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Found 19 results

  1. The color of the markers, like the vehicles marker, is currently white. The problem with this is that when viewing the map with the overlay enabled it is difficult to see the markers because of the light background. This overlay map mode seems to be more responsive in general. Would it be possible to change the color of the markers to something more visible?
  2. Some friends and I have recently opened a server and wish to add more bases to the map (Chernarus). -We do not need help installing the custom bases but we would like to know some popular ones. We are looking for a set of at least 3 added compounds preferably with loot spawns (series of bases or FoBs). If you can help us out that would be awesome. Thanks!!
  3. As per title - shopping trolley that players could push around like little hobos :) Relatively large capacity (more than motorbike/atv), no engine or lock.
  4. Hello I just thought I would share an idea for a feature I discovered in City Life RPG. If you press the windows key, it mutes the Arma 3 sounds, or lowers them substantially. This is useful for when in vehicles trying to communicate to friends. Cheers, Aaron
  5. After a quick discussion with one of the Epoch devs, it was suggested that I make this thread on behalf of server hosts and mod makers to allow as much customisation as possible without infringing the Epoch licence. Essentially, due to the inability to distribute modified versions of the Epoch mod, I hear there are going to be some variables we will be able to set in the mission/server files in order to enable/disable/adjust features within the mod. I'm unaware of exactly what these variables are going to be so here are a few suggestions that me and the rest of the DayZRP developer team have come up with. If anyone else wishes to add to this list of suggestions, feel free to reply and I'll throw them into the OP to keep them compiled together. Change spawnable creatures/mobs Creature/mob spawn rate/timer Creature/mob spawn numbers Dead body cleanup rate Trader inventories Loot tables Random event rates (earthquakes ..etc) Weather
  6. As this Alpha has pretty small world build limit, how about making some kind of deadline to remove building pieces that have not been protected by Frequency jammer? Few days for example, so there would be some time to save your base if the jammer is destroyed. I think it would be more important to remove obsolete pieces to let people build and test the mechanics than let every work of art to persist until server is cleaned from everything and of course this kind of system could be useful even in the retail to keep servers clean (like variable, where 0 is infinite)
  7. This post is for way in the future, Beta or higher. This is not something that requires imminent implemention. Also this may not be adjustable on the modders end. I know nothing of coding or what requirements it is to change this. I am just posting to see if it can be done. Lower the "Weapon Sway" From damage Make it scale better with the damage. I do not know IF you can fix this but if you can ill post my suggestion "Suggestion" 0.01 - 0.2 damage 0.2mm sway 0.21 - 0.4 damage 0.5mm sway 0.41 - 0.7 damage "Current sway" The sway we have today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Drug / pain killer" As a sniper the sway will be really hard to handle the longer the distance. In future patches could we add the pain killer effect "But limited effect" as in Arma 2 its permanent until you recive damage again. A small duration. like 10 minute drug duration where you return to normal "Your normal values" afterwards? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arma 3 Bug probly. Sometimes when you pick up someones cloths, your cloths bug when it gets swapped to the body of your target. If you kill someone you can take their gear. Sometimes the SKIN bug and dupes it self. It will then "steal" or "share" contents with its original skin. Make it possible for people to steal your stuff. Did this by accident when i took some guys cloth after i killed him, and the guy i played with took mine.. We then saw we both had the same cloth. I emptied mine into my backpack and he lost all his stuff. I still had it all in my backpack after restart. Possible steal glitch. that can be abused if a person is smart. :D Only works until restart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Arma 3 Bug probly. 6 out of 10 times i pick up a sniper scope or a scope with high zoom range (Sniper scope) also sometimes i pick up close range scopes aswell. I sometimes use the "auto pickup" where you just press "Pick up -Item- " instead of opening the "ingame inventory then click it over" The scope tends to magicly just remove it self from existance. This seems to be a Arma 3 bug, as this happens to me on Battle Royale aswell. Just mentioning it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zappers (bom bom) maybe not a bug but intended still posting it* Zappers wont go up the staircase of military towers (The talest ones) or steep stairs with the same angle as the military towers. I have been able to avoid zappers that way and even made them blow them selves up without doing damage on me. Possible you can look into this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion Health regeneration - with food over 3000 and drink over 2400 you should regenerate or lower damage down by 0.00030 damage per 45 seconds. Maximum your damage can go down with food and drink is to 0.1 damage. Time regeneration - To lower damage down from 0.X would be 0.0030 per hour you are alive. (full 60 mins) Ingame time ofc dependant on food and drink above 2100. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hello, I'm ZambinoBamboni, you may know me from such films as "For the love of god, release already!" and "That Arrogant English Bastard!", but today I am here suggesting something of a collaboration. I notice a lot of the time that there are people asking questions here around general ARMA scripting and other topics. Bohemia has its own wiki (which you may know I am a contributor to), however, it's not very good for asking questions -- only for RTFM. The rest of the internet is mainly forums, which aren't really that good for answering and de-duplicating answers and questions. My suggestion is that we should make a proposal on Area 51 at StackExchange for an "ARMA scripting" Q&A site, and then move questions from this forum onto that StackExchange page, and link "Scripting help" to that page for new scripting questions. Either that, or create a sub-site, such as a Coordino installation for Epoch-only/DayZ scripting. I would happily create the latter, but I think a community site needs a community behind it, so here I am posting this. The benefit of having a StackExchange site is that it makes answering already-existing questions MUCH easier, and allows those of us who get somewhat-frequent private messages relating to script errors and general questions about scripting, and so on, to have a place to share those fixes/etc with the rest of the DayZ community. Not only that, but it keeps things to-the-point and makes fixes and suggestions much easier to see, as general chat is filtered out. The reason why I would personally prefer an Arma scripting StackExchange rather than a DayZ or a DayZ epoch one, is that I think it will help get the thing off the ground -- all the DayZ mods get questions like these so, I think a nice central place to ask questions about DayZ/Arma scripting would be better than multiple Q&A sites for each mod, etc. For more info on StackExchange & requesting a new site, look here: http://area51.stackexchange.com/faq And for info on Coordino, look here: http://coordino.com/ Much love, Zamboni
  9. New item suggestion: Duffel Bag Description: Ultra rare loot item (like chainsaw), that when equipped takes up both the backpack slot and the main weapon slot, but provides 200 slots of space. Purpose: Providing a way to move large lots of items more efficiently. Disclaimer* - Sorry for starting a new topic on such a simple post, it does seem a little like overkill. I just couldn't find another thread that this would fit in, and not get lost in all the replies. Thanks for reading!
  10. In my opinion tagging friendly players in Epoch would be even better if at long distances you could easily identify your partner(s). One suggestion would be to extend friendly tags to 750-1000 m only if the player you tagged as friendly and yourself both have a Radio. This would bring the radio to the mod and maybe add more functions down the road to the radio. Then stage 2 if both players have a radio and a GPS both players can see each other tags at 750-1000 m and see where your friend is on the map at any distance. Again, this is just an idea and it's solely my opinion. However I'm interested on what other server admins or players think.
  11. Did a quick search but didn't find any topics... I'd like to see those lovely briefcases used for more than just money. Plus I like how this game allows to take items and pack them into other items to save inventory space (i.e. supply crates). It would be nice to have that option with firearms and at the same time, giving more use to briefs. Here's the idea... - have weapon in weapon slot and empty brief in inventory - choose "Pack primary & ammo" to pack weapon with ammo (up to 11 mags, maybe less) - choose "Pack ammo" to pack ammo alone (same, up to 11 mags) - choose "Pack primary" to pack weapon alone (Same for secondary) Result: weapon and ammo enter briefcase. Takes time to pack / unpack + extra time unpacking as "assembly time". You can pack / unpack weapon & ammo separately or together. So basically you can make briefs of ammo or a single firearm or a weapon plus some ammo to store weapons in one slot, but it takes time to unpack and assemble making the weapon more of a storage item than a ready to use weapon. Sound good or bad?
  12. Just a thought that I am too busy to run with for the moment.... Any particular reason not to create an object solely for storing lock codes rather than using the characterID field of an object ?. e.g. Create an object "LockCodeStore" in the object_data table and use its inventory as a data store for all the lock codes [[objectID],[lock code]]. Only thing I can see is when Epoch server starts and it populates the objects from the hive on the worldspace, how to get it to skip the LockCodeStore. Potentially if it was doable, it could open up Epoch to a new set of abilities with custom objects for different purposes other then workldspace items. Thoughts, obvious flaws etc ?. RB
  13. I've been chopping away with the chainsaw over the past couple hours and i've been thinking how nice it would be to have machines we could hook up to a generator then choose an option to create wood walls, floor/ceiling, lumber packs, plywood packs etc... then just feed that machine lumber to process the chosen option. Am I just day dreaming or is this something that people would want in Epoch?
  14. A vertical wooden post the height of a wall. Basically a section of tree trunk, I've wished I could craft one often when trying to fine-tune base builds - filling small gaps... creating 'arrow slits' etc. Also, aesthetically, it would make a big difference having that available so floor/ceilings didn't often end up with one end 'magically' floating in mid-air... Things having to be left not relating to gravity like that is a bit frustrating when you've spent ages on a nice base. So a simple thing but I think posts would be really handy. Thx and cheers for a classic.
  15. Hi. Is it possible to make the client remember more than 1 code on lockable objects ? Only reason i could come up with to why it is not allready pressent, is that you could make a script that cache all codes, making it so that you could open all doors. Solution to this problem would be to make a random "salt" on each lock that only the server would know, and then hash the salt+combination. So when you open a lock, the server will provide this hash back to the client and the client will cache this hash for as long as they are logged in or alive. Im no expert in dayz programming, but basically something like this: 1. Lock is created with a hash=sha256("key commbination"+salt) and stored on the server with the lock ID and salt. 2. hash is sent to the client and stored there with the ID of the lock. 3. player tries to open the lock, hash is sent to the server with the lock ID. 4. server verifies the hash and opens the lock. Could even make it so that the player cache for this data could not extend X ammount of hashes to prevent someone making rainbowtables and bruteforcing the locks. -- Daniel
  16. What if there was a single-door or two-door gate on a wooden wall or a cinderblock wall that could be created that would open sideways to let in bigger vehicles such as the MTVR, Ural, etc. that we could put combination locks on? I feel that it would really ad to the game, being able to choose a garage doorway for smaller vehicles, and a big gate for the bigger ones. Any opinions?
  17. I was just thinking that since Epoch already has most of the civilian vehicles from this wonderful pack, why not include the rest of it? Obviously I don't mean adding anything like tanks and such (maybe the armored repair vehicles since tracks are usually easy to break) but stuff like the other police vehicles, the military transport trucks, the ridiculous fire engine thats massive because it looks lovely, etc. Also it would be a quick way of injecting basic items like new backpacks, weapons, and skins into Epoch to make a mod that has come so far to take it's seat upon the throne of best DayZ mod. (At least in my opinion) Link to the Armaholic Page : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17447
  18. Since you have it so you can break down an engine in to 2 scrap metal, it would make logical sense to have rotor assembly break down. class PartVRotor: CA_Magazine { scope = 2; count = 1; type = 256; displayName = "$STR_EQUIP_NAME_32"; model = "\dayz_equip\models\vrotor.p3d"; picture = "\dayz_equip\textures\equip_vrotor_ca.paa"; descriptionShort = "$STR_EQUIP_DESC_32"; class ItemActions { class Crafting { text = "Salvage Scrap"; script = ";['Crafting','CfgMagazines', _id] spawn player_craftItem;"; neednearby[] = {"workshop"}; requiretools[] = {"ItemToolbox","ItemCrowbar"}; output[] = {{"PartGeneric",2}}; input[] = {{"PartVRotor",1}}; }; }; };
  19. What i like about DayZ Epoch is the base building. It takes a long time to build but its not too long, because almost everything you need is wood. Also the traders system, safes. the amount of different cars and the car keys are really awesome. The thing i like about Overwatch is the amount of new features there are, like the new guns, remotely controlled mini-planes with cameras for scouting areas, the ability to build bikes and gyrocopters etc. For DayZero i like the fact that you can enter almost all buildings and they look really good. Now im hoping that the features that i wrote above are going to be in Epoch, im sure that im not the only one who would think that this would become the best mod, if the other things are implemented. Is there any chance for these features, or something like those features, to be in Epoch in the upcoming versions?
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