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Found 15 results

  1. Ever tired of zombies in your base glitching trouth the walls and hit you while building? Ever tried to stay safe for a short pipi-break at your base, come back and got eaten alive? Stop it now, Here is the solution! 1. Open Init.sqf, serach for if (DZE_R3F_WEIGHT) then {execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\external\R3F_Realism\R3F_Realism_Init.sqf";}; and post below: [] execVM "custom\base_SafeArea.sqf"; Save and close Init.sqf. Now create a folder called "custom" if you dont have one. Now create a new SQF-File called "base_SafeArea.sqf". Open it and insert following code in it: //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Epoch Base Safe Area // By MadMartyr // Modified from generic ZombieShield code by felixberndt and meat // http://opendayz.net/threads/prevent-zombie-spawning.8799/#post-32461 //--------------------------------------------------------------------- dayz_poleSafeArea = 40; //range of your plotpole safespace while {true} do { sleep 5; // No Zeds near Plot Poles _playerPos = getPos player; _nearPole = nearestObject [_playerPos, "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"]; //You can replace the Plastic_Pole by any other item. Usefull for gemcrating if (!isNull _nearPole) then { _pos2 = getPos _nearPole; _zombies2 = _pos2 nearEntities ["zZombie_Base", dayz_poleSafeArea]; _count2 = count _zombies2; for "_i" from 0 to (_count2 -1) do { _zombie2 = _zombies2 select _i; deleteVehicle _zombie2; }; }; }; You can change the Range by edit the dayz_poleSafeArea. If you use Alchemical Crafting, you can change the "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ" in any other placeable. All creadits goes to @MadMartyr for posting his code and @ebayShopper for adding the deleteVehicle idea, instead of porting away. Original Post:
  2. Edit: Credit to @BigEgg for base script Hello guys, today i came up with a little script that gives players Money based on their time on the server. there is a multiplicator included that gives you more money every time, until the 4th time is reached. this is the highest possible Tier needs to be initialized with : [] execVM "YOUR_PATH_TO\paycheck.sqf"; in the if (!isDedicated) Section in the init.sqf Base Script without any multiplicator: @NateDayZ there you go. edited this on my smartphone so sry if it looks a bit bad original script by @BigEgg: as allways have fun :)
  3. This Tutorial will teach you how to alter/change or remove trader animations for faster trading Requirements: * Basic knowledge of unpacking pbo's * Custom compiles * Common sense * Text Editor (notepad++) Installation (If you already have a compiles file, Skip to #4 please) 1) Open your dayz_mission.pbo and open init.sqf Find: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions Replace it with: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions 2) Now make a folder called fixes 3) copy this file into the fixes folder ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch\addonsdayz_code.pbo\init\compiles.sqf (if you already have a custom compiles.sqf, start here) 4) Open fixes/compiles.sqf Find: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_traderMenuHive.sqf"; Replace it with: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\player_traderMenuHive.sqf"; 5) Copy this file into your fixes folder ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch\addonsdayz_code.pbo\compile\player_traderMenuHive.sqf 6) Open fixes/player_traderMenuHive.sqf Find: _File = "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\" + _afile + ".sqf"; Replace it with: _File = "fixes\trade\" + _afile + ".sqf"; 7) Make a folder called trade inside the fixes folder 8) Download the appropriate file for your server and extract them inside the traders folder Epoch Epoch With Zupa 1.1 Single Currency Epoch With Soul's Edit 9) Repack and you're done :) Configuration If you leave the way you installed it, it will be ready to go on the server. On my version of code, instead of the medic animation, it will do a pickup or lean animation which is way quicker than the medic animation. however if you want to modify it to your likings, you may do so very easily. To Change the animation of trading Open every file inside the fixes/trade folder Find: player playActionNow "PutDown"; and replace "PutDown" with any other animation you like. Check this link for almost all the arma animation To Remove the animation of trading Open every file inside the fixes/trade folder Find: player playActionNow "PutDown"; Remove the line whole line, to simple get rid of the animation. Credits: Zupa PeterBeer
  4. Hello all, We are pleased to announce the release of ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch 1.0.6, available for download at: http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php This release introduces the integration of some of the most common Epoch community modifications from prior epoch release, DayZ Mod 1.8.8, and a new group system that persists in the database. Most of the highlights can be found in the change log below, which is fairly comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive. Please note that community addons/expansions for previous Epoch release WILL NOT work on Epoch 1.0.6, be sure to review the change log for which mods are now included. In addition, the loot table format has completely changed, you must base your loot table modifications on the new format, which can be found by evaluating the stock loot tables: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/Release_1.0.6/SQF/dayz_code/Configs/CfgLoot and older Single Currency scripts are NOT compatible with 1.0.6, there is no included single currency script in this release. However, because we are so wonderful, we have chosen to integrate single currency saving to the DB, so a third-party HiveEXT is not necessary and the SQF is all that needs to be written/updated.
  5. Map Marker With Player Names Anybody who puts a Map Marker on the map, it shows the name of the player. This Prevents abuse of spamming map with markers Create a file called GG_MapMarker.sqf in a folder called custom in your mission file. Paste this inside the GG_MapMarker.sqf // ============================================================================= // | GG_MapMarker.sqf [1.0] | // | Script adds player name to the created map marker | // | by Prodavec, thanks to Gunter Severloh, PvPscene, Maca | // ============================================================================= // ==================================== // | INCLUDES | // ==================================== // ==================================== // | DEFINITIONS | // ==================================== //#define MMT_DEBUG #define MMT_DIK_ESC 1 #define MMT_DIK_ENTER 28 #define MMT_DIK_KPENTER 156 #define MMT_SEARCHTIME 2 #define MMT_DISPLAY_MAP 12 #define MMT_DISPLAY_MARKER 54 #define MMT_CONTROL_MAP 51 #define MMT_CONTROL_MARKER 101 // ==================================== // | PRE-INIT | // ==================================== // ==================================== // | VARIABLES | // ==================================== // ==================================== // | FUNCTIONS | // ==================================== fnc_marker_keyUp_EH = { private ["_handled", "_display", "_dikCode", "_control", "_text"]; _display = _this select 0; _dikCode = _this select 1; _handled = false; if ((_dikCode == MMT_DIK_ENTER) || (_dikCode == MMT_DIK_KPENTER)) then { _control = _display displayCtrl MMT_CONTROL_MARKER; _text = ctrlText _control; if (_text == "") then { _text = format ["%1", name player]; } else { _text = format ["%1: %2", name player, _text]; }; _control ctrlSetText _text; _display displayRemoveAllEventHandlers "keyUp"; _display displayRemoveAllEventHandlers "keyDown"; }; _handled; }; fnc_marker_keyDown_EH = { private ["_handled", "_display", "_dikCode"]; _display = _this select 0; _dikCode = _this select 1; _handled = false; if (_dikCode == MMT_DIK_ESC) then { _display displayRemoveAllEventHandlers "keyUp"; _display displayRemoveAllEventHandlers "keyDown"; }; _handled; }; fnc_map_mouseButtonDblClick_EH = { private ["_display"]; disableUserInput true; // Scheduled environment (time + MMT_SEARCHTIME) spawn { disableSerialization; while {time < _this} do { _display = findDisplay MMT_DISPLAY_MARKER; if !(isNull _display) exitWith { _display displayAddEventHandler ["keyUp", "_this call fnc_marker_keyUp_EH"]; _display displayAddEventHandler ["keyDown", "_this call fnc_marker_keyDown_EH"]; }; }; disableUserInput false; }; true; }; // ==================================== // | MAIN | // ==================================== waitUntil {sleep 0.1; !isNull (findDisplay MMT_DISPLAY_MAP)}; ((findDisplay MMT_DISPLAY_MAP) displayCtrl MMT_CONTROL_MAP) ctrlAddEventHandler ["mouseButtonDblClick", "call fnc_map_mouseButtonDblClick_EH"]; In your Init.sqf Find this code: if (!isDedicated) then { }; add this before the }; execVM "custom\GG_MapMarker.sqf"; Credits: Prodavec Maca Gunter Severloh PvPscene
  6. This is just a really simple script i wrote to display rules for my server. My 1st script so dont be too harsh ^_^ How it works: It detects if you are moving or not and adds a menu to your scroll wheel. If unedited it will be red and read "rules" When the action is toggled, more menus (categories) come up, each of these menus triggers a small script to read some messages, or in this case, rules. Once the player starts moving again then all menus disappear, Rules is the only menu that remains persistent when stopped again, rules will again have to be toggled to bring up the other menus. (New Options now included) Before you continue, make sure you have a custom variables.sqf and the custom file for your method of choice before proceeding. If not. Check forums for the tutorial you need and return when prepared. This version HERE has to be closed manually. This version HERE closes the display when you move. If you have added this already and personalized it you may just want to add this: Screenshots: Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3 Method 1 - Scroll Wheel Method 2 - Right Click Method 3 - Tab Key Can be changed, just look up dik keycodes and replace the code with one of your choice. Just be careful not to use a banned key if using an anti-hack tool. Once you have chosen and completed one of the methods above, open variables.sqf and find: dayz_resetSelfActions = { and add s_rules = -1; in to the array. Once you are done with that simply create a folder called custom in you MPMissions folder then place rules folder inside the custom folder. If you have a folder called custom already just use yours. It can be placed in any folder including the root of MPMissions, but you would have to go into fn_selfActions and rules_init and change the paths in the addActions. Thanks to, -Ree- for the request post for something like this that made me want to do it. Thanks to, -Gr8Boi- for added options found in this post and for showing me how to make this much prettier. Thanks to, -Sandbird- for some tips and helping me debug some last minute issues. Thanks to, -CordIAsis- for the auto removal code. Thats all folks! Feel free to use, abuse edit, and release any variation you like. Just give us a shout out!
  7. Solar Generator / Energy capacity system: Solar Generator base item can be crafted from items found in the world.When placed gives passive power within (75m Default).Energy capacity system controls how much power is available based on the type of energy source and number of players in area.Personal solar generators have 10 charge rate at day and reduced charge capacity of 5 at night.Wind towers and large solar farms have 100 charge rate.Each player will equally share the energy charge capacity up to the max charge rate of 5 per tick.More solar generators can be built to increase total charge capacity for larger groups.Wood Towers Can be crafted using a Wood Floor Kit and 4x lumber.First test of the new building upgrade system gives you the ability to use 2x lumber to add a windowed wall to the side you are standing.Walls can be removed and refund one lumber pack.Wood Walls / Upgrade in Place New upgrade in place options and 4 new plywood wallsBuilding upgrade system now supports multiple options and has new basic UI.Wood Ladder Can be crafted from 4x lumber.Base Building Removed base object "Move" in 3d option in favor of a more refined "ghost" snap mode.Can now disable base building by pressing Esc or 'gear' menu.Angle of snapping was incorrect when building on angles.Can now press '2' to disable building snap mode and 1 to re-enable.Normalized snap memory points for wood tower and stairs should make snapping more accurateIssue that caused shifting of some base objects after restart.Only maintain damaged objects and object health is repaired on maintain.Looting New loot/crafting items: (Solar Panels, Wire Cables, Battery Box).Air Drop loot has been Increased.Pumpkin harvesting on Chernarus should work, "Trash" loot now has separate configs.Antagonists Cultist's make a triumfant return, as cultist spawning is now fixed.Vehicles Fixed JetSki sinking like a rock. Technical [Changed] Moved client gamemode and CfgFunctions init to mission file. [Changed] Base building upgrade recipes and remove payouts now have dedicated config "CfgBaseBuilding" and code supports over-loading via description.ext. [Changed] Server side database functions renamed and now use cfgFunctions via a new pbo "epoch_server_core". [Changed] Make use of new command getAllHitPointsDamage in A3 1.50 to increase performance of hitpoint data storage. [Changed] Use new A3 command setHitIndex instead of setHitPointDamage so we can use all hitpoints regardless of name. [Changed] Change BIS_fnc_distance2D usage over to distance2D command that was added with A3 1.50 for better performance. [Fixed] Loot code for "CfgBuildingLootPos" now uses EPOCH_returnConfig to allow over-loading via description.ext. [Fixed] Error in rpt "No geometry and no visual shape" with Poppy and Goldenseal plants models. [Fixed] CfgEpochClient missionConfigFile version check was incorrectly using configFile. [Fixed] Loot object "Blue Tarp" weaponholder proxy position was in the wrong position. [Fixed] Reduce base hunger/thirst loss rate by half if players stamina is above 100. Base rate now can be changed with "baseHTLoss" variable in CfgEpochClient. [Info] Requres Arma 3 1.50 or higher. [ServerInfo] CfgEpochClient removed from description.ext as it can be simply added again from our configs as needed. [ServerInfo] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0330. Server Admins see files that have changed here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/24bcfafe60e0ea043700cf82a2e0b2f6d96e1bbd
  8. Description: This trader is completely pre-configured and well working. It goes along with Zupa's currency system which allows traders to trade for money, you may also use this on servers without currency by changing a simple line of code. The safe zone coordinates have been given, and everything's perfect. Have fun with the system and let me know what you think. The trader uses all traders except blackmarket and helicopter traders, there is no banker as I used the storage script with Zupa's system. There is a helicopter landing pad, a wide car-park. It also includes map markers, e.g the black markers on the map when searching for a trader. I hope you enjoy my work and I'll be releasing more soon! Image of the full trader: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/37489965390073538/F3019F5D803021C13D9DD426C2B5E7C8DD94A60D/ Not Sure! I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be placed in the Epoch Bases section, as it's also a tutorial for installing traders, it isn't just the base. So if this has been released in the wrong place, please make sure you let me know and I'll see if I can get it moved. Also, it would be really nice if you guys could drop a comment on the homepage of my website!
  9. 2 Bandit WAI customized missions --- Denny's Farm --- Troop's Supply Mission Plot: --- Denny is giving out some supplies at his farm. --- The local troop just received their supply. Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k9txqxw6q4qx71t/AADTvplz45CXdSrW8Pyo5W8Fa?dl=0 Requirement: -PBO to pack mission file -WAI Installation: ---Download and install WAI to your server.pbo Link : ---Create farmer_give.sqf and troop_supply.sqf files in dayz_server\WAI\missions\bandits In farmer_give.sqf Copy and paste In troop_supply.sqf, copy and paste: ---Edit the config.sqf : find wai_bandit_missions = [ ["armed_vehicle",10], ["black_hawk_crash",10], ["captured_mv22",10], ["broken_down_ural",10], ["hero_base",10], ["ikea_convoy",10], ["medi_camp",10], ["presidents_mansion",10], ["sniper_extraction",10], ["weapon_cache",10], ]; the missions you have may be different from me, and the number after the mission name is the chance of the mission will happen Example: ["mission_name",chance in %] ---Add in farmer_give and troop_supply so it would look like this wai_bandit_missions = [ ["armed_vehicle",10], ["black_hawk_crash",10], ["captured_mv22",10], ["broken_down_ural",10], ["hero_base",10], ["ikea_convoy",10], ["medi_camp",4], ["presidents_mansion",10], ["sniper_extraction",10], ["weapon_cache",4], ["farmer_give",6], ["troop_supply",6] ]; Make sure the number add up to 100. You can change the chance of the mission happen by change the number in % to whatever you want. Now you are done! Repack your server.pbo to try out the missions :D Let me know if there is any problem with the mission.
  10. Okay guys, I have seen a lot of people having trouble adding weapons and items to their traders. I will admit that I was having the same problem as well. So I decided to make a program for myself to help out with the problem. Today I finally decided to release the program to the community to help others out. :) So first things first, You can download the program from Here Check out all of the spoilers for help. When you open it up it will look something like this, depending on your version of windows. And just so everyone feels a little safer. http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/4bfc071e4742ab59a219a0d2e6b4eab6b138023f https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/338be750f28a82f855525615e8ff1f851dd555947e3d4fbee782097068ef5685/analysis/1400816403/
  11. The RC1 was released December 16 but the changelog shows an update on December 24th saying released. The RC1 however is still linked on the download page, so is out or is it still the RC? Sorry if this has already been asked I tried searching for it but couldn't find anything.
  12. Pay for healing -Default Currency- Updateded! I forgot to add the fix broken legs bit. As well as some others For those who have already installed this. Just replace the playerHeal.sqf with the new one in the link. I have updated the link a couple of times now lol. This will now heal/reset and save blood amount, wounds, broken limbs, pain level, and sickness. Future: Food and hydration also set to full. Credits to GaspArt for the original idea! For his coin currency version go Credits & thanks to Krixes @ http://opendayz.net for his self bloodbag script and letting me use his healing method. What it does: Places an AI at a specific location that will heal you for one gold if not in combat. This script does give change although if you use silver it has to be a full brief. To many combos of silver to write. You will need playerHeal.sqf get it HERE A tool for unpacking pbos. (I recommend pbo manager from armaholic) A custom fn_selfActions.sqf A custom variables.sqf NOTE!: Im not 100% sure which addon this Ai skin is from, due to my trader addons it just happens to be the last available medic. To change which AI is used just change the classname from "GER_Soldier_Medic_EP1" to any available AI skin you have. Note that if you intend to add this to a pre existing AI you'll skip the mission.sqf step and just find the classname of the ai you intend to use and replace it in the fn_selfActions part. Let's do this shall we? 1st off, Place the playerHeal.sqf you downloaded in a folder a called "custom" -no quotes- in the root of your mission pbo/folder. (I you have one already then use the pre-existing) Open up your custom variables.sqf look for //Player self-action handles dayz_resetSelfActions = { s_player_fire = -1; s_player_cook = -1; s_player_boil = -1; s_player_fireout = -1; s_player_butcher = -1; s_player_packtent = -1; ................ .......... }; and at the bottom of that array you need to put: s_playerHeal = -1; We're done with variables. Now we need to open up fn_selfActions.sqf and find this block of variables: _isVehicle = _cursorTarget isKindOf "AllVehicles"; _isVehicletype = _typeOfCursorTarget in ["ATV_US_EP1","ATV_CZ_EP1"]; _isnewstorage = _typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_isNewStorage; A space below them place: // AI heal start if (_canDo && (speed player <= 1) && (_cursorTarget isKindOf "GER_Soldier_Medic_EP1")) then { if (s_playerHeal < 0) then { s_playerHeal = player addaction["Heal for 1 gold","custom\getHealed.sqf","",15,false,true,"", ""]; waitUntil { speed player > 0 }; player removeAction s_playerHeal; // Stops player from being able to target AI healer and heal elsewhere later on s_playerHeal = -1; }; } else { player removeAction s_playerHeal; s_playerHeal = -1; }; // AI heal end You should have something like this: That's all for fn_selfActions Now for the last part. Unpack your dayz_server.pbo and in missions\YourMission\ open up mission.sqf & place: _unit_1525 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createAgent ["GER_Soldier_Medic_EP1", [15529.1,8508.58,0.018], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit_1525 = _this; _this setDir 1.60; _this setVehicleInit "this allowDammage false; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0;"; _this setUnitAbility 0.60000002; _this allowDammage false; _this disableAI 'FSM'; _this disableAI 'MOVE'; _this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; _this disableAI 'TARGET'; _this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; _this forceSpeed 0;_this enableSimulation false;}; at the bottom a space above processInitCommands; and at least a space below the last }; If you already have trader additions then just place it with your other additions making sure the unit # is unique. Note that these coords are in a random tent in Taviana (origins version). Change them to suit your needs. You can add as many as you like just make sure they dont have the same unit number. I just did one for reference. That should be it!! Repack, upload, get gold, get hurt, & get HEALED! #2 from oSoDirty, Hope y'all enjoy!
  13. Access Logging Dome Script Note: You will need to know what your doing to install this. Credit to Axe Cop and infistar for helping me figure some stuff out Features: Does NOT kill players that enter the dome! Allows the server admin to "protect" bases while the base owners are offline, by logging dome access to the server report file. Prevents building/logging out inside the dome for players who are not whitelisted when the owners of the dome are offline. Does none of this when the owners are online (on our server, they have to defend their own turf). The actual Dome Script (ie: MPMission / scripts / dome.sqf): private ["_owners","_name","_ownerOnline","_baseOwner"]; //List of owners _baseOwner = "Randomness"; //Define a name for this area _owners = ["314515521"]; //Array of owners of this area _ownerOnline = false; _name = name player; // Check if the player IS one of the owners if ((getPlayerUID player) in _owners) exitWith { titleText [format ["Welcome, %1", _name], "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; // welcomes you with your name }; // Check if one of the owners is online { diag_log format ["[Dome] Currently Processing admin with puid: %1", _x]; if (_x call fnc_isPlayerOnline) exitWith { _ownerOnline = true; diag_log format ["[Dome] base owner with puid: %1 is online", _x]; }; } foreach _owners; if (!_ownerOnline) exitWith { // What happens if unauthorized players get into the dome titleText ["Approaching donator base! Do not harm this base while the owners are offline! Activity is logged!", "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; //Disabling building and logging out for dome visitors canbuild = false; //Activating logging function dome_WriteLog = [_name, _baseOwner]; publicVariableServer "dome_WriteLog"; }; if (_ownerOnline) exitWith { canbuild = false; titleText ["Woof Woof! Watch out, the guard dogs spotted you!", "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; }; A trigger for this dome in mission.sqm: Note: of course all these coordinates and stuff require some editing class Item6 { position[]={13960.541,1.148,7940.4688}; a=120; b=120; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="sensor_1"; expCond="(player distance sensor_1) < 120;"; expActiv="dome_1 = [] execVM ""scripts\dome.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate dome_nnnl; titleText [""You have left the dome"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 4]; canbuild=true;"; class Effects { }; }; Inside the MPMission init.sqf or somewhere where its run serverside: if (isServer) then { "dome_WriteLog" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _data = _this select 1; diag_log format ["[DOME] Player %1 accessed %2 base at %3",_data select 0, _data select 1, time]; }; }; Instance / Battleye / publicVariable.txt In the line containing 5 "" , at the end add !="dome_WriteLog" (optional) for Infistar antiHack, inside AH.sqf: Find: } forEach ['allUnits','entities','allMissionObjects','vehicles','playableUnits']; replace with: } forEach ['allUnits','entities','allMissionObjects','vehicles']; Enjoy
  14. All i have done here is take an older version of WAI and removed some things and editited a few things to make it work along side of the newest release and give back the crate options. I take no credit for this at all. Just something i did on my server and decided to share it. Install instructions are in read me. This is preconfigured with quite a few weapons. Just about all from epoch (thermals included) and a ton of great overwatch guns including both cheytac variants as well as most thermals. The crate is different each restart. Enjoy!!:) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rggs01dxzzvspg0/WAIC.zip?dl=0
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