. Same here has anyone got a working link with files or even just the installation instructions thanks.
  11. Has anyone got a link to the tutorial and download files for virtual garage with instructions how to install the extdb....or just a link of how and were to get the files just for extdb with install instructions thanks
  12. Thanks i know that its working now thanks for the reply.
  13. Can this be run on its own or do you need DZMS\WAI\EMS for it to work thanks
  14. Have you any idea or a link to someone who has already done this thanks.
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