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Adding new category in trader - no name in trader menu

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Hi guys

I am adding a new category of weapons in the trader and I have a problem.

First I have defined the components of the category in weapons.hpp.

class Category_80 {

class Igla {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {10000,"worth"};sell[] = {6000,"worth"};};
class Stinger {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {10000,"worth"};sell[] = {6000,"worth"};};
class Strela {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {10000,"worth"};sell[] = {6000,"worth"};};
class Javelin {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {10000,"worth"};sell[] = {6000,"worth"};};
class M136 {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {5000,"worth"};sell[] = {2000,"worth"};};
class RPG18 {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {5000,"worth"};sell[] = {2000,"worth"};};
class RPG7V {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {5000,"worth"};sell[] = {2000,"worth"};};


Then I added the category to the corresponding seller in chernarus11.sqf:

menu_Sniper1_DZ = [

Everything works, the weapons can be bought, but in the trader menu the category appears without a name, empty.

I need to define the category somewhere, right? but I can't find where after a couple of hours.

can you help me please?

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Right on target, thank you very much Graham, I owe you a beer.

The solution is as simple as adding a new package to stringtable.xml, and adding as many categories as you like.

<Package name="CUSTOM">
        <Key ID="STR_CUSTOM_AA">
            <English>AA Weapon</English>
            <French>AA Arme</French>
            <German>AA Wafe</German>
            <Russian>зенитный пистолет</Russian>
            <Spanish>Armas Antiaereas</Spanish>

It works perfect, you're a crack Graham.


P.S. For beer you will have to come on vacation to Spain :)

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