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infiSTAR not working

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Hi All, I'm looking for some help, I have followed infiSTAR readme file to install the best I can, but I cant do 'replace your current BE filters with the one you got with the AntiHack.' as there is not BE filters.


if it helps I'm using gtxgaming and using something called MBCon

'MBCon, This will install MBCon on your server, this tool it's a replacement of the discontinued BattlEye Extended Controls (BEC), works with modular plugins and basically has the same functions BEC but more updated.'


thanks in advance

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Usually when you buy infistar you also get a set of battleye filters that you replace the standard ones with.  Simply copy/paste and replace them into wherever your battleye filters reside. If you can't find them, or don't know, ask gtx.

I have access  to a gtx server and the filters aren't where they are usually found, so gtx must hide them or put them somewhere else on an external folder.


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