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  1. lol @ "Firefly" trying to start shit, Some people like Origins, Some like Epoch. Take the flame war somewheres else.
  2. Yeah, What this fine gentleman said.
  3. Easy vs Hard? I play Epoch for a bit of good fast fun. Map? I LOVE Namalsk and Napf. Chernarus isn't bad, just a bit boring. Features? I like the few that make my time better such as snap building and anti-safezone theft. PvE vs PvP PVP, I am a dirty bandit. Weapons Large amounts of weapons stashed away.
  4. Mrthuglink


    I Shall Purchase one of said shirts!
  5. I've had the issue of doors needing to be re-locked/unlocked A bunch, Pretty much every time I go AFK in my base for about 10 I have to relock/unlock my house to regain access.
  6. Mrthuglink

    Donator City...?

    It's..... Eh. Not Honestly hard. but very time consuming. Firstly, You'd have to boot up your editor and begin editing in a nice trader city at the desired location, Then, You'd have to add the traders. (I Suppose you'd have to add the items in Via SQL) And that is where my experience ends. Look around for guides for placing map markers, traders, and editing via SQL, and you should be fine.
  7. Heyo! I Run A semi popular server with a few scripts/edits already on due to an awesome guy called "xBowBii". Nothing but good things to say about this guy, He Pretty much got us here today. But things have come up and he has to stop coding (etc) and work on some life things. So. He could do pretty much anything we needed. Such as: New traders. Map markers. Scripts. Ai City Etc. So really, I'm just looking for a skilled coder to help me and sorta be a resident coder. Like I said. I Can pay aswell :) Lemme know if anybody wants to help out ;)
  8. Looks great man! Can't wait to see how this turns out. But I would allow players to get in with ground units aswell. Throw in a bunch of static turrets and hells yeah this is amazing.
  9. I Love you. Fucking hell guys, That even got a tear outta me. Keep it up :)
  10. Please, Give me a reason to play ARMA 3. (I BEG YOU.)
  11. RPT depends on the host. For certain hosts it's found in the "Battleye" folder. (Hosts such as Survival Servers,) For others it can be found in the main server directory, Boot up your favorite FTP program, Filezilla is a good one, Connect to your server via said program. and look around for a file named something like "arma2oa.rpt" or "arma2oaserver.rpt" Have fun :)
  12. I Blame PW6, It is the spawn of SATAN and must be treated as such. (No, but for real. Make sure you ain't trying to launch Epoch Panthera or have launch code added in.)
  13. I Dunno but Infistar is shit anyways, (P.S) Might stop by and see what's crackin' :) (The server that is, Not the butthurt Antihack dev.)
  14. There is a really good looking Offline survival horror game coming out later this month called "The Forest". That's what I'm waiting for.
  15. Lol, Look. H1Z1 Is gonna be good. (When It's done,) The version coming out in a few weeks is a bare alpha for testers, (Pretty much what Standalone did) The only weapons said to be in launch are the AR-15 & 1911. I Don't Belive anything more advanced then planks and (Maybe, if they add it) The wooden shed they showed in a few of the Devblogs/Stream. Honestly, Nothing is really gonna be perfect for atleast another 6-7 months, Just deal with it is all I can say really.
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