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  1. Hey MassAsster. Thank you! but I've more or less got it to work. I just have a question, what should I do to get my server to get out of my network? I know that I need to port forward, but the Ports •
  2. Can you tell me were you get that hosted ?
  3. Hello friends on the internet, :) my name is Simon and I try to make my own Epoch server. I try now for a month, but no luck. I've looked at many Tutorials, articles, and users instructions, and they did not help either much. I have gone through this tutorial many times, but no luck (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3vgAWLF-8M) someone who can give a better description, but also not just a copy of the instalation of dayzepoch.com because I do not really understand it, But if they can explain it better, you are welcome to post it below Regards Simon.
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