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Found 6 results

  1. Giving out my custom ai alert sound to all the hard working server owners out there! I can't upload ogg sound so email me at ambientwaves and I'll send it to you. To use it with WAI Radio announcements, just replace radio.ogg with mine. See pic for it's location in my setup (GTX server). Please let me know if you like and use it! If you would like some other kind of custom voice-over like this let me know and I can probably do it for you :)
  2. cmEARPLUGS SCRIPT ver 2.0 B) WHAT IT DOES: Earplugs script for Arma 3 Epoch (EPAH safe) - This script allows you to put in "earplugs". - Config.sqf will let you configure almost every possible aspect of the script. - You can now insert and remove the earplugs by pressing a key of your choice. - Current available keys are : F4, F5, INSERT, NUMPADMULTIPLY, NUMPADDIVIDE - You can toggle the hotkey in case you use EPAH and wont be ablt to use hotkeys. - Auto-insert and remove earplugs when getting in and out of vehicles. - Inserting earplugs reduces volume down to about 25 percent. - Removing earplugs restores volume to 100 percent. -Thanks to mgm on epochmod.com for helping with keypress config technique. Here is a link to the github files. https://github.com/computermancer/cmEarplugs B) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Copy the cmEarplugs folder to your mission folder (altis.Epoch) 2. If you have init.sqf, copy the code in this init.sqf to yours. 2a. If you do not have an init.sqf, copy this one over to your mission folder. 3. Copy onPlayerKilled.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf to your mission folder. 4. Config your personal settings in the config.sqf file in the cmEarplgus folder. 5. Edit your battleye filters. Edit the following in your battleye filters. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// scripts.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (BIS_fnc_) First Line: !"bis_fnc_initVehicle" !"BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm" !"BIS_fnc_arsenal_type" (displayAddEventHandler ) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) : !"EP_LOOP" (displayAddEventHandler ) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) !"cmKeyPress" ( exec ) Line 22 (23 on notepad++) : !"clock.sqf" ( removeAllActions ) Line 31 (32 on notepad++) : !"onplayerkilled.sqf" (displayRemoveEventHandler) Line 59 (60 on notepad++) : !"cmKeyPress" (removeAllEventHandlers) Line 59 (60 on notepad++) : !"cmKeyPress" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PublicVariable.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// First Line: !"cmEarplugs_hotkeyDIKCodeNumber" First Line: !"PLAYER_REJECT_NotReady1" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// B) WHAT TO KNOW: If you use Epoch Anti Hack, the script will work except for the keypress option. EPAH seems to disable keydown eventhandlers. But auto insert and menu inside vehicle work fine. If you disable EPAH, you can use the keypress toggle as well.
  3. Hi to all epoch community, I would like to introduce you this little script, the idea was found by Angrygargamel on this topic : It simply allows you to toggle an earplug function when pressing F3. This can be helpful in some noisy vehicles, and to reduce weapons sounds aswell. This is quite easy to install, paste both files you found in earplugs.zip archive in the root of your mpmission folder. Then add battleye filters: !"Press_F3 = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"if ((_this select 1) == 61) then {call T" ...at the end of line 53 (displayAddEventHandler line) !"(findDisplay 46) displayRemoveEventHandler [\"KeyDown\", Press_F3];" and this one at the end of line 59 (displayRemoveEventHandler line) I hope you'll find it useful. earplugs.zip
  4. So I have been scouring the internet and this forum for some time now for a solution to this problem. It seems to be, more common than it first appears. I, like many sad souls, are having the issue of getting locked at the Dayz Epoch screen, while I can hear my character move when pressing keys. Can't shoot mind you, but can hear foot steps. This problem seems random. I have a feeling it is due to some sort of mission file corruption. I am unsure. I have reinstalled the game from the ground up, reinstalled the mods. Rebuild my server and correlating database twice now. My friend can connect at any time, but for some reason, I get stuck. I have found sometimes reinstalling the server files and restarting helps, but after a single log in and exiting of the program, it no longer works. I was reading the Piggd (sorry if I misspelled that) had a working solution that required you to edit a specifc file. However, it never stipulates which PBO file contains this file that needs to be edited. Any information or ideas would be greatly helpful on this topic, as I am about to take a baseball bat to my computer :p
  5. Woops

    Custom zombie sounds

    Hi guys, i just saw this video on youtube and i really like how the zombies sounds! Is here anyone who know how to add custom sounds to zombies on epoch (ideal case serverside, for example call it in description.ext)? Thanks ;)
  6. In Dayz Epoch all my sounds are reversed. As in if something happens on my left then I hear it on the right, and behind me is heard in front of me. I have tried normal Arma 2 OA and I dont have this problem. I use a pair of Plantronics Gamecom Commander headphones. What could be the problem and how do I fix it? I have tried changing the amount of sound samples in the ingame audio menu. This is a gamebreaking bug as I cant figure out whats going on at all.
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