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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Its been ages since I played A2 epoch/dayz. I mostly stopped because things were getting to easy. Banking, currency, no item weights, insane base building, high mil loot. So I'm basically looking for a server that fits a few parameters. Doesn't need to fit them all and any suggestions are welcome. 1: Cherno is my fav map. But anything with euro like forestry and such is cool. 2: Medium- low loot spawn, I don't want a assault rifle with holo sight within 20 mins 3: High trader cost. I want it to be a struggle to save up to buy my first SUV. Something that takes days, not a few hours of gaming. 4: Its unlikely, but a first person only server would be awesome. 5: Few military spec vehicles. I [email protected] mind a humvee with 50 if its hard to attain. But no tanks/jets :P 6: none of that spawn a bike BS, or build a heli out of scrap in your bag nonsense. Basically, I want a server where its hard to survive, and makes it count something when your desperately trying to kill another player. An element of RPG is something I miss in this mod/game. Hopefully to go along with this, a community that takes this approach. I used to really like Dayz because it reminded me somewhat of chess, each move really counted and there was an element of risk. It wasn't just about fast first person shooter reactions, but trickery and deceit :D Thanks, Theo
  2. Hi, I used to play A2 Epoch a long time ago, now I wish to play again. The only problem is I need to find a server to play on! However, I wish for the server to meet these requirements, preferably all of them, but some to most will do. Required (I really need these to be in the server) : 1. Normal loot or lower than normal loot: I don't want to play on a server that makes it too easy to gear up, I want a bit of that survival feel 2. Any AI missions: I really like these, I would prefer a server with very difficult AI missions like WICKED AI, or any other difficult AI, 3. Chernarus map: This is my favorite map by far, if it meets all requirements except for this one, then it's fine to post it Optional (Not needed for the server, but would be much appreciated) : 1. Metal/Gem System: I'm fine with coins, but I would prefer the good old metals and gems for currency 2. Slightly Militarized: I prefer slightly militarized server, as long as it is extremely expensive or difficult to get these militarized vehicles or weapons (ex. 8-10 briefs for a LAV-25 HQ, or 100-150 briefs for a T-34) 3. Active staff/Events: I would really prefer for there to be active/ semi-active staff, and/or events That is really everything I want, any more features are probably fine, if you feel like I would like the server, feel free to post it :D Thanks, OfficeMax(365)
  3. I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days. I have the zupa single currency and have the "check Wallet" function added to selfactions. I also have a dead player journal that can be checked. The problem is that the dead player journal also shows up on dead zombies and AI . Could you help me out with this and maybe explain how whatever you do works, just so i can maybe learn a little something from this experience? P.S. I have the check wallet function showing up on AI, Zombies, and players, and i want to keep it that way. Doesn't really matter if the journal stays on AI either, i just really dont want it on the zombies. If i could remove it from the AI, that would be great. DZAI and WAI
  4. Sefin


    http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/Arma_3_Epoch_%28Alpha_0.1.0.1%29 Ive started a wiki through the link at the home screen. Any help would be nice. Might as well start somewhere and improve as the alpha changes. P.S. Im not very good with wiki :(
  5. Hi friends, I have a problem. I recently set up a server, bought the Steam license of the game Arma 2 OA (and installed all you need to play in the Dayz Epoch, patch 125548), everything is fine starts running. But the problem is that in the search game for some reason, my server is looking for a very long time about 30-60 seconds, and the DC server does not find it. I have the impression that the server is not completely on the license, I can not understand what was going on. Although I've got another server Dayz, but in finding and Commander is immediately (on the first places in the search), did all the same on the other hosting, but there is no result. Who can tell what the problem is? IP: is not advertising:)) to test ping, port may help solve the problem. Thanks in advance!
  6. Greetings all,I am an old player in Dayz and i wanted to ask if anyone in any map or setting ,i dont have preferences would like to set up with me as a key feature in the Altis Life standarts a Search and Rescue unit in Epoch,I ask for admins mostly and if they are interested,please private message me for the details. Thank you .
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