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  1. How would i possibly do this? So that i can change the amount of humanity you gain when you kill a player (bandit/hero)
  2. razzer99

    Side chat talk?

    Does it? I cant seem to find it in the config file tho? EDIT: NVM I FOUND IT IM SO BAD
  3. razzer99

    Side chat talk?

    Anyone knows a good script that either doesnt allow side chat talk or simply does something to the player when they talk? Havent seem to be able to find one myself :;/
  4. razzer99

    BEC Scheduler

    What is your bepath set to in config?
  5. Well thats the funny thing.. I just did that and it still didnt change EDIT: Maybe you can send me ur veteran file? So i can copy it
  6. Bec_config? I wrote SEVERAL times in the post bec CANNOT be used..? Also does anyone know a anti sidechat voice script?:)
  7. So is there a way to do this? kick all lobby people every 10 minute BEC CANNOT be used here cus survivalservers apparently doesnt "support" this plugin (cough cough shit thing cough cough) Anyway to do it without BEC?
  8. As you can see everything is like all smalled out http://imgur.com/9ukC2fI (its all inside that square) I have the Interface size on very small cus i need that for trader menu to look right.. I want everything to like.. Fill more on my screen and its also very hard for me to read most of the text within that square... WOuld love if anyone knew how to fix it<3 EDIT: Okay you can even see it on the map..http://imgur.com/JeOH9ki
  9. I think i already have the latest antihack build can you tell me what the latest file is called?
  10. So im trying to remove safezone COMPLETELY from trader city stary/bash right now theres safezone inside but you can stand outside the trader city and shoot in.. For example.. Me and another player are INSIDE the trader city = cant shoot each other Theres an player inside trader city and im outside = i can shoot him from outside So i want to remove safezone completely so they can shoot each other inside the trader citys too.. Can i for some reason have something to do with infistar admin tool adding safezone?
  11. Well i use hfb too and i just use the bec scheduler thing to restart server with and it works fine.. i do hate the hfb support cus its always like 3 - 5 days for an answer... ;(
  12. How about u like... tell me where im suposed to be then? Instead of being so rude to new people at least tell me..?
  13. Nice comment really usefull thanks i appreciate that smart ass
  14. I just tried to disable the last downlaoded scripts "take clothes/self bloodbag" to see if that was the problem but the vehicles/tens still gets resetted? (everything worked just fine BEFORE bloodbag and clothes) so the problem just went in all random?:O
  15. well.. Epoch - EMS missions normally (but changed to WIA temp) - custom debug monitor - self blood bag - take clothes - lift and tow - auto refuel
  16. Bump - Tents also resets anyone knows a fix?
  17. Hey guys so vehicles resets (moves to the spawn location) at server restart? I heard somewhere it might be battleye the problem is at does anyone know a fix?:)
  18. Okay so i found out i had a // infront of the line in compiles.sqf so it DOES work.... But the safe problem is still anoying ... after people unlocked the safe their character bugs and they cant do anything... (craft, change clothes, open safe) Anyone knows whats wrong?
  19. Thanks alot bro.. Well we cant "access" the safe we can just unlock them..
  20. Just a follow up question to the fn_selfactions comment. Do you think it can fix the safe issue too? When people unlock safes their character bugs completely up they cant change clothes or look in the safe they just opened etc :)
  21. Well actually yes i might have... Any chance you might can send me over one that is working?:)
  22. Well i am the server owner :P This is the problem on my server and cant seem to find the problem ;(
  23. Hey guys for some reason people cant give each other meds like morphine painkillers and blood bags.. And since theres not self bloodbag its a problem :P You cant really gain the blood fast ? So anyone know what the problem is? :) Thanks :D
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