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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys im trying to make a little script, which allows a player to delete a nearby Object. In that case a "Sr_border". First i did it like this: With Clickaction. removeBorder.sqf _nearBorder = nearestObject [player,"Sr_border"]; if (_nearBorder distance player < 5) then { {deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [_player, ["Sr_border"], _range] } else { SystemChat "No Carspawn nearby!"; }; Worked pretty good, except for the problem, that after restart the border was back. I think thats because the {deleteVehicle _x} is exec. localy. So i tryed this: init.sqf "removecarspawn" addPublicVariableEventHandler { {deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [_player, ["Sr_border"], _range] }; removeBorder.sqf _nearBorder = nearestObject [player,"Sr_border"]; _range = 5; _player = player; if (_nearBorder distance player < 5) then { publicVariable "removecarspawn"; } else { SystemChat "No Carspawn nearby!"; }; But its not working. Im a bit clueless, any tips for me?
  2. shote


    Hello every one, I have a big problem at my server, there we have zombies, but not normal zombies... They get unconcious you with 1 hit or 2 and then they kill very quickly players. I dont know what is going on but i would like set zombies as defualt. Like they can't kill you easy. Can someone help me? I dont know what files i should show you guys, but there is a really good problem. Thanks all for help
  3. Hello Everyone, I have been making a server over the last few weeks and I have noticed that when you want to remove a cinder wall there is not option in the scroll wheel menu. I've tried looking it up but their is no real information on it. Am i just missing something, Did i do something wrong? Plz Help, I Through this was normal dayZ. Sorry about my English
  4. Hi guys, In Arma2Epoch I was using Zupa's Single Currency system and the developer functions allowed me to add/remove money: How can I do the same in Arma3Epoch? Simply put, from inside a server-side SQF script, I would like to do things like: add n krypto to playerBankAccount remove n krypto from playerBankAccount add n krypto to playerCash remove n krypto from playerCash Thanks!
  5. Hiya.. Im looking to clear up some of the clientside rpt errors im getting. Would be superb if someone could elaborate to what they are and if there is a fix for it. And then there is a few serverside ones..
  6. Just a quick question.. I'm currently running this: http://opendayz.net/threads/epoch-safe-zone-commander-god-anti-backpack-stealing-no-shooting-no-vehicle-weapons.14877/ and I want to remove protection from the Bandit trader because well, it just doesn't fit in in my eyes. Having god mode and not being able to be pick pocketed where the bad guys hang out is silly. If anyone has any idea please let me know. Thanks.
  7. ok so as we all know plot poles have their good and bad sides. the maintenance is awesome and makes my life allot easier. unfortunately because of the remove object ability now, it can be somewhat annoying since you need to have one down if you don want someone removing your walls and strolling into your base but the 45m radius of placing another one is actually about 60m and just makes everything really awkward when placing down building parts. so is there any way you can increase the range of a plot pole? since this would mean only having to have 1 per base and would make many peoples lives much easier
  8. When I first started building my base I had no idea there was various kind of storage buildings available so I build a wooden shack. Now that I have crafted a better version of it I would like to tear wooden shack down and replace it with its upgrade. But I cant seem to destroy that abomination, help?
  9. Does a plot pole prevent other players from removing items? Tank Trap Kits Sand Bags H-Barriers Metal Panels I put up a plot pole and some metal panels and two other players told me they did NOT get a mouse wheel option to remove the metal panels. So, I assumed that meant it was the plot pole preventing that option from showing up... which is great! However, later on I died and when I got back to my base I did not expect to get the option to remove the metal panels until I had a chance to remove and replace the plot pole (since plot poles are tied to your "life") but I did have the option. So this makes me second guess whether or not the other two players didn't get the remove option due to the plot pole or some other sort of issue they were having (such as recently changing skins or something). Note: My experience above was with Epoch v1.0.2.5. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone had this issue, or might know how to fix it. Server is set to veteran, although crosshairs still appear. Only profile folder I found was in the server pbo, and didn't see anything related to the difficulty ranks.
  11. I built a wood shack a while ago and would like to remove it, is there anyway to do this? Is it just like wood walls where you can shoot it and after a while it will just disappear? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Mist
  12. Hello, My name is Austin, and I hope you enjoy these suggestions, Thank you! Fixes: *Nothing Yet* Add: Buildable - Heli Pads (Concrete or Dirt) Buildable - Parking Spaces (Concrete Slabs) Buildable - Antena (Decoration) Buildable - Dog House (Decoration) Buildable - Trash Can (Small & Large) (Decoration) Buildable- Sirens (Useable, Like Horn) Buildable - Spot Light (Useable) Buildable - Cones (Decoration) Buildable - Latter (Not Stairs, Useable) Buildable - Light House (Light need Lightbulb to work) Buildable - Scaft Fold Buildable - Ammo Crates Buildable - Turrets (Machine Gun & AA) Battle Bus (Bus with Guns) Scrap APC (Box of Steel) Paraga Copter (Pickup/Heli) Remove: *Nothing Yet* If you guys want me to add something, comment, Ill edit post and add that stuff! Thank you guys!
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