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  1. the od thing is as soon as we remove the unlocked skin from the player vehicle interaction is perfectly fine but once we add it back it dosent work again, i mean the player wearing the skin can get in and out of vehciels perfectly fine but as soon as someone else trys to get in the same vehcile they cant
  2. Our server does not have Sarge AI
  3. My current Karma is at 13,000 and these are skins we have unlocked for example a United Nations Skin, Also the issue seems to go away once the skins are removed
  4. On our server we had unlocked the skins so that we can use all arma 2 skins but once unlocked they work properly but me and another player had the unlocked skin set to our players but could not get in a vehicle together but as soon as one player removes the skin I.E dieing we can ride again as long as the player with the unlocked skin gets in last
  5. We have tried adding them to the vendors but when you go to purchase them you recive nothing for the gold you had paid
  6. Hello we have a dayz server and are curious we would like to add some of the defualt arma 2 oa skins for example the UN skins and were curious to know how to access them and enable players to use them thanks.
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