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  1. Completely reworked and balanced traders today so that buying and selling costs are now more appropriate. Next up: complete overhaul of loot tables. :)
  2. Updated the original post to include new features, including: New, custom locations 2 new traders Functional vehicle sirens Bandit Road Blocks Hope you will join us! Still working on getting some regulars on the server. :)
  3. Added new missions and an additional AI system for variety and fun. Added new custom traders. Increased coin storage capacities.
  4. Just made some adjustments to AI and missions, reworking traders, and made some adjustments to mining. We'll be working on some additional scripts this weekend. Hope to see you on!
  5. Infection Game Server http://dayzinfection.enjin.com Game Server: Noticing lots of people connecting and instantly disconnecting. I strongly recommend using DayZ Launcher and NOT DayZ Commander, and make sure you have Epoch and Overwatch mods installed. Brand new US server up and running with all of the features listed below, and more coming depending on player base. Find your base now while the server is fresh! Admins have been running DayZ servers for years and play on the server regularly. We will also be looking for other trustworthy players to become admins on the server. We will be offering a starter building box to new players early on, so make sure to ask an admin when you are on the server. The server is running Overpoch, so make sure you have Epoch and Overwatch mods installed. The map is Napf. SERVER FEATURES (Visit our web site for details on these features, as well as credits to the original authors) Traders/Trader Cities Single Currency Trade System (Coins) Trader Safe Zones Custom & New Traders Moving "Drug" Trader (for Hemp buy/sell) Gem Trader Advanced Trading Menu Base Building/Management Plot Pole - 50 meters Zombie-free Zone within plot area Indestructible Bases No Base Maintenance Snap Building Pro Plot Management Alchemical (Gem) Crafting AI & Mission Systems Dynamic, Custom AI (using DZAI) Roaming AI Vehicle AI Chopper AI Multiple Mission Systems Wicked AI Missions DZMS Epoch Events (custom and community) Animated Chopper Crash events Location Search Events Bandit Road Blocks Additional Scripts/Addons Weed Farms/Harvest Mining of Ore Veins Lifting and Towing Vehicle Service Points Spawn & Class Select Self Bloodbag Deploy Bike/Mozzie Take Clothes (warning: taking certain clothes may prevent certain abilities) Completely Custom Areas (created by Infection server owners) Functional Vehicle Sirens Walking, Powerful Zombies 4 Hour Restarts, Always Day Make sure to go to our web site and join the forums. We'll be posting information there and taking requests etc., especially once we get a player base and start running events. We have tons of ideas in mind!
  6. This works great! Thanks Zupa and everyone who contributed to this. Meanwhile, I've been searching through the PBOs to see if I can find the images of the female Survivor outfit so I can Photoshop it for female admins. Anyone have an ideas?
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