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  1. What AI mission script do you have installed? Because without knowing which script you have, there is no way anyone can help you.
  2. 1. You have an unclosed array that is breaking the script. 2. See other posts in this topic about how to use the toolbox as material. Adding it to the materials list will not work because it is a special item and not a magazine item.
  3. 1) I've stated that this was one of my future additions, however, I encountered a problem. That is when to check if the vehicle is empty. Do you check before the action sequence or after it? Because another player can enter the vehicle while the action for the packing is taking place, however, you don't want a person to go through the action if there is someone already in the vehicle. 2) An admin can add fuel items by adding them to the EVDGetMaterials function in EVD_common.sqf. I may, however, add a check to the packing script that if a fuel item is used as a material, they will get an empty one back in return.
  4. I believe the issue with _aicskill is a matter of scope. Since it is first declared inside of a switch statement, the switch statement will be the scope of the variable. However, you then reference it outside of the switch statement, the variable will be undefined. Simply adding _aicskill = []; before the switch statement should fix that problem or place it in the private variables line. For more about variable scopes, you can read https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Variables#Scope For good measure, I would also suggest that one of the switch cases be labeled as a default in the event _skill isn't defined or is not 0-3.
  5. These errors have always been there, they just were drowned out by the DZMSMajDone/DZMSMajDone initialized error.
  6. Did you make sure to change "SCRIPT_PATH" to the path of you custom scripts folder from your mission folder?
  7. Just because they annoy you doesn't mean you should act maliciously towards them.
  8. In your custom fn_selfActions.sqf, search for: } else { if(_hasKey or _oldOwner) then { Change it to: } else { if((_hasKey or _oldOwner) and ((count (crew _cursorTarget)) == 0) then {
  9. 10% change to break a tool each stage means 90% success rate per stage. Since you frequently pull up the plot poll after you die, you have to go through 6 stages to pull one up So the success rate goes like this: First stage: 90% (100 * 90%) Second stage: 81% (90 * 90%) Third stage: 72.9% (81 * 90%) Fourth stage: 65.61% (72.9 * 90%) Fifth stage: 59.049% (65.61 * 90%) Sixth stage: 53.1441% (59.049 * 90%) That gives you an approximate 53% success rate, which means that the failure rate is 47%.
  10. There is a 47% change of breaking a took during an attempt to pull up a plot pole, so you probably are beating the odds.
  11. If that particular owner came to these forums and promoting their server/services AND raising a big stink about it when said promotions are removed, he/she would be banned also. To install a script on another server, you do have to make a copy of it. This is like selling a copy of a book or CD while keeping the original. First-sale doctrine only applies to the transfer of ownership of the original copy. It does not apply in this situation.
  12. A better way is this In EVD\EVD_deploy.sqf, change if (_finished) then { to _hasToolbox = "ItemToolbox" in items player; if (_finished and _hasToolbox) then { player removeWeapon "ItemToolbox"; In EVD\EVD_pack.sqf, find: } forEach _materials; After it, add: _item addWeaponCargoGlobal ["ItemToolbox", 1]; The reasons for this are two fold. First, you don't loose your toolbox if you cancel your build action. It also check to make sure you have at toolbox before removing it from your inventory. Second, the toolbox will drop like all other materials when the vehicle is packed/deconstructed. Otherwise, you will not get the toolbox back because you already have one in your inventory as one is required to pack/deconstruct the vehicle.
  13. Did you include the section involving custom variables.sqf? Did you link your custom variables.sqf in your init.sqf? What anti-hack are you running? P.S. Another thing you may want to try is in EVD\EVD_deploy.sqf just after: _object addEventHandler ["GetIn",{ _nil = [nil,(_this select 2),"loc",rTITLETEXT,"Warning: This vehicle will disappear on server restart!","PLAIN DOWN",5] call RE; }]; Add: PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor set [count PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor,_object];
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