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  1. well see the thing is there are ways to back door without setting off anti hack. We had a guy get in who didn't set anything off and was under the normal player and just spawned and built a base completely under the radar. He showed us what he had done and explained how infistar is actually really easy right now for people to get through. I know it's easy for people to say that you just need to watch closer but just like here I learned one way to close up a whole. So there is more to do than just spectate and watch. There's action to be taken.
  2. Do you guys have any suggestions on modifications to make to infistar to better secure it? If so and you don't want to share out loud feel free to message me.
  3. What do you mean back from 0?
  4. I've done that and it still happens
  5. I am curious on the process of how to add new guns to my epoch server. If you could link a tutorial or give me a brief description here that would be great. Anything to really get me started because after doing some research nothing has stood out to me to be very helpful. Thanks!
  6. We currently had a friendly player hack our server and describe how our current version of anti hack is becoming very easy to get around. So my question to the community is what is the best anti hack out right now or one that has the fewest known back doors. If anyone knows what the top ranked servers use I'd also be interested in knowing that info. Thanks for the time!
  7. I have it that way and still have the civilian chat pop up once and a while. Any other ideas?
  8. I am currently trying to add chemlights into loot spawns in military buildings on my server. I know the cfgloot and cfgbuildingloot files are what I need but I need help with where exactly to add them in and the syntax for it. When I go to edit the military buildings loot in the cfgbuildingloot it seems to have a second call in the list that looks like it is referring to a list somewhere else or something that the item that is being called for the loot is in. Let me know, thanks!
  9. Ok so I'm helping out manage a server and they want me to make a change to the loading screen. I thought I knew how but the guides I have found conflict with what I see in the files on the server. If anyone could give me the exact file paths of the pbo I need to unpack and pack that has the image in it. I see everywhere it says mission.pbo but all i see is the server.pbo and it doesn't have what i'm looking for. Thanks!
  10. longshot

    Zombie drop items

    What file is this in and what's the file path to it?
  11. longshot

    Zombie drop items

    How can I add hot wire kits to be a rare drop on police officer zombies on my server?
  12. I have gotten some requests from my server to remove the random civilian chat that happens in game. It just pops up in that as civilian and asks how you're doing or something along those lines. Is there anyone that could point me in the right direction? Thanks, longshot
  13. Quick question. I have my traders_data and have changed the buy price on an item. Do I have to wait till restart for this to take effect or is there anything I can do now to update it while the server is up?
  14. awesome thanks so much
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