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  1. Brilliant contribution...........
  2. Tobias got his advert in first am joining him! :P
  3. There are some white listed servers about.
  4. [Changed] Increased storage of all vests by 50% and reduced armor by half.
  5. Hi, So this is feedback to the below: [Changed] Reduced Hunter armor levels by 50%. It's an armored vehicle... yet now can be easily disabled by a 6.5mm. It was balanced before 0.2 as a Zafir (7.62mm) could easily disable it even blow it up. Could I ask why it had its armor levels reduced? Regards, Adam
  6. adzvaughan

    Epoch Videos

    Need to re upload. Shocking......
  7. Hello, For me the server list has been stuck at 3923 for about 3 days. In those 3 days I imagine a few folk have set up new servers. New server's arent showing, not a problem server side as I have 3 currently displaying all configured the same. Anybody coming across the same issue? Regards, Adam
  8. Just added to my server, again there is no better NEAF out there. Not filled with junk and everything looks authentic and meant to be there. I removed the plane and the smoke but other than that its perfect.
  9. Solved it by just starting from fresh. Thanks for your response.
  10. Hi Guys, So ahd myh servers up and running all good, then they reboot and disappear from DayZ Commander (10000 ping) and when players join I now get the error below: 5:09:10 Server error: Player without identity AdZVaughan (id 711584569) I have the feeling something has been deleted but for this to happen on both servers isn't right. Also tried a fresh upload and still not working. Any help appreciated. Regards, Adam
  11. I know thats the latest, I was stating these two overpoch servers aren't running on it.
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