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  1. I have given up on A3 Exile and Epoch (this is MY opinion do get mad if you don't like it), in the A3 beginning I loved the Epoch mod with the drones that came out of nowhere and spotted you and teleported to you a few guys heavily armed and set to insane skill level most likely would kill you. Then you'd spawn again in one of the 4 or 3 map locations that were near to where you died and run like hell Pink Floyd style to get back to your body. You had a tendency to recruit a friend to help and maybe you'd kill the AI solders or maybe you and your friend would end up running like hell again. Then you'd finally win!, and kill the AI solders using tactics and they had some really good gear for the reward was pretty good however, night would fall upon Altis and then a very spooky thing came out that looked like a grim reaper from ghost hell! It would lock you down if it saw you and you had very little chance to get away usually if you heard or saw it in the distance best way of dealing with it was RUN! Sometime it was so damn dark you'd almost run into a guy with no head that would explode I believe he'd come at you screaming. The thing is I stopped playing A3 Epoch because it felt like Arma 3 with a mod Altis was kind of a bad map for it the stage felt forced because everything was clean and new the comparison to the Arma 2 DayZ Epoch mod was everything was already old it felt old the bad things there were buildings most of them you could get into them as they were props Arma 2 was getting a bit clunky feeling. Some people went to DayZ Origin because there was and were major map and modifications that really made that mod stand alone but unfortunately it did stand alone they did not try to bridge to the Arma 3 because of porting size issues they were always going to remake the game but it is still sitting now for I think 2 years. Arma 3 Exile mod the person that did it kinda plugged it as a Wile E, Coyote setting booby traps in road to get a thing called "RESPECT" to purchase stuff at the trader, I loved the parachuting down after you die and respawning they added zombies later and the zombies went through an evolution of changes and bugs, I think the Bambi thing lead to PUBG. But, I think the map is what did it in for me again being able to loot buildings that are mostly all enterable is the staple or that type of game but the map always has the Army Arma 3 fell. As for the mod I didn't over all care for it it felt as though it was thrown together in a hurry and just Arma 3 parts called and mashed like taking a can of bean (DZ Staple) and putting a new label on it like Peaches. The Epoch mod It felt like quality brand time and thought were put into it and of course it started when A3 wasn't even finished yet so a load of expertise was noticed by me. I have to mention Breaking Point mod! Using Arma 3's engine or something. That was really going somewhere 4-6 characters to choose from and they had different skill trees or sets I loved they made and used mostly there own or remade maps and, the character models were premium and made by them I think top notch they put a lot of time in to them. But where is it now? Not sure but if games don't have a never ending purpose they will end. I did a fast Gargle on the googler and they are still there with what it looks like some amazing screen shots the last info post was June or 2019 but the site is 2020 and kept up. I may check that out for myself. Arma 2 Dayz Epoch mod? There are still a few servers in that realm I checked them out over a year ago and lots of good engine changes have been made to A2 I get endless frames and the mod runs very smooth and works well but all my friends that saw me playing were on to the new stuff and it still is that old Charnarus map with most no enterable buildings pretty plan but really good game play performance. DayZ SA I bought it the day it came out 4 years ago Alpha, bad head ache for trying it out for I'd try it every other month and not much changed hardly, the words lower left always flashed "I'M feeling hungry" even after you ate so I left it for a longer period about end 2018 they made significant additions to the map building and building and building to loot! And food under trees mushrooms in the forests I don't think they had animals in we played the experimental version to see what was coming and it looked good but that was fairy play and didn't count. They finally released it and people are slowly trickling back major frames and performance boosts I get 90 and in the 100s for frames that map?, most of the places I went in A2 I didn't even recognize they went above and close to beyond on the maps ~claps. Now people are allowed to mod and configure their own servers and mods are indeed coming along but people coming back the trickle is still kinda slow people may have an understandable bad taste in their mouths. There is no AI models other than zombies so that's not mod-able yet but I came back here when I heard it might be coming on the next release of DayZ SA. They still need o get the vehicles ironed out they tend to shove you in the map or they become stealth aircraft or kamikaze fun! The map has a good feel to it and there is potential there and I hope it's coming in the form of an Epoch Evolution Mod DayZ SAEEM, has a good ring to it huh? P.S. I forgot one last the DayZ SA cars could easily turn into Epoch Moseys' I also forgot to mention, there is big game hunting in DayZ and it's part of the game.
  2. jay8454

    Gem Radios

    OOW! this is cool!
  3. I would like to see more maps for A3 but, Raymix is right, so for now I can wait for some newer tasty maps. Last time I made a map from scratch you have to make all your building models, and item models. Than you make the terrain, and copy paste (easier said than done) the building models you have made. A3 maps will look better than A2, newer better tools. Maybe someone can make NO PORT a new version of Chenarus? I don't want to see a direct port over though. P.S. The last map I made was a Call of Duty WaW. LOL! It's most likely alot harder now and with A3 engine added swimming in water :unsure:
  4. 1. The server you were playing on? Hostile Take Over BDKOTH04 2. What arma3 build and what Epoch build you are using? Steam current to date, E0201 3. What it was you were doing? Running down stairs. 4. Is it repeatable? Yes Please describe in detail what you were doing and what you might think is causing it. While running down stairs players seem to clip through wall. Brick houses.
  5. 1. The server you were playing on? Hostile Take Over 2. What arma3 build and what Epoch build you are using? Steam version current. 0201 3. What it was you were doing? Trader, (whites steal building). 4. Is it repeatable? Oh yeah! friend followed right after same spot on stairs. And all you need to do is run. Seems to be mostly house cement buildings (brick and mortar type). Please describe in detail what you were doing and what you might think is causing it. Male and Female Was trading someone opened the door and shot me, they couldn't loot me, (Karma!). Running down house stairs FAST clipping through walls insta death. Body now under building all gear.
  6. Things you must provide: 1. The server you were playing on? Hostile Take Over BDKOTH04 2. What arma3 build and what Epoch build you are using? The most current 0201 3. What it was you were doing? Riding along in back of opened truck. 4. Is it repeatable? OH YEAH! Boat touched a rock and VOOM! Please describe in detail what you were doing and what you might think is causing it. Vehicle hit fence. Boat hit rock.
  7. jay8454

    Balance Idea

    Sorry Awol No disrespect to you or the King, really!, you guys care what the majority want!
  8. jay8454

    Balance Idea

    Well... I couldn't stand for it any longer.... I had to donate! And I did! So hey kid money talks and bull shit walks at least in my part of the world. can't stand 14 year old's like you! Your what makes a game suck! Your what I would ban for no douchisum rule. 5 on one not cool. Your penis must be small. I like PVP but your just a plane bully! Your friend too! SCREW OFF! Go to BP! How did you guys get so many posts?, oh!, troling is easy just say what ever douchy thing comes to mind. Weather immature or not. Well... at least everything I say made since!, and I am not a troll from another mod group that has no popularity.nor relevence.
  9. jay8454

    Balance Idea

    Balance Idea, balance is needed! I stopped playing on a few servers, yes they were official servers. Pops were 40 to 60. It was fun but not dieing so much. Even though I know it's part of the game. I do play with a group of friends 6 online average 2 at a time. I don't know if the birds or cows can be scripted to do a modders will. But if so, that would be a great way to alert someone that just wants to play the game. So there are no zombie characters to alert you of any activity within a town, other than trash and doors. That is how I would avoid murderers but that element is no longer viable. Not only that I have been killed with nothing around to see of. If the birds CAN be scripted to the will of the mod maker it would be a great thing to have them soar above that murderer's head as a karma event. The worse the karma the more the birds soar above. The dogs seem to constantly give me an unarmed and newly spawned just freshly killed trying to survive away. Been playing over a month now. And maybe harder thing to do would be to use the "squad or Group" system in a manner for avoidance. Territory maybe needing to be established some how. Or not, please add you thoughts. Imagine with me on this one as it maybe TOO complex and a bother some thing to do... You spawn to a territory to a sectioned off map 3 sections visible on the map to everybody, you are now born to that part of your choosing. You kill anyone there you are marked with a faded red hexagon. You leave that area and go to another part of the sectioned off map and you are marked with that red faded hexagon that just became MORE red. If that person to killed you revive you are marked with a yellow hexagon bright, it you heal someone else it fades some more. Maybe being able to see everyone near a trader 200m or less would help too, Or not.
  10. Sorry for the dely work and trying to figure out another problem as to why my AI no longer have a "Check Wallet" feature. But here is what I added to the array...
  11. Do you have the epoch default traders? If so I think I can help you with this. This will make all your traders banker it's easier (faster) than doing a map script. In your dayz_server.pbo find the folder "bankzones" than "bank.sqf" place /* at the top and make it the number one line. place */ at the bottom and make it the number 2326th line. Repack done. MPMission folder or missions "addbankmarkers.sqf" Do much the same. place /* make it line one. place */ make it line 50. Now you need to find your "server_traders.sqf" the second line the reads serverTraders = ["Tanny_PMC","Drake","BAF_Soldier_AAR_DDPM","US_Delta_Force_AR_EP1"] Mine example, but copy ALL within the [" "] from quote to quote. Find the "init" folder. Within the "init" folder is "variables.sqf". Mine is line 6 default Zupa config, find the one that says "DZE_ATM = ["Laptop_EP1"]" and add the copied line here. Example... DZE_ATM = ["Laptop_EP1","Tanny_PMC","Drake","BAF_Soldier_AAR_DDPM"] You can add ANY object to be the bank but warning it will recursor through anything with those names of those skins. I am still having that "Check AI Wallet" problem.
  12. I support this, could it stay epoch forums?
  13. fn_selfactions.sqf Thank you for your time very much not sure what to look for. This sounds like it's related to my current issue. These are my server.pbo and MPMission https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27808789/Vert_ServerFiles.rar I am NOT having any luck (*cough A3E).
  14. jay8454

    Female Clothing

    I would like to see more clothing and MORE female body types! One that is a little tan, or even Asian (just an example), thin or different hair styles. More choices and what you choose can be tied to a thing called luck or skill. Or tied to clothing luck or skill, or if the AI will see you or not. There is a single player game like that call Fallout 3. The males all seem to look like Wil Weaton, (4 times with that joke). But really I am serious about the prior statement.
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