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Hey guys!

Let me start off by first telling you my name. My name is Donnie, I am 21 years old from North Carolina. I have a passion for graphic design though I'm not the best. I've worked with several indie game companies on various titles doing graphical art, those games are 3DChat and The Repopulation. 

Below are some icons I've made. I usually make them in packs and the icons displayed are just for show, there not currently in use. All of my work is custom and I can change any part of the image to your liking and create more custom icons if needed. 


Here are a few social media icons I made :p (I made the FP icon for someone else, just thought I'd add it in there)

I put my gamer tag over them for security reasons. My PC went out a few months back and I've had to remake everything, I'm still in the process of making more designs. 

If you have any questions on how to get your own custom icons for whatever it may be, feel free to contact me by email [email protected].


I am currently doing free work for anyone interested. I can't do work for everyone so forgive me if I am very selective as to who I chose to work with.


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Here are a few forum inspired icons. 


Note: The rectangle icons are made 500x200 and the square icons are made 500x500 originally, they are always sized down from the original. Also, every upload has the writing over the image for security reasons so ignore that.

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