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I'm interested in coming back to A3 epoch and creating a new server.

I just wondered if it was a good time to do so.

Is A3 epoch still supported well?

Are there plans for an update any time soon.

I'm just looking to make a low pop, low key server.


Thank you.

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There is still support on the Discord. I do not know what plans are for further development, that may be on pause. I would ask on the discord for more info about where those plans stand. There do seem to be more players drifting back to or discovering A3 Epoch based on population on our server. I hope that helps.

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If you manage to make a server without shitty black market traders, then count me in. Will be a regular player and will support it. I've been thinking of making a server myself since they are pretty cheap, just 20 euros a month for 30 slots.

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