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  1. For those wanting the buildings for cherno I made my own list, feel free to copy paste.
  2. Need assistance. My players are having issues with locking their safes. I have plot for life, plot management, and combokeychanger mods. I'm assuming it's the last one, but I want to know your ideas on the matter.
  3. Yes what BetterDeadThanZed says is right. You need to add the trader to your server_traders.sqf, like so: ------Example------ //Aircraft Dealer Balota menu_Worker2 = [ [["Helicopter Unarmed",519],["Overwatch Camel",1014]], [], "neutral" ]; Makes sure you also create a new tid for the items he will be selling unless it is the same items another trader is using than you can piggy back off the same tid number. If you use a new tid, you must reflect that in your database via myphpadmin or what have you. Hope this helps. Lastly, if he doesn't appear on the map maybe recheck your grid/location.
  4. anyone got a way to show when the last time the plot was maintained
  5. Here you go. Couldn't get the pastbin to work without having to purchase the pro version. I placed the files as spoilers and attached the rpt log. Thanks for looking into this! servers_traders_cherno_11.sqf mission.sqf
  6. Hop on my server I promise you will enjoy it ;)
  7. Hop on my server I promise you will enjoy it ;)
  8. Want to play on my server?
  9. Okay I was able to get the trader menus to show up and was able to scroll through the menus but after that it wont allow me to see the trader menu again. am i missing something???
  10. I've had this issue as well, it appears that it works mainly when deployed on a road. Deploying in grass sometimes bugs out the bike. I would set up a server message that says to do so.
  11. I added it but I cannot trade with the traders... Do I need to do anything else? I'm not really familiar with adding new/custom traders.
  12. Anyone figure out why build vectors doesnt work after you upgrade? Seems like everyone is avoiding this issue...
  13. can anyone help me with plot management? I keep getting kicked for public variable restriction #3 Does anyone have a solution for this????
  14. Having an issue with Hero Medical Supply Camp mission crate with 20 satchels, 45 grenades, and 15 mines. Is there a way to edit that to reduce the loot? thats a little OP
  15. does this work for the WAI 2.2.0? I added it but have yet to see the mission appear
  16. when i died i no longer had ownership to my plot. this is weird, so much for plot for life. Anyone else have this issue???? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198090457249/screenshots/
  17. after installing this mod on my server when i change the combo to a safe and unlock it then try to lock it i get a message that says that i cant lock the safe because I dont know the combination. Im running a plot for life and zsc 3.0, is there a solution? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198090457249/screenshots/
  18. anyone get this working with the deploy anything 2.8.0 script?
  19. I found out that Alchemical Crafting breaks the snap build in case anyone was wondering, just took it off, now my snap works again.
  20. Installing this mod to my server broke my F function for snap-pro, Is there a solution to fix this yet? and if so can someone please point me in the right direction.
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