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    Off Rain

    What is the server fsm ???
  2. oh good to know .... thanks. i believe the wiki should be updated ...
  3. I have to be honest from Dayz Epoch i remember reading somewhere that epoch should be the first run before the map so I kept the same idea. I added the EpochHive second because i thought it makes sense to be connected to the Epoch and then comes map and AIA. I may be wrong but it's pretty easy to test some combinations anyways.
  4. AWESOME dude! Thank you. The community thanks you too. :)
  5. Ok, so I decided with the new 0.3.1 to try a new map and so I started a fresh Esseker map. I did all the settings and started the server with this: start "arma3" /min /high "arma3server.exe" [email protected];@EpochHive;@Esseker;@AllInArmaTerrainPack; -config=SC\config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=SC\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoInit -loadMissionToMemory Server started successfully and i was able to log in. I also spawned ok to the trader and started doing some jogging on the map for a minute or two just to get my cloned body in shape. Good, so far no problems. I decided to log out and then to shutdown the server. Once i shut it down I noticed that besides the rpt file i have 2 new more files, a mdmp and a bidmp file. I have no clue how to analyze those. However, the rpt seems to offer more info but I still have the same no clue as before. Here is the rpt file and I am curious if someone has encountered this or can offer a slution or is this just how it is suppose to be from now on ? http://pastebin.com/LX5DCg3H
  6. Thank you, however when i used these buildings : ["Land_i_Barracks_V1_F", 1], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F", 1], my loot spawns in the air, and when I use the "WeaponHolderSimulated" they fall under the building.
  7. I actually believe is located in one of the pbo's that are in the @Epoch. I don't think the map has anything to do with loots.
  8. i tried that but the items spawn under the buildings and sometimes some guns spawn on the ceiling ... so that change is not that good. But thank you for the effort.
  9. How cool ... That would be awesome to see it working. Well, soon I guess ...
  10. I read that too. I only started recently working on Arma 3 Epoch, so I had not had the chance to see the cultist in action. Seems like is a lot of fun. I did spawn one in just to see what it does and how it kills you but it only tp's and does damage with the mind and that only if I get closer to it .... lol. What I've seen recently is framework for a new enemy ... PHANTOM ... what's up with that ?
  11. ok so now that 0.3.1 is out where do i go exactly to do the changes axeman was talking about ?
  12. you get that error if you run infiSTAR and try to spawn in the game. easy fix ... go to AH.sqf search for "cloak" and you will find this "\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\System\Cloak_Brain.fsm" just edit it to show cloak.fsm and try then. I know it tp's for sure but i don't know about the cultist how is supposed to work anyways.
  13. I had no luck, as you said I ended up removing the buildings that were causing the problem. Now only very little coverage though ... that sucks. I think i will wait until they come out with the Panthera. I may switch to Esseker for the moment. I am not sure, still in development.
  14. Kronky


    I believe it will be a nice addition to the maps. Looks really cool so it will get some attention for sure . :)
  15. awesome ... so this experimental epoch where do I get it ?
  16. I did that for changing it to 1. Didn't touch the containers yet with lootspawner, I'll look into that. Thanks. Can i add new structure/ building ?
  17. can i introduce new structures/buildings ?
  18. Is it possible to control and increase the number of lootable objects (chairs, couches, gun boxes, trash, fridges, boxes, etc) that spawn in buildings or outside on a map? I know that I can use Lspawner for extra loot but it spawns loot in the air or on the ceiling and the fixes provided are not necessarily working.
  19. Kronky

    Help (GreenZone)

    I do the same thing when I try to write a path of a file or when i try to write a path for an URL. I get them mixed up.
  20. Kronky

    Help (GreenZone)

    It is almost correct, you need to use\"Green Zone:%1\" instead of /
  21. Kronky


    Is there a gossip corner? I'm curious why was maca134 banned?
  22. if i'm not mistaking, software profiling is a way of measuring the eficiency of the code. and maybe he refers to performance as the actual ability of processing the code by the computer/OS/etc.
  23. Cool, I don't mind. Sahrani looks like a cool map to have as well.
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