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Where is dynamic_vehicle.sqf



I am looking to limit the amount of spawns on start/restart. likely MaxVehicleLimit= I had just delete 418 vehicles so i am unclear on that cap. it got to a point you could sit on any mountain top in altis and with binos see at least 3 vehicles.

I was looking through the forums for this and i have found. "look in dynamic_Vehicle.sqf" Except I simply cannot find the file. If it is not in this sqf or this sqf is outdated and no longer exists. where would i find this setting?

I did however open the epoch_server_setting.pbo and edited the config.cpp file limiting the number of specific vehicles, but even if i set everything to 1 i will still get that number every restart until it caps.

thanks for any help pointing me to this

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config.cpp in epoch_server_settings is the correct place to adjust the limits.

If you set everything to 1, the server should only spawn in 1 Vehicle of each type.

If your server spawns more vehicles in, there must be another issue...

Hard to say without knowing what you have changed.

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