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Found 19 results

  1. A while ago there was a wonderful tutorial on how one can use lua scripts to 'restock' or completely remove the invetory for traders which I have been using for some time. Included in that was a script to replace vehicles with vehicle repair kits or other goodies. I wondered if anyone who is more adept at these things would be willing to share an lua script that deletes vehicles altogether. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  2. I was looking at the post on cleaning up traders using redis-cli and wondered if one can change the number of items, such as for the case where the trader inventory reaches 100. Can it be set to 10 where it is greater than 50 as an aexample? Here is the original post:
  3. I have noticed that dump.rdb expands with time due to retained records for killed vehicles, containers and built items, as well as player connect and disconnect logs. is there a redis script that would delete entries and debulk the database? Do these entries affect database performance in any significant way? EDIT: I looked through the backups I have and noticed that their size had been constant around 5-7 MB until the update to which led me to wonder whether the growth of the database is related to something about the update, perhaps a lack of a housekeeping function that should be running. Many thanks in advance.
  4. As posted before, 0.3.6 brought some problems. That seems like also include all containter generating events - cant find any shipwrecks, nor containers, nor veins. Also I investigated and found some issues in Epoch interacting with Redis DB since 0.3.6 - Seems like there are large delays and data loss on GET/SET. I suspect this can happen because of server scripts enviroment breach. Checked on vanilla.
  5. As the description states, every time I disconnect and reconnect to my server (installed using this Youtube Tutorial by TheFlyingJet) I am a freshspawn back to square one deciding which manhole to take to adventure. So basically I would like a database that saves and maybe even a way to view the database and edit it.
  6. HI there, There are a couple of LOG tables in the Redis database for example deathlog-LOG which records all deaths. Since the update these tables are not updating anymore. Is there perhaps a setting that has changed? Thanks in advance. BUMP
  7. Unofficial Epoch Redis Database Manager BROKEN IN CURRENT EPOCH. To help out on the Dev team and server owners i present you my current project i'm working on. This will allow you to manage your redis databases with a nice friendly user-interface. This will be handmade on the Epoch data structure. It will require a php-capable invironment. It will allow viewing, editing and deleting of all server data in redis in a admin-friendly interface. You can request features you want implemented in this topic. OPEN BETA PRE ALPHA UPDATE 2 0.2 Release Data & MAP Whats new in 0.2? [ADDED] More maps [ADDED] Own maps support [ADDED] More customisable settings [ADDED] Import/export server data ( for other admins forexample) [ADDED] Use own images [ADDED] View buildings, storages,players,vehicle details. [FIXED] Charnarus and altis are calibrated, other maps that are default in are theoreticle correct but not tested. [FIXED] Working dashboard page. Whats Gonna be new in 0.3 ( Rolling Changelogs)? [CHANGED] PHP laravel backend. [ADDED] Statistic Graphs at listdetail screens. [ADDED] Login System. [ADDED] User Rights on pages system. (Configurable by full admins). [ADDED] Inegrated ZupaStats for admin purposes. [FIXED] Some performance issues. [FIXED] Changing server on dashboard now also refreshes dashboard. [FIXED] Server name now correctly displays on title text. More to come Download: On 24 feb 2015: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rd1c8wldmldgi2z/ZRDBM.rar This is not an optimised build. Keep the html and php on the same host for this release. TCP redis should work if configured corretly ( not tested, so I can be wrong). Server data is saved in localhost in your browser for time being. Default included maps: Chernarus Altis Stratis Takistan Namalsk Download Extra Maps These maps are not default in the download to make the file not too big for people that don't need them. To use these maps just place the folder in the "maps" folder and add the map to the settings. Credits to Scott AKA Uro to make these possible and easy for me. These images are ingame images and should not have an offset Bornholm http://www.mediafire.com/download/n7bbqkf8899hiex/bornholm.rar Mapsize : 22528 x 22528 : Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/jNXbfeC.jpg Lingor http://www.mediafire.com/download/1af9wb3zxlif2xc/lingor.rar Mapsize : 10240 x 10239 : Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/yeIAi8v.jpg Zargabad http://www.mediafire.com/download/0gjq7617zl3uc36/zargabad.rar Mapsize : 8191 x 8194: Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/CoJLIXL.jpg Panthera 3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/gqumsm2s2niskl7/panthera.rar Mapsize : 10240 x 10239: Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/cf7fsqd.jpg Taviana 3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/an38c1rbidxmdcr/taviana.rar Mapsize : 21333 x 21332: Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/jHZyDz5.jpg Alternative Altis http://www.mediafire.com/download/1dd962bff7wo4dr/altis2.rar Mapsize : 30700x 30700. Image: http://i.imgur.com/XNgVFMJ.jpg Alternative Chernarus http://www.mediafire.com/download/2qc9jri1ccj38ym/chernarus2.rar Mapsize : 15360 x 15360. Image: http://i.imgur.com/88ilDD9.png Alternative Stratis http://www.mediafire.com/download/c29odtoquazjki6/stratis2.rar Mapsize : 8191 x 8192 Image: http://i.imgur.com/x0xy0zR.jpg Instructions: Unzip the folder in your apache enviremont ( xampp htdocs) for example. ( More info about this later). Add extra maps to the map folder if necessary (Not all are included in default download. Otherwise the size will get too big). Go to the server/config.php and fill in your server data ( if you want multiple servers on different IP's , i recommend making a server2 folder with that config then). $myRedisPass = "redispass"; $myRedisPort = 6379; $myRedisHost = ''; // If php and redis are on the same server, this suffices IF PHP and REDIS are on different servers ( you need to open the redis Port on that server AND bind your public ip in redis config !) EXAMPLE in redis.conf: ( Restart redis to activate this). bind Now browse to your folder in a browser. ( localhost or externally). The webapp automaticly lets u add a server, fill in the data correctly or import an exported server. Screenschots: IN DEV More functions added later.
  8. I put together some code for a simple Redis backup for command I use it myself in a windows task simple to use for new server owners who like to use batch files. I know there's programs for this but I like to use batch files if done right uses less resources on server. Make a batch file (Backup.bat) or use in own restart batch if have one. @echo off color 0A echo Running Redis Database Backup.. echo. echo. IF Not EXIST C:\Database\dump.rdb GOTO DoNothing if not exist "C:\Database\backup" mkdir C:\Database\backup :: above checks for folders and file :: :: DO NOT EDIT for /F "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%i in ('date /t') do set yyyymmdd=%%k%%i%%j echo Date: %yyyymmdd% for /F "tokens=1-2 delims=: " %%l in ('time /t') do set hhmm=%%l%%m echo Time: %hhmm% :: END NO EDIT :: copy C:\Database\dump.rdb C:\Database\backup\dump.rdb :: REN C:\Database\backup\dump.rdb dump_%yyyymmdd%_%hhmm%.rdb echo. echo Backup was successfully completed! timeout 10 :: :: You can add database startup here if you want :: START redis-server.exe redis.conf :: echo Database started successfully! ::timout 10 exit This code will save DBdump.rdb and move to backup and rename it this example: dump_20150207_0201.rdb NOTE: I have my redis in c:\database you can edit this in batch code
  9. i just threw this together, cause i wanted to backup my database once in a while, however i do not want be held responsible for anything you do to your system. pls remeber to backup anything you hold dearly before using this and NEVER use this with root permissions! http://pastebin.com/iBiZkvUb if setup correctly the script will backup the database to a folder named the day of the week, database name/folder will be something like: /whatever/dayoftheweek/dump_2015_26-07_14.00-01.rdb If you do not plan to use the same user, that runs redis-server to run the backup script, then you will need to make sure the dump.rdb is written with permissions to allow this. by default redis-server will be starting with --umask 007 flag, to change it you need to change the redis-server init script (mine was located at /etc/init.d/redis-server). find the line that starts like this: if start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --umask 003 this is whats important: --umask 007 we will need to change this to something like: --umask 003 now it will write the file with read permissions for all users (-rw-rw-r--). now make sure to restart redis-server: service redis-server restart change the path's on top of the script to determin where the database is located: # set path to where your redis.rdb file is located REDISDBDIR=/var/lib/redis and where you want the files to end up: # set path to where you want the db file to end up DBBACKUPDIR=/media/9c2af2c6-2d7e-4383-9255-6fa2b6d58a28/SysDisk/armabackup if you want it to delete or show you old database files you can use/uncomment the lines on the bottom: ########################################################## # Change how long you want to save a database copy below # ########################################################## #show old db's, uncomment to use: #-mmin = +minutes #find ${DBBACKUPDIR} -type f -mmin +240 #-mtime = +days #find ${DBBACKUPDIR} -type f -mtime +3 ################## IMPORTANT: ############################ # delete db's older than 7days, change the 7 below # # or comment out with a # infront of the line to disable # ########################################################## #find $DBBACKUPDIR -type f -mtime +7 -delete have fun Regards Halv
  10. What is the RedisQFork_XXXX.dat file? Is it needed? Can I delete it? I have (2) instances of this and each one is 6gb in size. I just want to free up the space if it's not needed. Thanks.
  11. Moved content to: http://maca134.co.uk/arma-3/redisdump-arma-3-epoch-backup-tool/
  12. Unofficial PHP EpochRedis Tools I have started some work on some php redis tools to help my own gaming community out I have decided to share these tools and to within reason take some request on tools/cmd people would like to see This is no way a complete user package with a nice GUI it will all be command line stuff that should be easy to modify and adapt to run along any website using some simple php includes. I hope to document some simple calls for example showing player on the website or building a list of what is in stock. Checkout the progress on my GitHub. https://github.com/Dwarfer/EpochRedis ** ALWAYS TAKE BACKUPS ITS YOUR OWN FAULT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG AND YOU DON'T HAVE ONE ** Main features - Cleanup AI Items when no trader exists anymore. - Remove key items from traders - Re stock basic items - Add basic items to traders - [WIP] Display Trader loaction and what they have in stock. ToDo List - look for an economy trend and stock acrodigly. Thanks p.s. Go easy on me please :-)
  13. Hey Now the competition is over and the CRC check removed is there any change of either come documentation of all the functions available or source code so we can work it out ourselves?
  14. js2k6

    Redis 3.0

    Was reading about a new redis release this morning, found the link on r/programming. Drew my attention considering the use of Redis for a3 epochmod. And I'd like to see what we can expect in future Redis 3.0 google docs notes Redis Cluster Specs Then I noticed this, not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but I found it mildly interesting/amusing. Oh well, carry on chaps That is all.
  15. This post is old and you are probably better using the following ----------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys, Not sure where this belongs on the forum so just put it here. If one of the mods wants to move to better place please do. So I was trying to find a easy way to clear out my Trader items and I could not find a way other than using something like redis desktop manager then selecting each AI_ITEMS and deleting it.. The best way I have found to-do it so far is using the redis-cli tool and the window port of Linux xargs. Links bellow. Redis-cli: https://github.com/ServiceStack/redis-windows/blob/master/downloads/redis64-2.8.12.zip FindUtils: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/findutils.htm I am not going to tell you how to install these however once you have them working and your paths specified you can do something like this. You would need to change YOUR_PORT, YOUR_PASSWORD and NAS123 to whatever you have specified on your own servers. Basicllay if you run the line without the xargs it would just display all the key lines. with the "| xargs" you basically send that result to the DEL command and hay presto they all go :-) ** DOING THIS MAY BREAK YOUR DB SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP ** Clear Veichles C:\Temp>redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD keys Vehicle:NAS123:* | xargs redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD DEL Clear AI Traders C:\Temp>redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD keys AI:NAS123:* | xargs redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD DEL Clear AI Trader Items C:\Temp>redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD keys AI_ITEMS:NAS123:* | xargs redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD DEL Clear Buildings C:\Temp>redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD keys Building:NAS123:* | xargs redis-cli.exe -p YOUR_PORT -a YOUR_PASSWORD DEL
  16. Right now I have 352 AI_ITEMS entries with several duplicates, the list of items for several of them are identical, if you buy things from the traders then after restart those same items are back at the traders again. Killing the traders doesn't clear them, I only have 50 dynamic traders on the map (the default), I've made no changes to the traders other than the position of the trader city traders, I've not altered the database in any way, I'm running stock Epoch with only a few scripts loaded in, none of them interact with the traders. VEMF SEM 0.6 R3F Custom script to make lockboxes invulnerable. Custom script to load in a base around the debug building. Custom script that adds some markers.
  17. After running the mod for a week now I have noticed that the redis server process is prone to crashing when reaching memory constraints. This is an issue on servers which do not have a high amount of memory available to be dedicated to the redis database file. We run multiple servers, however our game servers are NOT configured to be dedicating over 1GB of memory to a flat-file database system. I would prefer to not have to host the DB via an external DB host... Why was REDIS (a bleeding-edge experimental DMBS) chosen over the proven reliability and performance of MySQL? Is it possible to move back to MySQL (or provide an alternative Hive DLL) to utilise our existing DB infrastructure? Is there a way for server administrators to configure REDIS not to crash and stop accepting connections, or to automatically restart the redis server when a failed fork is detected? There seem to be many design decisions made with this mod that haven't taken into account the requirements for server owners. I can't stress enough that I think REDIS is a very poor choice for game servers...
  18. just delete it. asked this like 3 months ago.
  19. My dedicated box is running Windows 2003 Server x86. The Redis server binary included in the server files are for x64 operating systems. Is there a copy for x86 systems?
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