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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Guys, I was told I definitly need to install the newest Epoch Build (9) to fix the server crashes when looting. Im currently running Build 4. But i cant find a way to install the newest release without loosing everything. Is there a method to do this woithout loosing all stuff ? Thanks for your help. Have a nice day, best regards Mumys
  2. Guys you really need to update your arma version this weekend. June 30 is final gamespy shutdown, and Battleye will not protect older versions after june 30th. You are urged to upgrade to the new steam version (125548). This guide is designed for private server hosting with access to all files, epoch installed, with the steam version of Arma 2 + Arma 2 OA. To do so: step 1: go to your operation arrowhead folder step 2: delete the all the exe files (ArmA2OA, arma2oaserver, ArmA2OA_BE) if you don't have ArmA2OA_BE skip it. step 3: go into your Expansion\ folder step 4: delete the beta\ folder and all it's contents. If you don't have a beta folder, skip it. step 5: go to steam library -> operation arrowhead -> right click -> properties -> beta -> Choose your version. Opt-out (stable) Opt-In (beta) 1.62- (older version) step 6: wait for game to switch to versions step 7: go to steam library -> operation arrowhead -> right click -> properties -> local files -> verify integrity of the game. step 8: wait for game to verify and then launch arma 2 oa from steam library. check to see if you have the new version in the bottom right corner. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ For a point of reference... when I launch my arma OA.. at the main menu I see: - 3 pictures in the bottom-left corner: first one is Dayz Epoch, next one is Arma 2, next one is Arma Arrowhead. - In the bottom-right corner it says version 1.63.125548 and beneath that it says - In the top-right corner, under the dayz epoch picture it says Dayz Epoch If you got all that it should work on newly updated servers, like mine. If you are missing any of that try clicking the expansion button and activate them. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ SERVER OWNERS EXTRA STEPS: Step 9: Copy the entire contents of your Arma 2 & Arma 2 OA folder into your server folder. This should update your server to new version. STEAM VERSION EXTRA STEPS: Step 10: Change your launchers .exe paths: Expansion\beta\arma2OAserver.exe (delete the red part. steam version uses exe in the main folder, not the expansion\beta folder.) Step 11: In your config.cfg add two lines at the very top: steamport = 2300; steamqueryport = 2301; Step 12: add port forwarding to these ports. Step 13: In your config.cfg update your requiredBuild = 125548; Step 14: In your config.cfg.. right below your requiredBuild add this line: requiredSecureId = 2; Notes: - Keep the old gamespyreportingIP= in the configs. - Keep your old port forwarding. - Keep the -port=2302 in the launchers. If you have any problems feel free to pm me. WARNING A LOT OF EPOCH CUSTOM SCRIPTING DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY ON NEW VERSION. RECOMMENDED: FRESH SERVER INSTALL AND ADD SCRIPTS 1 BY 1. With steam, it has new steamID. I'm not 100% sure but it looks like I have a new GUID also. When players connect to the database it will create a whole new player to the database with the new steamID. In the database it will keep the old entries with playerUID and create all new entires with steamIDs. This may, or may not cause DB issues/loading issues. Not sure. All players will start with a new, fresh character... kills reset, humanity reset, plot poles will need not recognize you as owner, etc... I'm guessing all the player bans need to be updated, and I doubt that is even possible, so server admins need to find there own ways to deal with these problems. So we need to be extra vigilant against hackers. My information tells me that Dayz commander will not work after the gamespy shutdown unless we are very lucky, so I am recommending this update to all server admins.
  3. Hello, I have got a Problem. If I join my server I can stay in the lobby perfectly. If i would join my server he is kicking me back in to the Lobby and there is this text: This Server is running an Incorrect version of the server side application. You can not play on this server. If you are the server admin please contact DayZ Epoch stuff. I used the DayZ Epoch Server release.7z Files. Can anyone help me?
  4. LINUX SERVER. Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.32-042stab094.7 on x86_64 Processor information Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz, 10 cores Memory 10 GB RAM Operating system Debian Linux 7 All players get this error when they join: "This server is running an incorrect version of the server side application. You cannot play on this server. If you are the server admin please contact DayZ Epoch Staff." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error Log: dump.log http://pastebin.com/1jeAh6Uu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use: Debian 7 64 bits (screen, gcc, perl, mysql, libjson-xs-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl, lib32stdc++6) DayZ Epoch Linux Server by denisio. & by DeadReid. My files: epoch.sh http://pastebin.com/68pM29i7 (I only change -mod="..." to overpochins). writer.pl http://pastebin.com/PvG1sFw0 My Scripts: Infistar and others. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys, I am still on 1.62.103718 and planning to work on the server tomorrow night & Saturday basically to reinstall it to bring it to a more recent version. So I want to ask the more experienced fellow owner/admins here what version are you running at the moment, are there any major issues with and any other advice you find relevant? Via PM I've already consulted MGT who is very helpful and provides solid advice but in case he's away I really need to get going tomorrow, hence the thread here. So what do you advise, shall I just go to the latest version since we heard DayZ Commander is about to be released (presumably it'll be supporting the latest version without any issues)? Is there a particular version that is clearly better to run at this point in time? I know 112555 has some issues with being not being deleted properly which in turn affects server performance after some runtime but I don't know much about other (higher) versions. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hopefully im posting this correctly. Anyway, I played on a server that's version was 1.62 yesterday for about 7 hours. The server name was "Damaged DayZ Epoch Chernarus . When I logged on this morning, the game would not allow me to play, showing the server version of the game was at 1.63, not 1.62. The friends I played with yesterday are not having this problem and can still log on. Please help, I'd like to get back to all of my cargo in my SUV ASAP :D
  7. Hi guys. Why my server have unknown DayZ version (in DayZ commander), and how to fix it ? I need to past version in server name ?
  8. Hi, When i try to join my new setup server i get the error message: You are running an incorrect version of DAYZ_CODE, please download this file from dayzepoch.com (You are running version 2.0 and the server is running version How do i fix this? As my server version is set to in the config file. And version 2.0 is the taviana version (i have no idea what that has to do with it) Hosting at HFBservers
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