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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys Got a bit of a issue and finding it very tricky to find. For some time vehicles do not update their location in the DB. I find that fresh vehicles "spawned on the same restart" will be fine while re-logging. Once the server has been restarted the vehicles will aways stop in that location no matter what you try. I find that you can move a vehicle, get out and relog and it will move back to its origional position. I cant see any errors what so ever to refer off. My main mods list Plot poles for life single curreny system snap building Jaem I have tried working backwards and even disabling all running mods but no luck. I also added the DZE-forcesave but when daving the vehicle it does nothing. I also found the thrad below regading EMS but that also did not fix the issue. I would be very greatfull for any help what so ever. Cheers Lordgeorge
  2. Hey guys, a lot of my players have been complaining about vehicles not saving positions after a prolonged period of inactivity. I've witnessed it myself when I flew a helicopter to Skalsity, did a few things, came back and it was gone back to Solichny. Is this an issue with the server_updateobject.sqf? I have Plot for Life, Plot Management, Door Management, etc installed. Here's my server_updateObject:
  3. lambn001

    Save to Hive

    Is there currently anyway to save spawned buildings to the hive?
  4. My teams server has a issue where our players are always fresh spawns even upon restart. We can't build a base or do anything.. Anyone have an idea why?
  5. I have a server and the vehicles are randomly despawning and not saving to the server. Is there a way to enable the saving part like on Dayz where you have to save the vehicle via scrolling menu. I have looked around every where and can't seem to find anything on this. Are my files just shot to hell or is there a setting that i have turned off? Thanks! ~ DarkRay
  6. Hi guys. Had a report from one of our admins that player gear isnt saving right... When prople log out and rejoin, their gear is 45mins or so old :S Anyone got any ideas on this?
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