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[GRG] PVE | Altis | blckeagls | claim vehicle | Vitural Garage | Many other scripts

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Accessible via A3Launcher - just search for GRG

IP:  Port 2322

Key features:

Home to GRG Epoch since its initial release.

Running the latest version of blckeagls mission system and VEMFr town invasions.

Many customizations have been added including:

AI strongholds

Claim mission vehicles

Virtual garage and Virtual Hanger

Kill messages, study body and bury body (new versions)

Rope towing

IgiLoad support for loading crates and smaller vehicles into larger ones.

Call your banker banking

Halo spawn at selected locations


Repair/refuel at service stations

Blackmarket traders at Epoch trader compounds and roaming around the map

Earplugs (Ignatz/He-man's version)


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