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[Solved] Objects being deleted from database on server restart

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ISSUE: (This is for A2 w/Epoch + Origins 1.7.9 + Overwatch on the Napf Map) Every server restart all vehicles, epoch building parts and basically everything that is spawned in, driven in or built into the northern 4 kilometers of the map are deleted out of my database. All objects/vehicles placed south of the northern 4 kilometers remain, regardless of placement order above and below the 4 kilometer latitude. Even vehicles spawned by the dynamic vehicle spawn in that section are being deleted on server restart. I have tried modifying dayz_maparea, dayz_maxpos, dayz_minpos. I have tried to find something that controls this in my day_server.pbo. I am finding myself at a major loss here. I have also attempted to find a solution anywhere via google and can find nothing on the subject. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.


[EDIT] - SOLUTION: In my database StoredProcedures, I had to change my pCleanupOOB procedure where: IF(intWest > 0 OR intNorth > 16340) THEN

I changed this to: IF(intWest > 0 OR intNorth > 20400) THEN

which is the northern border for Napf. Can't believe I didn't think to look here sooner.

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