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  1. I fixed the installer it now pulls from a older version of BEC that worked with ARMA 2 from one of my servers. However all together bec checks for updates and then teminates. I have tried several version and they all terminate so I believe BEC is official dead until the creator states otherwise.
  2. So I just encountered an interesting problem, everything works but server traders don't have anything in their menu's. Does anyone have any input on this? :huh: Never mind, as usual I figured it out as soon as I posted this.... :lol:
  3. My bad on the last couple of lines there are no syntax errors I forgot sqf weirdness where includes don't need semicolons. Also I figured out that my test server is simply not making players download the custom files which is why nothing is working. So sorry for the previous posts.
  4. I have to modify the my installer to grab bec from a repo that actually has the bec software since the software has been terminated. Does anyone have the bec files that worked with arma 2 posted anywhere.
  5. Alright thanks man there are some serious problems in there currently with it running on latest version of arma. I think it is just missing syntax for the most part. There is no rush honestly I totally understand that modding is just a hobby thing for the most part. :)
  6. So far I haven't figured out what is wrong with my server having nothing happen when adding your scripts. However I did notice that in the INI you provided there are missing semicolons for the last three statements. Also I recommend that you put your adaption to these mods into a github repo so that people can actively submit updates and the like.
  7. By default I have the map on cherno so everything is already pointing to what it should be.
  8. Hello everyone, When I install this mod nothing happens. I log into the server and it is the same as before, no hud, no banks, nothing. There are no errors in the rpt logs either so I am pretty stumped, if you are wondering this is being installed on a vanilla overpoch server. I hope someone has encountered this before :wacko:
  9. When the download window disappears it means that the installer is downloading the BEC.zip from the official website. It is a slow download as it is, but the download can be slowed by the load on the official BEC server or load on your connection. The zip folder is created as the full file is downloaded as a place holder and it will say the full expected file size as well. The installer isn't finished and it hasn't errored out it is simply taking a while to download the file for one reason or another.
  10. Make sure that it is as follows minus the quotes " Bans.txt ", since it may be case sensitive.
  11. By target Location you mean the battleye folder before you enter the bec folder correct?
  12. This caused by your .net framework not working correctly, since the installer itself is programmed in .net. You should look at forums using this as a search "Problem Event Name: CLR20r3" to try and fix the issue.
  13. this might be confusing for some people, espesially if they edit the script and mix up rel paths with abs pats and dont know the current workdir. this might be a case where it would fail to run the restart script properly i belive. You are exactly right, the batch file i provide already has this and the bec is told where to look for the batch. However in the same section of the FAQ is another interest comment, if bec is launched with the --dec argument it won't run external scripts. This may be the cause of the restart now working, I use to tell bec how to launch but was told by the bec creator it was no longer needed. I may re-implement how I use to call bec with specific arguments to see if it fixes the problem. Thanks again to everyone trying to help fix this problem as bec is critical to all our servers, I have been busy but will try to at least check this page more often :D
  14. Ok I will look into this, it is strange though I have no idea why it would crash.... :unsure: you are actually the first ever to have it crash as well... :unsure:
  15. I am currently looking for more testers to go through the pack and find bugs if you are interested pm me or just post here :)
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