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Found 7 results

  1. Sorry I haven't been up to date with my Navis project. I've shelved Navis and started working on a smaller terrain, something a little more realistic as a first project. I'll keep the post I have over at BI forums updated: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/192242-wip-iwagi-japan/
  2. So, I wasn't going to post about this for a while because I'm still learning as I go and I've got a ways to go yet. Alas, I figured someone might be interested and may even be able to point out things I'm doing wrong. =] Ilanavis is a "practice" terrain for me. I was going to do something real simple and just pump it out for the sake of learning the ropes... but it didn't exactly go that way. I originally had the idea of making an island with channels, representative somewhat to Venice, Italy. However, it mutated more and more until I simply had several islands. I'm almost done working on the satellite images of the texture map, but I got a good bit of work to do on the heightfield yet. I'll just link a simple webpage from my dropbox that I'll keep updated as I go. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7225557/WEB/Index.html ILANAVIS |Current Features| Terrain/Texture Size: 4096 x 4096 Horizontal Scale: 2.5m Total Map Size: 10240m x 10240m(10km x 10km) Comprised of many different sized islands, most of which separated by relatively narrow water ways and channels promoting use of water vehicles. Roadways cutting through and winding along hills to make travel more interesting and allowing for elevated views over the land. |Plans| Bridges will be in place to allow for land travel between islands and boats to pass underneath. Various urbanized areas, mountainous regions, flat regions, forested regions. A focus on making roads that "make sense" as far as direction, distance, pathing, etc. with the exception of some roads that act as a scenic route. Parks, ball fields, stadiums, a smaller airfield, a small racetrack. A cavern, using rocks to act as the ceiling. |Changelog| --> SEE MORE INFORMATION ON MY WEB PAGE <--
  3. This is great, maybe a cross post but I wanna show this guy some love. http://www.ausisland.com/ Have a go ya mugs.
  4. Since latest Arma patch, flying about gives you a weird rolling fog "dome" about 500M around the player/heli. The server we play on has very low terrain settings (no grass etc) in a (vain?) attempt to raise server fps. Anyone else seen this or have screenshots? Bushy.
  5. So I started my mask image several days ago, but I've been kicking around which textures to use and which colors they should occupy. If I understand this correctly, you can only use so many colors because you don't want colors that are too similar, and that limits how many different textures you can use... no? Or is it just suggested that you keep from using similar colors out of chance of human error? I've seen a good bit talked about the mask image and the process, but not really as much about which colors you should use, how limited you are in selecting different textures, etc. One big source I've found is BI's own surface map legend, which doesn't give color values. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:SurfaceMapLegend.png As of now, this is what I've been leaning toward: I've added a color by taking away orange and making dark orange and yellow-orange colors. Notice I tried to keep certain surfaces that I'd imagine would most likely be near each other on the terrain from being a similar color. I'd really like to hear what some of you other guys have done. Suggestions, slap me and tell me I'm doing it wrong, etc.
  6. So I made a little addon comprising of billboard re-textures you can use in your terrains,. They are created in homage to Map Builder, using screenshots of terrains created with MB You can find the full scoop, screenshots and the download link in my BI Forums thread here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190092-Uro-s-MB-Billboards-Retexture Just giving a little something back to the Arma community :)
  7. Would it be possible to code a "toggle terrain snap" script? I know by adding "this setvectorup [0,0,1];" to the unit of a object in the editor, causes it to ignore terrain, but don't know how it would effect database objects, or if it is even possible. I'm curious, because I really enjoy m.b.b. but get very frustrated when I can't have a object straight.
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