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[Release] DayZ Epoch Server Installer

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DayZ Epoch Server Installer
Hello folks I have created a Installer that will simply install your server for you on your dedicated box or home PC. All you have to do is run the DayZ Epoch Server SETUP.exe (read....README.txt) and follow the instructions as you go. This installer downloads the most recent version of the Epoch and BEC files so you can also use it too update when the time comes. 
This package also includes some tools that help you manage your server including
DayZ File Rotator - Rotates your new PBO or config files in after restart so no need for waiting around 
Dayz Hive Rotator - Rotates your Hive files so you can have a custom day/night cycle
Please comment bellow or use the credentials provided in the readme.txt with any issues or help you may need
--Possible issues
Admin prompt issue with File Rotate tool on startup
Thanks to Hollowaddiction of Craftdodge for hosting the download
Github - Source Code (for people uncomfortable with .exe)

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You should put this on a github so we can see the source code, or at least let awol have a look at it.


I'm not saying you've created anything nasty but using unvalidated third party software can sometimes pose risks. :)

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Yeah , I gotcha. If people are sketchy on using it a understand.My first plan was to just release the batch file but I decided to convert to exe just for the sake of updates and the compiled and nicer outcome. I will most likely release the source code if it will put some people at ease :D



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