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Found 9 results

  1. This Topic will give you all default options you can change in your init.sqf/variables.sqf to personalize your server without putting any script in. If I made any mistakes, please clearify and I will change it! Simple add the line in the top half of your init.sqf to change values (unless stated otherwise) Selfbloodbag DZE_SelfTransfuse = false; // default value TRUE: Allows player to right click on a bloodbag to use a bloodbag on himself. Selfbloodbag values DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000, 15, 300]; // default value If DZE_SelfTransfuse is set to true, this will define the value of that bloodbag, 1st value is the ammount of blood you get from the bag; 2nd value is the infection chance in % 3th value is the cooldown in seconds Max Animals dayz_maxAnimals = 5; Amount of animals per player. They will despawn like zombies if no one is there. timezoneswitch timezoneswitch = 0; Changes the murdermenu times with this offset in hours. Zombie settings dayz_maxLocalZombies = 40; Max number of zombies spawned per player. dayz_maxGlobalZombiesInit = 40; Starting global max zombie count, this will increase for each player within 400m (Default: 40) dayz_maxGlobalZombiesIncrease = 10; This is the amount of global zombie limit increase per player within 400m (Default: 10) dayz_maxZeds = 500; Total zombie server limit dayz_zedSpawnVehCount = dayz_maxLocalZombies / 2; Zombies spawn from a vehicle (if a player is in it) dayz_spawnAirCount = 0; NO CLUE. dayz_zedsAttackVehicles = true; Zombies attack vehicles or not. Player Zombie DZE_PlayerZed = true; Allows the player zo spawn as a zombie when he died of an infection. GODMODE Bases DZE_GodModeBase = false; Buildables will be indestructable from the NEXT restart they were placed if set to true. DayZ Epoch Debug For Servers DZEdebug = false; If set to true, the server RPT file will have alot more info on what happends on the server. ( For debugging). Wiki explenation: DZE debug damage DZEDebug_Damage = true; Dont really know, i guess that nothing gets damage when Debug = true? Vehicle parachute trading DZE_TRADER_SPAWNMODE = false; Enable purchased vehicle parachute spawning setting this to true. Tame Dogs dayz_tameDogs = false; If true, you can tame dogs ( with cooked meat right?). Sell Distance LAND Vehicle dayz_sellDistance_vehicle = 10; Ammount in meters how far an LAND vehicle has to be from trader to be sellable. Sell Distance SEA Vehicle dayz_sellDistance_boat = 30; Ammount in meters how far an SEA vehicle has to be from trader to be sellable. Sell Distance AIR Vehicle dayz_sellDistance_air = 40; Ammount in meters how far an AIR vehicle has to be from trader to be sellable. Para Spawn Player dayz_paraSpawn = false; If true, players will spawn in the air, dont forget to open your parachute! Position dayz_minpos = -20000; dayz_maxpos = 20000; The max and min distance from center of the map where a player can logout and still spawn on the same position when loggin in. Does this also affect the radiation you get when passing these places ( I dont think so)? BuildingLimits DZE_checkNearbyRadius = 30; Distance where the building limits will look for objects. DZE_BuildingLimit = 150; Ammount of builables allowed in this distance. DZE_BuildOnRoads = false; Allow/Disallow building on roads. DZE_DamageBeforeMaint = 0.09; Ammount of damage a builable must have before being able to be maintained. DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 0; Ammount of animations you have to do before something gets build. ( always +1) so number 0 = 1 step, number 1 = 2 steps) DZE_PlotPole = [30,45]; 1st value is the radius of a plotpole 2nd value is the radius where the next plot can be build. DZE_maintainRange = ((DZE_PlotPole select 0)+20); If you maintain this is going to be the range where it maintains. Default: (plotradius + 20 meters) DZE_requireplot = 1; 1= Need a plot to build, 0 = you can build anywhere. DZE_AntiWallLimit = 3; Not really sure about this. Amoount of tries u can get to get trough a wall before u get killed ? Humanity Showing DZE_HumanityTargetDistance = 25; The distance where it becomes visible if a player is bandit or hero ( blue red names). Friendls Saving DZE_FriendlySaving = true; Save the friend to the database or not. Custom loot tables. DZE_MissionLootTable = false; Set to true of you want to use own loot tables ( include them in description.ext ofcrouse) Config traders DZE_ConfigTrader = false; Set to true if you want to use config traders. Include them in your description.ext) LootSpawnTimer DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 10; Not really sure. The time that takes to start spawning loot in an area? Heli Lift DZE_HeliLift = true; Allow/disallow default epoch heli lifting Full moon nights dayz_fullMoonNights = false; If true nights wont be pitch black, moonlight will make it doable. Vehicle Ammo Saving DZE_vehicleAmmo = 0; 0 : amo in vehicles weapons will reset on restart. 1:ammo will save and respawn on restart. Access backpack in trader area. DZE_BackpackGuard = true; If true, it closes the gear menu when close to another player in trader area's CleanNull DZE_CleanNull = false; No idea. Customize Death Messages Enables global chat messaging of player deaths. (Also requires enableRadio true;?) DZE_DeathMsgGlobal = true; Enables side chat messaging of player deaths. (Also requires enableRadio true;?) DZE_DeathMsgSide = true; Enables global title text messaging of player deaths. DZE_DeathMsgTitleText = true; Vehicles allow without ObjecId and ObjectUID DZE_safeVehicle = ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC"]; // EDIT THIS INSIDE THE VARIABLES.SQF , otherwise overwritten Force Save vehicles DZE_AllowForceSave = false; If true players get a scroll wheel option to force a save of a vehicle to database. Cargo Check DZE_AllowCargoCheck = true; Allow a player to check cargo on a vehicle. ForceNameTags DZE_ForceNameTags = false; If true it forces YES on the question to show name or not on players close to you. DZE_ForceNameTagsOff = false; Forces the answer NO. DZE_ForceNameTagsInTrader = false; Forces name tag on in trader zones. HALO JUMP DZE_HaloJump = true; Allow Halo Jumps from air vehicles Weight DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = true; Enable, disable the epoch weight system. Surrender DZE_Surrender = true Able to surrender, which drops all weapons and places hands on head ( Default "/" keybind) OldHeliCrash ( Re-enable old heli crash method with OldHeliCrash = true; OldHeliCrash = true; spawnShoremode Controls if the player will spawn on shore or not. 1 = Spawn must be on shore, 0 = anywhere. (Default: 1) spawnShoremode = 1; spawnArea Controls how large of an area to search for a suitable spawn location. (Default: 1500) spawnArea = 1500; MaxVehicleLimit Controls the max overall vehicle limit if this limit is reached no new vehicles will spawn. MaxVehicleLimit = 50; DynamicVehicleDamageHigh Sets the highest possible damage a fresh spawned vehicle will have. (Default: 100) DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100; DynamicVehicleDamageLow DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 10; // Default: 0 Lowest damage on a spawned vehicle. DynamicVehicleFuelLow Sets the lowest possible fuel level a fresh spawned vehicle will have. (Default: 0) DynamicVehicleFuelLow = 0; DynamicVehicleFuelHigh Sets the highest possible fuel level a fresh spawned vehicle will have. (Default: 100) DynamicVehicleFuelHigh = 100; Dynamic Debris To change how many debris spawn edit the MaxDynamicDebris variable in the missions init.sqf. MaxDynamicDebris = 100; // Max number of road debris spawns (Default: 100) Customize fresh spawn loadout Server admins can now change default fresh spawn loadout by adding these variables to the mission init.sqf. DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller"]; DefaultWeapons = ["ItemFlashlight"]; DefaultBackpack = ""; DefaultBackpackItems = [""]; // which accepts both weapons and magazines.// DZE_defaultSkin = [["Male skin1","Male skin2"],["Female skin1","Female skin2"]]; //Default player skin for fresh spawns, selected randomly Ore Veins MaxMineVeins = 150; // Max Ore Veins Defines the ammount of oreveins that spawn on the map Ammo boxes MaxAmmoBoxes = 25; // Max Ammo boxes Defines the ammount of ammoboxes next to road. Database events Damage for maintain -- ---------------------------- -- Event structure for setDamageOnAge -- ---------------------------- DROP EVENT IF EXISTS `setDamageOnAge`; DELIMITER ;; CREATE EVENT `setDamageOnAge` ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'This sets damage on a wall so that it can be maintained' DO UPDATE `Object_DATA` SET `Damage`=0.1 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 3 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') ) ; DELIMITER ; This will "damage" walls, floors, etc every day so they can be maintained. If i forgot anything please post it here so we can complete this information topic.
  2. Hey hey, Can anybody tell me how i can read stuff from the database ? i want to take the humanity from the database but dont know how i can do this.....
  3. Hello, i'd like to change a variable defined in the init dynamicly. i execute a script in the init.sqf (checkhum.sqf) which checks players humanity and if humanity is greater 10K values of "DZE_selfTransfuse_Values" should be raised. checkhum.sqf: (called from inside the !is_dedicated brackets ) private['_hum']; _hum=(player getVariable["humanity",0]); if(_hum > 10000) then { DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000, 15, 300] } else { DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [1000, 15, 300] }; My humanity is above 10K, but selfTransfuse_value is 1000, 15,300 and not 12000,15,300 as expected. I also tried if( (player getVariable["humanity",0]) > 10000) then {.... but without success. What am i doing wrong?
  4. Just_R


    I have a question or two. I watched a video by a well named person on these forums. He basically stated we can move things from the init.sqf into the variables.sqf thus eliminating double calls to the dayz_code.pbo. for example: spawnShoremode = 0; // Default = 1 (on shore) spawnArea= 800; // Default = 1500 DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 75; // Default: 0 DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100; // Default: 100 MaxVehicleLimit = 100; // Default = 50 MaxDynamicDebris = 0; // Default = 100 dayz_MapArea = 16000; // Default = 10000 MaxMineVeins = 1; MaxAmmoBoxes = 5;These above things can be stated at the beginning of variables.sqf, then repacked into the PBO. this being said, why can't we do this with compiles.sqf? fn_selfactions? etc? instead of copying these files to our MPMission folder plus the changes needed for the mod(s) -- so it ends up double calling things along with adding to an increased mission file?
  5. After a quick discussion with one of the Epoch devs, it was suggested that I make this thread on behalf of server hosts and mod makers to allow as much customisation as possible without infringing the Epoch licence. Essentially, due to the inability to distribute modified versions of the Epoch mod, I hear there are going to be some variables we will be able to set in the mission/server files in order to enable/disable/adjust features within the mod. I'm unaware of exactly what these variables are going to be so here are a few suggestions that me and the rest of the DayZRP developer team have come up with. If anyone else wishes to add to this list of suggestions, feel free to reply and I'll throw them into the OP to keep them compiled together. Change spawnable creatures/mobs Creature/mob spawn rate/timer Creature/mob spawn numbers Dead body cleanup rate Trader inventories Loot tables Random event rates (earthquakes ..etc) Weather
  6. What is this guide for? Actually for everyone who ever wanted to learn about file structure of Arma 2 MP environment (Epoch in this case), from beginners to a bit more advanced users alike, including script makers and editors. What is this guide not for? If you ever created your own @mod, this guide is probably not for you. Damn 1 hour long video, is it worth watching it? No, create new topic and ask someone to help you with scripts if you came here to ask that question What are benefits from watching this video? If you actually follow along, you will be able to better troubleshoot problems with server and custom scripts. You will also be introduced to file structure of Epoch server, custom variables and compiles files as well as diffmerging files for script updates or compatibility issues. Are there any requirements to follow this guide? No, grab a coffee and chill. Don't try to replicate anything, instead just try to follow along, this is a theoretical guide rather than a tutorial. What's in the video? Introduction: I am explaining reason behind this video in full detail and talking about further contents, so skip ahead to what suits you best. Structure (03:00): We will be exploring file structure from first press of a button that lets client join the server. I will be explaining about different types of files used to run a server and how they chain load each other to make up a fully working server. Topics covered: Config files, mission config (ext) file, bin files, sqm and include files. I will be covering certain less essential parts like how RAM and HDD is used while loading scripts or PBO contents on demand. Variables (16:51): This section is for admins and script makers who brings over custom variables.sqf over to mission file. I will be explaining how variables are being defined to avoid RPT errors as well as introducing to common mistakes of redefining already defined variables that are present with many scripts and their guides and how to reduce mission file size by only reusing what is required. For all modders out there, please keep your own vars within your scripts, lets stop this madness. Functions (33:15): Precompiling functions is what actually makes our servers work. In this part of guide I will explain how they make up the server structure and how you are literary loading client and server files starting from init.sqf in your mission file. Yes you read that correct. I will be explaining common mistakes server admins commit by using custom compiles file server side and how majority of admins would blindly follow bad advices/guides and force loading their client and server files twice. We will be diving into more detail about compiles.sqf client side and server_functions.sqf files explaining how common mistakes are made when installing several addons that reuse same function and how to avoid future problems. Diffmerging (47:55): Last major part of this guide. I will be explaining how to work some magic with Diffmerge (or similar tools) to keep your addons up-to-date, as well as ironing out any incompatibilities between your custom scripts. We will be looking at how to diffmerge single file, whole folders and even merge two functions together to make them compatible. Experience gained here should allow you to merge any mod (or multiple mods) out there that uses same function making them compatible again. Final words (1:08:35): Conclusion and quick review of what we have learned within an hour of this guide.
  7. Hi, I am currently writing a script which creates addaction items for the player based on nearby vehicles. I get the _vehiclesnear array, step through it in a foreach loop, filter out 'vehicles' I am not interested in and then do an add action for each of the remaining vehicles. The text for the Addaction includes the vehicle type and works fine for each addaction. The problem is the passed variable. I wish to add an action with the object _x as a parameter for each value of _x at the time of the add action. What I am getting is the last value of _x after the foreach loop has completed is being passed when any of the actions added are selected. i.e. (code is not syntax correct as it is from my memory but you should get the general idea) _vehiclesnear = ["Soldier","SUV","heli", "Player"]; _playerlist = ["Soldier","Player"]; { if !(_x in _playerlist) then { _vehicleType = typeof (_vehicleType); _actionText = format["Vechicle is : %1", _x]; actionHandle = player addaction _actiontext, [_x], "script.sqf"; }; }foreach vehiclesnear; The output action would be something like "Vechicle is : SUV" "Vechicle is : heli" When any option is selected, "Player" will be sent to script.sqf as it was the last value _x contained when the foreach loop finished. Any suggestions of how I can get the addaction to send the correct value to the script (i.e. the value of _x when the addaction was run) ?. Thanks.
  8. It might be nice to have a list of all the options you guys have added to epoch so far, since most options are in the changelog, but not actually in the init.sqf. Hopefully this prevents a lot of topics with mods which are unneeded (in my eyes). Made this topic in feedback since it is an incomplete list. DZE_requireplot freshSpawn DZE_FriendlySaving DZE_ForceNameTagsOff DZE_ForceNameTags DZE_HumanityTargetDistance DZE_teleport DZE_BuildingLimit I probably skipped some (just checked the changelogs), perhaps i should list them ll with some expllanation its all up for editing
  9. okay im trying to call a custom Compiles.sqf file like this so i can call a custom fn_selfactions like this but i problems it that it isnt showing up in game (scroll options like selfbloodbag etc. etc. etc.) if that isnt the why i call custom files what do i then do it ? & before anyone say it: yes the files are made correctly. i have even tried not call anything & go with the default & then it works. a really frustrated lolw00t/Richardfromlost
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