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    Remove Object

    Hey! I was just wondering if the "Remove (object name)" option I get on items placed by me and my friends is something all players will have. I'm able to remove Sandbags, H-barriers etc. The H-barriers is the on that I worrie the most about. Is there anything I can do to remove this option to anyone exept the player that placed it. No friends are able to, but only you would be great? Thanks for reading and any answer!
  2. Hey! I have this problem on my server that tents and other collidable items in general are generally double. The tents at stary for example has one at the outside and another at the inside slightly offset. Is this a common problem cause I have tried reinstalls and stuff. I have allot of scripts, but the problem also exists on a fresh install I did today. Thanks for your time and any help ;)
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