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  1. Hey mate this will help you out: Search in your Server_Monitor.sqf this Part: if (count _intentory > 0) then { if (_type in DZE_LockedStorage) then { // Fill variables with loot _object setVariable ["WeaponCargo", (_intentory select 0),true]; _object setVariable ["MagazineCargo", (_intentory select 1),true]; _object setVariable ["BackpackCargo", (_intentory select 2),true]; Look that you have also the true behind!
  2. So what i have to write in this line? reportingIP = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; And why gametracker says my server is offline when the server is up? Dafuq is going on? can someone tell me why there are all these changes?
  3. Check ur traders_data.sql for the parts with the "496" (tids), maybe there u forgot a barcket or something else.
  4. Got an answer from Sumrak :D yes, I am fine with that. The current implementation of bloodsuckers in DayZ Namalsk requires these things: - ns_mutants and ns_modules pbo files - modified building_spawnZombies.sqf script - Land_bspawn class type objects placed where you want to get bloodsuckers spawned (the spawn accuracy is defined by the code inside building_spawnZombies) - AI unit (idealy invincible with some disabled ai behaviours) called "sefik" - the variable definition for dzn_ns_bloodsucker and dzn_ns_bloodsucker_den Thats all I remember now and I think it should be all required :) Hopefully this helps a bit, don't hesitate to contact me if any problems arises. Sumrak Hope this will help us a bit more :)
  5. i still try out to find all files what are needed to get them to work on other maps. For now i got some of them: SKINS: ns_mutants/blood SOUNDS: ns_sounds/mutants/bloodsucker and in front of me the dayz_code from Namalsk, but i dont know which files i need from there. Well i will quest Sumrak first for the Permission maybe he will help us out with this.
  6. When You will upload the files? Its possible to share the files for clients via the mission file? So all clients can see the Bloodsuckers? I know its not only to put the skins in a folder and its done, but maybe we can get it to work? would be cool if that could work somehow.
  7. Open your AH.sqf and look on row 2255 for this: and remove it or comment it out. You can change the code from the key just search for DIK Key Codes on the web.
  8. Yes the Recoverskin.sqf i put in my scripts folder and the player_death.sqf in my custom.
  9. 've noticed that the safes after the restart are full, they are emptied only when the player opens it.
  10. For me this will not work. In my compiles.sqf: player_death = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\player_death.sqf"; In my player_death.sqf excatly on row 81 i put this in: // Begin adding skin to player body call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\Skin\Recoverskin.sqf"; // End adding skin to player body Maybe here is something wrong?? I only changed the path to the Recoverskin.sqf. But i think i put the code in the wrong row? i use the standart player_death.sqf from dayz_code folder. So i need some help here, becouse this "then open player_death.sqf and place this code wherever you want, for epoch 1051 it needs to be around line 81 Change the filepath to suit your needs." from the installreadme is not helping me alot. Thanks.
  11. Ya right, was a bit confused today. I re-installed all my addons fresh, found out it was this VASP script from OtterNas3. Something was wrong with the compiles.sqf....i already have one by using the Fast Trader Script, but the VASP already brings a compile.sqf with it so maybe i done there a mistake. Will try it the next days again to install the VASP, will give feedback then. For now all is working, all traders what i set has the option TFV. Thank you all for your help! Ace
  12. I think found out why its not worked for me. I use the Safe Suicide 1.2.2 Script from mudzereli. He use in his script also a modified ui_selectSlot.sqf. So I am a little confused now. Can use one of them, or both? Is it possible to adjust one of them, so that safe Suicide and Harvest hemp will work? Thanks in Advance!
  13. Please Help me :P Thanks in Advance! Ace Well i got help from Chris: !="PVAH_WriteLogReq" !="bon_recruit_newunit" !="PV_requestServerunit"
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