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[Release] Scrapper v3.2 [WEAPONS!]

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Old thread is cluttered with my asking a lot of questions so here Ill repost the new script

This script is a redo of the epoch salvage system which, in my opinion, was good for tires and glass, nothing more. This changes that. Now you can completely dissassmble a vehicle into the components you need to fix any other vehicle (plus many other components as well!) and will then remove them from the database. This is not magic, you will have to put in the work, take the risk and pray you dont get eaten along the way!

What does this do exactly? Glad you asked! You can now reduce a vehicle into parts! All of them (and I mean ALL). Never again will you run across your favorite vehicle and not be able to drive off because you forgot your engine parts at home. That skoda 100m back can be your life saver (and I dont mean by means of driving off), just get to your nearest chop shop, get your toolbox and crowbar handy, and get rid of that ugly POS! You will be left with one less eye sore and a score of parts to drive your baby home! All parts are acquirable through scrapping. This means: Tires, Glass, FuelTank, Engine, Scrap Metal plus some cool new stuff: 1 & 2 inch pipes, metal sheets, scrap electronics, floppy wire (and many more to be added!). Maybe you are down on your luck and need a weapon, well that DshKM could be yours after a scrapping(still to be implemented)!

Things to do:

Fix breaking the dissambly chain leading to broken action(thanks @Runewulv)

Add weapon salvage with chance Needs configuring of conversion options

Possibly change from loot in crate to loot on ground

add some trolling possibilities

Add a config file for the many options to come!


go to my github and download the repository

my github link https://github.com/Arstan13/EpochScrapper

Now it is assumed you have already installed one of the many better written, better made, more useful scripts out there so we are going to skip the custom compiles/variables/self-actions

add my snippets for fn_selfActions and Variables to your (more than likely) custom ones

drag and drop the scrapper folder into your scripts folder in your mission file!

and thats it! Too easy right!? If you still have trouble at this point, let me know. Got an idea? LET ME KNOW!

Im definitely in the need of information on what vehicles have what weapons on them, I need this info to make it so you could scrap it! Your helping me only leads to more awesome function for you so please consider it!

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Always look here for updated info!!!

old content post 1:


Hmmmmm, have a draft script working to return what weapons are on a vehicle and I am now working on converting them into a usable variant. Trouble I am running into is (obviously) not all of these weapons have a "Usable" variant. For instance, the DshKM, trying to figure out how it should be handled so I am reaching out to the community here, how should the DshKM be converted? The M240 has variants and its easy enough to figure out for several of the others but please, provide your input! This is a very soon upcoming feature to this script!

So My current list is:

M2, PKT, DshKM, Mk19

Ill add more as I go along!

Current Conversions

    case "M240BC_veh"       : {_toSpawnArray = _toSpawnArray + ["M240_DZ"];};
    case "PKTBC"            : {_toSpawnArray = _toSpawnArray + ["PKM_DZ"];};


UPDATE!!! First successful scrapping with weapon!!!

Updated! Weapons can now be returned with parts, right now it is with every successful scrapping, not all veh weapons are converted into player weapons and for the ones that weren't but had a static weapon version, I went ahead and used those, I personally will be setting it up so players can deploy static mgs with the returned packed backpack versions but for now, if its a m240 or PKT on the vehicle, you will recieve a 240 or pkm. any other detected weapons not a mk19 will then be turned into scrap while the mk19 will return as packed static weapon. 

Old Content to above block


Heres what is being worked on now, please feel free to take a look and/or make a suggestion. Below you will find all the possible weapons that my code will find (well not all, just all arma 2 and OA as of v1.59 (hard to find an all inclusive config file ya know!)). Now not all these weapons should even be returned as their player variant even if there was one. So keep in mind that there are a score of parts these could turn into as well...


case "M240BC_veh"                   : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M240_DZ"];};
        case "M240_veh"                     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M240_DZ"];};
        //case "GRAD"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["GRAD"];};
        //case "GSh301"                     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["GSh301"];};
        //case "Ch29Launcher_Su34"          : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["Ch29Launcher_Su34"];};
        //case "R73Launcher"                : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["R73Launcher"];};
        //case "2A38M"                      : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A38M"];};
        //case "2A46M"                      : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A46M"];};
        //case "2A46MRocket"                : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A46MRocket"];};
        //case "M242"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M242"];};
        //case "M242BC"                     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M242BC"];};
        //case "9M311Laucher"               : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["9M311Laucher"];};
        //case "2A14"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A14"];};
        //case "2A42"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A42"];};
        case "2B14"                         : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["2b14_82mm_TK_Bag_EP1"];};
        //case "VikhrLauncher"              : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["VikhrLauncher"];};
        //case "80mmLauncher"               : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["80mmLauncher"];};
        //case "2B14"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2B14"];};
        case "M252"                         : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["M252_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        //case "M120"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M120"];};
        //case "MLRS"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["MLRS"];};
        //case "M256"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M256"];};
        //case "DShKM"                      : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["DShKM"];};
        //case "BAF_L2A1"                   : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["BAF_L2A1"];};
        //case "BAF_L7A2"                   : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["BAF_L7A2"];};
        //case "BAF_static_GMG"             : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["BAF_static_GMG"];};
        case "BAF_M240_veh"                 : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M240_DZ"];};
        case "BAF_M240_veh_2"               : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M240_DZ"];};
        //case "M3P"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M3P"];};
        //case "KPVT"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["KPVT"];};
        case "KORD"                         : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["KORD_TK_Bag_EP1"];};
        case "M2"                           : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["M2StaticMG_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        //case "M134"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M134"];};
        //case "M134_2"                     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M134_2"];};
        //case "M68"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M68"];};
        //case "M230"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M230"];};
        //case "CRV7_HEPD"                  : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["CRV7_HEPD"];};
        //case "CRV7_FAT"                   : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["CRV7_FAT"];};
        //case "M2BC"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M2BC"];};
        //case "M32_heli"                   : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M32_heli"];};
        //case "M119"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["M119"];};
        case "AGS30"                        : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["AGS_TK_Bag_EP1"];};
        //case "AGS17"                      : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["AGS17"];};
        //case "D30"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["D30"];};
        //case "AT2Launcher"                : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["AT2Launcher"];};
        //case "57mmLauncher_128"           : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["57mmLauncher_128"];};
        //case "D81"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["D81"];};
        //case "D10"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["D10"];};
        //case "SGMT"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["SGMT"];};
        //case "YakB"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["YakB"];};
        //case "CTWS"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["CTWS"];};
        //case "AT6Launcher"                : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["AT6Launcher"];};
        //case "S8Launcher"                 : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["S8Launcher"];};
        //case "SPG9"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["SPG9"];};
        //case "GSh302"                     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["GSh302"];};
        //case "AT9Launcher"                : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["AT9Launcher"];};
        //case "HeliBombLauncher"           : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["HeliBombLauncher"];};
        //case "80mmLauncher"               : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["80mmLauncher"];};
        //case "2A72"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A72"];};
        //case "2A70"                       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A70"];};
        //case "ZiS_S_53"                   : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["ZiS_S_53"];};
        //case "DT_veh"                     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["DT_veh"];};
        //case "2A70Rocket"                 : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["2A70Rocket"];};
        case "SEARCHLIGHT"                  : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["ItemLightBulb"];};
        //case "AT13LauncherSingle"         : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["AT13LauncherSingle"];};
        //case "AT5LauncherSingle"          : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["AT5LauncherSingle"];};
        //case "AT5Launcher"                : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["AT5Launcher"];};
        case "TOWLauncherSingle"            : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["TOW_TriPod_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        case "TOWLauncher"                  : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["TOW_TriPod_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        case "M197"                         : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["M2StaticMG_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        //case "HellfireLauncher"           : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["HellfireLauncher"];};
        //case "Laserdesignator_mounted"    : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["Laserdesignator_mounted"];};
        //case "FFARLauncher"               : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["FFARLauncher"];};
        //case "SidewinderLaucher_AH1Z"     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["SidewinderLaucher_AH1Z"];};
        //case "SidewinderLaucher_AH64"     : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["SidewinderLaucher_AH64"];};
        case "PKT"                          : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["PKM_DZ"];};
        case "PKT_2"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["PKM_DZ"];};
        case "PKT_3"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["PKM_DZ"];};
        case "PKTBC"                        : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["PKM_DZ"];};
        case "PKT_veh"                      : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["PKM_DZ"];};
        case "PKT_high_AI_dispersion"       : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["PKM_DZ"];};
        case "MK19"                         : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["MK19_TriPod_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        case "MK19BC"                       : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["MK19_TriPod_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        case "BAF_GMG"                      : {_bagsArray = _bagsArray + ["MK19_TriPod_US_Bag_EP1"];};
        case "StingerLaucher"               : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["Stinger"];};
        case "StingerLaucher_4x"            : {_wepsArray = _wepsArray + ["Stinger","Stinger","Stinger","Stinger"];};
        default                               {_toSpawnArray = _toSpawnArray + ["PartGeneric"];};

Fixed some more stuff, v3.1 is available on github

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I cant get this to work, where exactly in my fn_selfActions should I put your snippet, I get the option to scrap but it tells me to go to a chop shop (what or where is chop shop?) after I get that message if I try to scrap again it tells me to wait until the action is complete and removes the options for salvage, repair, traders dialogs, right click actions etc which leads me to think I have it in the fn_selfActions in the wrong places .

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would you mind posting your fn_selfActions.sqf? Ill take a look for ya and see if we can get this to work. As for the chop shops. The gas station to the SE of balota airfield. That little garage looking thing with the Wrench Icon is what I defined as a chop shop. However, there are settings to enable you to change that

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hmm i have the same issue. If i use a chop shop no problem but if you do it somewhere else you lose options unless you relog. is it the self actions? or is something else going on with the if !(count _chopShops > 0) part? 


Edit: okay so I adjusted that part and added in the dayz action in progress part into this

if !(count _chopShops > 0) exitWith {systemChat("You can't scrap a whole vehicle out in the open, get to a Chop Shop!"); dayz_actionInProgress = false;};

I guess since if it's an exit if you're not near a chop shop it never makes it to the bottom of the sqf to get that line to make it false so you'd lose access to all your actions. I'm not much a coder but it seems to work lol. Although I'd like it better if the "Scrap It" line  just never appeared unless you were within distance of a chop shop.

edit: okay n/m I thought it was working but it actually killed working at chop shops all together >_> and I lost admin tools for some reason . . . ah well

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