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Found 3 results

  1. Zupa

    [Tool][Realease 1.0] ZupaStats

    Release 1.0 Zupastats. What is it? A webapp that you can host on your php capable environment to display stats about kills, deatch and server rankings. Technology? Front-End: AngularJS Back-End: PHP + PRedis PHP 5.5 Required Demo: Download: on 24 feb 2015 http://www.mediafire.com/download/xm59fk069cxzru7/ZupaStats1.0.rar Instructions: PHP 5.5 Required Unzip the folder in your apache enviremont ( xampp htdocs) for example. ( More info about this later). Go to the server/config.php and fill in your server data. $myRedisPass = "redispass"; $myRedisPort = 6379; $myRedisHost = ''; // If php and redis are on the same server, this suffices ALSO ADD YOUR SERVERS IN THIS FILE If next line doesnt apply for you, go to the Continue line IF PHP and REDIS are on different servers ( you need to open the redis Port on that server AND bind your public ip in redis config !) Example redis.conf: ( Restart redis to activate this). bind Continue here: Now browse to your website in a browser. ( localhost or externally). The server list takes the picture with same name as your server map. So put a picture called altis.png in image folder if u want to show that picture for an altis server. Your servre needs PHP 5.5 Screenshots:
  2. Hi All, I've been working on a DayZ Epoch Player/Server Stats site for a couple of weeks and thought I'd share it with everyone to give back to the community To see what it looks like, you can view my demo here: http://stats.mudzereli.com Here are some of the features: - easy setup (only need access to a web host and edit a small simple config) - searchable/sortable player statistics - object tracking by type - leaderboard To download/install it, check out the github project. I you have any questions/feedback/constructive criticism, feel free to post in this thread, PM me, or send me a message on Github and I'll try to help as best I can. if you are having issues viewing the stats and it looks like just the data isn't loading, make sure you have apache's rewrite module on. This is on by default for most normal hosts, but if you use xampp or wamp you may need to enable this yourself in the apache configuration.
  3. Been getting pretty bored. Anybody need a community/forum website done? Portfolio