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  1. Why not just dress your AI on clothing that players either can't wear or more than likely wouldn't wear. My server I have A3AI in scientist clothing or you can use this simple but very good script by IT07
  2. Just wondering guys after the meeting maybe post the issues ideas that you talked about. It would be interesting for us who may not be able to attend to them talk about them on here and 2 for the devs to read what we are experiencing with the mod. Just an idea I will try and attend though
  3. Awesome work. I will defonatly be looking at adding this to my server. Keep up the great work
  4. I might have overlooked this sorry if those is the case, but I was wondering if we are able to disable say the crafting system from this menue and if at a later time I wanted to use it again I can just enable it again?
  5. All hooked up on altis at the moment things seem to be working ok. Will post any issue i find. Cheers for the update
  6. Yep just updated and things seem to be ok.......to ok if you ask me :rolleyes:
  7. Got home about 10 min ago see there is 16 people on my server then boom loads of disconnects im thinking crap dedi gone down so i jump on ts ask the guys what is going on they said they got a battleeye update thing and told them to restart and now nobody can connect. Anybody else having this issue and can clarify this. Is the master server having a fart?
  8. Face awesome update but I'm noticing the AI once coming under fire do not want to get out of the vehicle even getting it were they will just try and ram players or there vehicles
  9. Guys you got to remember this is a project that is no longer being worked on. Its falling behind and with more epoch updates this will come with more errors and problems unless someone picks up the project and brings it upto scratch. If you are new to all this or have very little knowledge of how the script works i suggest using a AI mission system that is being worked on regularly. But hey good luck if you carry on working with this.
  10. The vehicles are your standerd hunter of ifruit with hmg but we have a rule no vehicles inside the mission zone till AI are dead. We do have some players using heavy armoured vehicles and these are the ones who are owning the missions I need these RPGs or something to counter them
  11. Thanks for the reply at least you haven't given up on it. I will also look at SEM as it seems a lot of people are using it these days. It would be nice if you can find a work for AI not firing at players vehicles as this is making missions pretty easy on our server even with the AI vamped up
  12. Ghost any update on progress with this script or what planes you have for this system?
  13. Post like this are not rants post like this show that we are still here supporting and helping in anyway we can. Me personally am taking the time to tweak and fine tune what I already have on the server. One thing that springs to mind though is being able to change buy and sell price of items I don't really like the tax method. On some items it's k but a lot of others it doesn't. Anyhow looking forward to the update. Keep up the good work devs and even to you scripters your doing some amazing stuff
  14. You running infistar or default antihack?
  15. gorgon, BTR any armoured vehicle that uses a 30mm cannon
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