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Selectplayer requires token?


I have a script that creates a unit and then a "selectplayer _unit" command is used. It works but in a few seconds battleye kicks me with "Token check failed". Is it some epoch token? Or is it just a battleye problem? Can someone help with this?

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This is a part of our security checks, it basically makes sure the data sent to the server not getting spoofed by another player. If you make a new player body then you also must give this new body the proper token to communicate with the server.

Server Side:

_tokenToSendToPlayer = _newPlayerObject call EPOCH_server_setPToken;
[_newPlayerObject, _tokenToSendToPlayer] remoteExec ['EPOCH_clientRevive',_player];

Client Side:

Epoch_personalToken = _tokenSentFromServer;

(Above is just an example)

You can see this in action with the player revive functions:


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