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  1. So, currently I have a perfectly clean (minus AdminTools) MPMissions folder for Napf, and I'm attempting to use a custom loot table using the lines: DZE_MissionLootTable #include "customloot\CfgBuildingLoot.hpp" //Overpoch Custom Loot problem is, when I load into my server, I get to the admin login/mission start screen. As soon as I hit "OK", the DayZ Epoch logo comes up, the loading bar loads fully, then it pauses at that screen indefinitely, like this: http://tinypic.com/r/3355dep/8 that's a photoshopped image, but you get the idea. My server RPT then says this: 18:45:06 Error in expression <nd (((_itemChances select _l) select 1) * 100); for "_k" from 0 to (_weight - 1)> 18:45:06 Error position: <* 100); for "_k" from 0 to (_weight - 1)> 18:45:06 Error *: Type String, expected Number 18:45:06 File z\addons\dayz_code\init\loot_init.sqf, line 85 So, i do some programming, I get the error, but is there a way to fix at that is more simple than commenting out the code or anything? Or a way of changing the variable that is a string but should be a number? I'll try commenting it out and report back, but I don't think it'll help... Thanks, all! FIXED: wangtangnoodle, on 27 Jun 2014 - 10:21 PM, said: found this quote from: Cheers!
  2. Ok, so this is an issue which I'm sure has affected someone here. I have both scripts for SingleCurrency (1.1 I think?) and AdminTools and there seems to be a clash... Basically between "dialog.hpp" and "defines.hpp", they have RscTextT, RscListBox, RscShortcutButton and a few others all of which are contained within both files. But because they are in both files, I get stuck on waiting for host when joining my server, and then an error which says something about "RscTextT, Line 18 Member Already Defined" If I head into the two .hpp files and change the variable names, the Admin Tools stop working... i.e. I can't open any of the Admin Tools menus... So is there an easy way of getting Admin Tools to work with Single Currency? Thanks!
  3. UPDATE: *POOF* and the little magic server.cfg decides to save the day... all of a sudden he spawned on the island of Napf! Well I don't know what it was, but it's all fixed, thanks for the assistance!
  4. Thanks for the reply!!! mine reads: class Missions { class Mission1 { template = "DayZ_Overpoch_1.Napf"; difficulty = "veteran"; }; }; where my MPMissions folder has "DayZ_Overpoch_1.Napf" there, that's what I want so idk... lol
  5. Hi guys, First post here. I've got my server up and running with a bunch of addons (scripts) and all this fancy loot table stuff, very happy with it! But I'm sick of Sauerland, and I couldn't seem to get the server to change the Mission it loads... When I changed all the .sqm's and used DayZ_Epoch_24.Napf it still loads in as Sauerland!!! My server_log says "19:59:42 Mission DayZ Epoch Napf read from directory." but in Arma 2 Multiplayer it says "Mission: Sauerland" at the bottom... So confused! :angry: Any help? Thanks! *FIXED* by trial and error
  6. So when I join this particular DayZ Epoch Taviana server, my client joins the lobby and upon pressing OK, my client loads the white bar under DayZ Logo until it finally gives my a small error about a config file (which I think it would normally pass) and then crashes. After 2-3 seconds a message box pops up and says "Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf not found." This is an ArmA 2 OA window and that's about all I know. Most research led me to believe it may be server-side and on the client receiving a response from the server with the code. Also attached is a snip of the window that pops up. Also forgot to add that I'm using DayZ Epoch and server is running 1.0.4 as I couldn't manually download 1.0.4 without using DayZ Commander (which doesn't seem to want to download any mods for some reason). Any help is much appreciated, Bazerama
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