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[Alpha] DayZ Game Launcher[searching for Alpha testers]

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Edit: now using internal image with worst resolution of the century

Edit (V3 or so ): currently working on an auto updater and a better way to check if a server is running. if anyone has any ideas, ill be up for it


Edit: this is not for testing this on my server this is for testing on your servers, as im running none currently.

So like a 2 days ago i remembered something i wanted to do for a long time.

A Server Launcher. But not to make Macca any Competion. it should be a private launcher for 1 Server/1 communuty at a time only. A launcher which you just had to download set your files and click on play to play. So i sat down the last two days and gave my best.

And now i think its time to present it to the Epoch Community where maybe one or two persons are willing to let me test and and develop not under lab, but realistic conditions. (@juandayz you know more people than me,so maybe you know a person that would be willing to test this)

The picture uploaded with this post is how the launcher currently looka like. That all can be individually changed(including the bg picture).

If you have any suggestions, questions, critics,whatever comment below.

and if you're interested in testing alsl comment here or just write me a private message.

With luv from Moskow(or Germany)



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I am personally not a tester but I always liked the idea of a community launcher especially when you are running custom addons for ArmA, that all users would have to download manually to prevent client-server conflicts.

I really like the idea with the fallout wallpaper fitting to the server name. I understand that you want testers to proof that it's working but there's no doubt that users will be a lot more atracted by a launcher that's pretty aswell. So I would suggest that you try to improve the design a bit more because the buttons look horrible (personal preference you know :biggrin:).

I don't know what you are coding with but I always used Visual Basic to create Launchers and Visual Basic offers great ways to implement skins and themes with cool visual effects and elements. As I said, just my personal opinion, keep going on that!

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Update V2 :
-Download Link for Epoch added, if you don't have it installed.

-catching exceptions if some occur

-getting server ip and port from string

Currently in Developement:
    /// TODO:

     -adding Overwatch

     -reworking the unpacking system
    - Login System with MYSQL DATABASE attached
    -administrator accounts where you can publish some news and te players will see it
    -down compatible version system
    -finding a better way to check if servers are online
    /// have a good one

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I'm running a vanilla-ish server and while dayzlauncher works well for chernarus, it does not work for other maps. I've been looking for a launcher so I could launch another server (lingor, napf, namalsk, panthera, something!). Is this something you've put out some source? maybe configurable enough? I don't see any download links. I've tried asking maca to update dayzlauncher, but no luck.

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