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Found 12 results

  1. How would we go about forcing a save/database write (update?) after a trade (with NPC) is completed? I've had reports of players buying vehicles, logging out then logging back it and still having the cash that was supposed to be consumed by the trade. Maybe a forced save wouldn't be CPU efficient if used on all traders, maybe just use it on weapons & vehicles traders. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.
  2. Nephos

    category file

    HI everybody, I need your help please, I use "TradefromVehicule" and I see a difference between the price on the database and ingame. I found lot of files in MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\CONFIGS\TRADERS\Category, I need to know how I can delete this file for use only the price in the database of my serveur, when i touch this (delete or move) the serveur don't want start. sorry for my english
  3. Is it possible to remove the limit of 25,000 cash wallet crypto?
  4. If you like my work, please consider a donation: $USD $EURO *** UPDATED WITH A MAJOR BUG FIX IN THE DATE 2014-10-06 1:10 PM *** This update will fix the Repair Vehicle working always in all cases *** without the need of vehicle parts, wheell, glass, motor or tools *** for vehicles that entered the safezone. *** The only file that change is the file safezone.sqf. Rai! Gebriel We, from Clodovil BR Server, are proud to present you, the Gebriel Safe Zones. (safe as heaven). SAFEZONES? Safezones are excluding areas where peace must be maintained or, sadly, forced. WHAT MOST SAFE PREVENTS Cant kill other players Cant destroy vehicles Cant access any gear for any player/vehicle WHAT GEBRIEL PREVENTS Cant kill other players Cant destroy vehicles Can't mess with any player gear Can't mess with vehicles you does not have ownerity Can't mess with gear of vehicles you does not have ownerity VEHICLE OWNERITY? Is when you have acess to a vehicle inside a safe zone, you have access to the vehicle and to the vehicle gear. HOW TO HAVE VEHICLE OWNERITY IN THE SAFE ZONE? You must enter the safe zone inside the vehicle. If a group of 10 people is on a truck and this truck enters the safe zone, those 10 players will have access to the truck and to the truck gear. No more players will have access to it. HOW TO REMOVE VEHICLE OWNERITY? You must try to invade the vehicle you does not have ownerity. After the first invasion try, a 8 minutes counter will start, and when the counter reachs zero the vehicle will loose it ownerity and will be avaliable to all players, until someone enters again in the safe with it. HOW TO STOP THE 8 MINUTOS COUNTER? One or more of the vehicle owners need to re-enters in the safe with the vehicle. WHAT ABOUT VEHICLES THAT ON SERVER START ARE IN THE SAFE ZONES? They don't have ownerity and don't have god mode. But if a player re-enters with it in the safe zone, he will gain ownerity over it. NOTE Vehicle ownerity is something that only exists inside safe zones. {[THE CODE]} {[THE CODE]} {[THE CODE]} 1) INIT.SQF At the end of your init.sqf file, add this code: if (!isServer) then { //Gebriel Safe [] execVM "custom\safezone.sqf"; }; 2) [MISSION FOLDER]\CUSTOM\SAFEZONE.SQFThis bellow is the main script, it's called from the init.sqf file. Create a new text file, put this code bellow in it, rename the text file to safezone.sqf and put it in your [mission folder]\custom\ folder (create this folder if necessary). Thanks for Maca134 for the Custom Remote Messages Script: //Gebriel Safezones //By Donnovan from Brazil don_incar = 0; don_firedEH_1 = nil; don_godon_1 = 0; inSafeZone = false; [] spawn { private ["_runOneTime","_canbuild","_don_passengers","_don_veh_crew","_don_player_veh","_don_veh_driver"]; waitUntil {!(isNil "canbuild")}; _runOneTime = false; _canbuild = canbuild; while {true} do { waitUntil {!((_canbuild && canbuild) || (!_canbuild && !canbuild)) || !_runOneTime}; _canbuild = canbuild; if (!canbuild) then { player_zombieCheck = {}; fnc_usec_damageHandler = {}; fnc_usec_unconscious = {}; player allowDamage false; player removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; don_godon_1 = 1; inSafeZone = true; sleep 0.025; [] spawn { private ["_myHdEh"]; while {!canbuild} do { _myHdEh = player addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {0}]; sleep 0.02; player removeEventHandler ["handleDamage",_myHdEh]; }; }; if (isNil "don_firedEH_1") then { don_firedEH_1 = 0; sleep 0.025; don_firedEH_1 = player addEventHandler ["Fired",{ cutText ["Can't fire with godon.","PLAIN DOWN", 2]; deleteVehicle (_this select 6); }]; }; }; if (canbuild && _runOneTime) then { [] spawn { for "_x" from 1 to 30 do { if (_x >= 6) then {cutText [format ["%1 seconds to godoff and shoton.", 31-_x], "PLAIN DOWN"];}; sleep 1; if (!canbuild) exitWith {}; if (_x == 30) then { cutText ["Godoff and Shoton!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; player_zombieCheck = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_zombieCheck.sqf"; fnc_usec_damageHandler = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_damageHandler.sqf"; fnc_usec_unconscious = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_unconscious.sqf"; player allowDamage true; player removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; player addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {_this call fnc_usec_damageHandler;}]; player removeEventHandler ["Fired", don_firedEH_1]; don_firedEH_1 = nil; don_godon_1 = 0; inSafeZone = false; }; }; }; }; if (!canbuild && don_incar == 1) then { _don_player_veh = don_player_veh; don_veh_crew = crew _don_player_veh; _don_veh_driver = driver _don_player_veh; _don_player_veh allowDamage false; _don_player_veh removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _don_player_veh addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {0}]; _don_player_veh removeAllEventHandlers "Fired"; _don_player_veh addEventHandler ["Fired",{deleteVehicle (_this select 6);}]; //PASSENGERS NAMES _don_passengers = ""; {if (Alive _x) then {_don_passengers = _don_passengers + format [" %1",name _x];};} forEach don_veh_crew; _don_veh_crew = []; {if (Alive _x) then {_don_veh_crew = _don_veh_crew + [getPlayerUID _x];};} forEach don_veh_crew; //ASSING OWNERS if (player == _don_veh_driver) then { _don_player_veh setVariable ["don_ownerity_code", format ["%1_%2", getPlayerUID player, round diag_tickTime], true]; _don_player_veh setVariable ["don_crew", _don_veh_crew, true]; //CHANGE _don_player_veh setVariable ["don_passengers", _don_passengers, true]; }; }; if (canbuild && don_incar == 1) then { _don_player_veh = don_player_veh; _don_veh_driver = driver _don_player_veh; [_don_player_veh] spawn { for "_x" from 1 to 15 do { sleep 1; if (!canbuild) exitWith {}; if (_x == 15) then { (_this select 0) allowDamage true; (_this select 0) removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; (_this select 0) addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {_this call vehicle_handleDamage;}]; (_this select 0) removeAllEventHandlers "Fired"; }; }; }; //DISASSING OWNERS if (player == _don_veh_driver) then { _don_player_veh setVariable ["don_ownerity_code", nil, true]; _don_player_veh setVariable ["don_crew", nil, true]; _don_player_veh setVariable ["don_passengers", nil, true]; }; }; _runOneTime = true; }; }; [] spawn { private ["_don_veh_crew","_wait_time","_last_mark","_max_time"]; while {true} do { _max_time = 480; waitUntil {sleep 0.0625; vehicle player != player}; don_player_veh = vehicle player; don_incar = 1; if (!canbuild) then { //VEHICLE OWNERITY CHECK _don_veh_crew = don_player_veh getVariable ["don_crew", nil]; if (isNil "_don_veh_crew") then {_don_veh_crew = [getPlayerUID player];}; if !(getPlayerUID player in _don_veh_crew) then { call compile format ['if (isNil "don_%1") then {don_%1 = diag_tickTime;}; _last_mark = don_%1;', don_player_veh getVariable ["don_ownerity_code", 0]]; _wait_time = diag_tickTime - _last_mark; if (_wait_time < _max_time) then { player action ["getOut", don_player_veh]; [objNull, player, rSAY, "error1"] call RE; cuttext [format ["Owners:%1. %2 seconds to liberate.", don_player_veh getVariable ["don_passengers","Owners not found"], round (_max_time - _wait_time)], "PLAIN DOWN"]; cad_pvar_smessage = [format ["%1 is messing with your vehicle! %2 seconds to liberate!", name player, round (_max_time - _wait_time)], _don_veh_crew]; publicVariable "cad_pvar_smessage"; } else { call compile format ['don_%1 = nil;', don_player_veh getVariable ["don_ownerity_code", 0]]; //DISASSING OWNERS don_player_veh setVariable ["don_ownerity_code", nil, true]; don_player_veh setVariable ["don_crew", nil, true]; don_player_veh setVariable ["don_passengers", nil, true]; cuttext [format ["Vehicle is now free for all!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; cad_pvar_smessage = [format ["One of your safe vehicle is now free and player %1 is in it!", name player], _don_veh_crew]; publicVariable "cad_pvar_smessage"; }; }; don_player_veh allowDamage false; don_player_veh removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; don_player_veh addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {0}]; don_player_veh removeAllEventHandlers "Fired"; don_player_veh addEventHandler ["Fired",{deleteVehicle (_this select 6);}]; }; if (canbuild) then { don_player_veh allowDamage true; don_player_veh removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; don_player_veh addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {_this call vehicle_handleDamage;}]; don_player_veh removeAllEventHandlers "Fired"; //DISASSING OWNERS if (player == driver don_player_veh) then { don_player_veh setVariable ["don_ownerity_code", nil, true]; don_player_veh setVariable ["don_crew", nil, true]; don_player_veh setVariable ["don_passengers", nil, true]; }; }; waitUntil {sleep 0.0625; vehicle player == player}; don_incar = 0; don_player_veh = nil; }; }; //Thanks Maca for the Remote Message idea "cad_pvar_smessage" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_message", "_receivers"]; _message = (_this select 1) select 0; _receivers = (_this select 1) select 1; if (getPlayerUID player in _receivers) then {cutText [_message, "PLAIN DOWN"];}; };3) [MISSION FOLDER]\DAYZ_CODE\COMPILE\FN_GEARMENUCHECKS.SQFThis code bellow goes at the end of your custom dayz_code\compile\fn_gearMenuChecks.sqf. Thanks for Maca134 for the no-player-gear-acess-in-safe script. To have a custom dayz_code\compile\fn_gearMenuChecks.sqf file you will need a custom dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf, since the first is called in game by the second, so you need a custom compiles.sqf that calls your custom fn_gearMenuChecks.sqf file, and since compiles.sqf is now custom, you need to change the call in init.sqf to it, since compiles.sqf is called in-game by init.sqf. More on that later! Sorry for now! If you have any doubt, please ask! //Prevents players opening others backpacks MACA123 if (isNil "inSafeZone") then {inSafeZone = false;}; if ((!canbuild || inSafeZone) and _cTarget isKindOf "Man" and alive _cTarget and (((vehicle player) distance _cTarget) < 12)) then { cutText ["Cannot access other players gear in the safezone." , "PLAIN DOWN"]; _display closeDisplay 1; }; //Gebriel Safezones //by Donnovan from Brazil if (!canbuild) then { private ["_don_iscar","_don_ismycar","_don_crew"]; _don_iscar = false; _don_ismycar = false; if (_cTarget isKindOf "LandVehicle" || _cTarget isKindOf "Air" || _cTarget isKindOf "Ship" ) then { _don_crew = _cTarget getVariable ["don_crew", nil]; if (isNil "_don_crew") then {_don_crew = [getPlayerUID player];}; _don_iscar = true; if ((getPlayerUID player) in _don_crew) then {_don_ismycar = true;}; }; if (_don_iscar && !_don_ismycar) then { [objNull, player, rSAY, "error1"] call RE; cutText ["You can't access this vehicle gear!" , "PLAIN DOWN"]; _display closeDisplay 1; }; };4) ERROR1.OGGThe scipt have a sound file, download it on this link and put the file at the root of your mission folder: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=69305942403778252911 Add the sound declaration in description.ext. Here is my description.ext: //DONN sounds class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {error1}; class error1 { name="error1"; sound[]={error1.ogg,1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; };You could have more custom sounds on class CfgSounds, if so you need to acomodate then together. This bellow is a example where the Gebriel Safezones error1.ogg sound coexists with another 2 custom sounds (diescream.ogg and caloideploy.ogg): //DONN sounds class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {dieScream,caloideploy,error1}; class dieScream { name="dieScream"; sound[]={diescream.ogg,1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; class caloideploy { name="caloideploy"; sound[]={deploys\bike\caloi_deploy.ogg,1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; class error1 { name="error1"; sound[]={error1.ogg,1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; };5) BATTLEYE FILTERSOn the BE filter publicvariable.txt, search for the line that starts with 5 "". At the end of this line add a space and after the space add !"cad_pvar_s".
  5. Hi i was wondering if anyone has come a cross a mod that will let you buy from vehicle/backpack. how i mean is lets say i have 2 Briefcases in my vehicle or backpack is there a mod that would let me buy while the gold is in my Backpack or vehicle? many thanks.
  6. Hey, i found a issue with the player trade. If you have a Multigun with full battery and a full heal player and you want trade this gun as completly gun not in 3 parts the heal player and battery will be empty after this trade. Thanks for your great Job
  7. I saw this script over 6 months ago. Two players would trade with each other, a box would pop up for each player, they would place their items in their own box that the other player can see. Then when they are ready they both click a button which agrees the trade and the items are swapped. Does anyone have this script, know where it is, or can construct it?
  8. Unable to trade with other players, menu does not respond GTXTX1 Unable to leave groups, cleared cache, relogged multiple times, group leader tried to kick me, still unable to leave group. GTXTX1 & 2 I cannot see items dropped by other players and vice versa GTXTX1
  9. Hello there, Just want to let you know that it is possible to dupe items using the trade menu when you are with 3 players. When two players are in the trading menu and a third one joins, all trade items from the common trader get duplicated to others when they both accept the trade. Occured by accident and I could imagine you'd want to fix this :) Kind regards, Bubske4
  10. Hey guys, wondered if anyone knows the conversion for this script: I think It would be a great addon for the single currency. But i guess other people would think other wise.
  11. When I stay near a trade, trade option doesn't appear sometimes.
  12. Hello to all! I am new to this forum and was looking for a script to add the Godmode in Safe Zone map. I looked at the forum and saw some examples but nothing to run this latest version of the mod. Does anyone have any idea how to make it work correctly in version I have a server hosted in "SurvivalServers". Thanks for any help!
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