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  1. GCC99

    Helicopter crashes

    On my server helicopter crashes spawn but there is no loot at it and sometime no zombies at it either. It's certainly not because I flew up to it in a helicopter because this has happened every time I find one. I have added scripts which are snap building pro, WAI (ai missions), JAEM Heli evac script, and a action menu which consists of dancing, self blood bag, flip vehicle, deploy bike, suicide, and sever rules.
  2. How are we able to disable base decay if we are hosting from DayZ.ST, (we cant have access to HiveExt.ini)?
  3. So if we are hosting it from DayZ.ST and we wanted to increase the time of the nights (starting at 4pm) what would one do? And where do we edit the date?
  4. Yes, it was because of that script. I added the other one you put a link to and it didn't break the server but, the snapping doesn't work.
  5. I found the fix to this problem it landed up being a script (snap building) which prevented the players from build in plot pole areas.
  6. So I had some players join my server and they started to build a base, everything was working fine, they started working on their base but the next day they got on and replaced their plot pole and couldn't build. They have tried numerous times now removing and replacing it but still cant build in the area within the plot pole radius. They have tried killing themselves too and then placing it but still can build within the area, and they also tried building a base in a different location but still no luck. P.S. I did not add any scripts the day it messed up.
  7. When I set my starter load out it worked just fine but when players pull the hatchet out of their tool belt it appears to have no ammo. Is there a fix to this?
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