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just a head up folks, experience with survival servers

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This will probably get deleted but just wanted to let people know who may be considering a server host.

Avoid survival servers.  i opened a server 5 days ago and not once has it been running, after many failed attempts with the support ticket the server is still unable to work.

I posted on there forums for help, to which my post was deleted by Ryan Pennington for reason he said should be discussed in support tickets and that he would personally look into my ticket for me. (last i heard from him)

Again i had to wait for support to sort something but still no help.

I was quiet happy to wait aslong as i could have my lost time added onto the server which i think would be a pretty reasonable request personally.

Anyway i go to log on today and find my server account has been deleted, no access to my account so i have now started the process of a refund through paypal.

Throughout the process i was civil, not once demanding anything. but they have just fobbed me off.

I am providing screen shots of there support chat, which proves how it all went down and the times inbetween responces




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Had the same issue with missing files. I reinstalled the sever about 5 times, and wrote a ticket asking for help. 24 hours went by with no answer.  In the end I downloaded through them a server and manually upgraded to 1.0.6 by ftping the files across after downloading them from GitHub. I also had to manually update the database. Thankfully I know how to do all this, for someone buying a server with no experience and just wanting to play, it is totally useless. 

  I only bought a month to try out 1.0.6 but after 2 days with them, I've gone elsewhere.  Their cp is crap, and their support doesnt seem much better. 

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