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Show us your loadScreen!

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Yeah I used to list all the content in the server description but it got too long and looked yucky..


The picture in the middle was created by a talented artist Dayman who lives downstairs luckily with some clever manipulation and collaboration of a few pieces.. started just as a pretty house.


It was originally full screen with simple rules embedded but needed the room for the extras list so figured make it two sided with some rules and info as well.


You can see more of his art here as he develops: http://manuelzart.deviantart.com/




Was one of my favorites he did for me for a post advertising the servers back when...  :D

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You can also use a JPEG, but as far as I know those are the only two formats supported.  As far as size, I don't know.  I found a template someone had made on the BIS forums and used that size for the basis of mine.

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The size ratio needs to be 2x1 width to height:


512x256 Pixels

1024x512 Pixels

2048x1024 Pixels (What I use)


As i like to have a mission file as small as I can I would suggest to use a JPG with just a Black Background (To match expanded background with mission) Use Low Compression Ratio - 90% for best quality/file size.


If you don't need the room and have a centered image just use the 1024X512 size, once again to reduce mission size/download.


If you don't mind a larger mission you could test .png files with those dimentions and translucent background if you wish.

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All of yours put mine to shame lol...all I did was use MS Paint to add some text to a wallpaper I found on Google  :lol:


Will be getting one done by a professional when I re-release my server though.

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