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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Im going to test this on my server this week and let you know what people think. I have it working great on my Test server. I linked the mortars to the M2 guns and it doesn't seem to OP. There is such a long travel time between firing the rounds and them hitting, people should see it fire and get the hell out of there.
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    U can pick any trader and add option to get a mission. *Mission spawn 4 diferents random crates whit 4 diferents random locations for each crate. once per time. *Mission have a item requiere to start *Mission have a 20 min after same player call it again. *Players needs to find the crate in 15 min or this crate will be deleted. INSTALL: 1-copy any kind of trader ID from your server_trader.sqf or server_traders_cherno_11.sqf for coins system. for example : Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 2-open your custom fn_selfaction.sqf and add this add very bottom: 3-Create a new sqf file save as "quest.sqf " into custom\quest\ folder and paste this inside: *Now launch your server, go infront of Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 for this example , use scroll menu and pick "ASK FOR MISSIONS". done. Configs in quest.sqf :
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