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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, i'm beginner in arma script (try to be better and my english is not beautiful), I try to use addPublicVariableEventHandler on server side for refresh and send value from client. in my pbo server side : on client i do -> no add in redis database, if i modify the redis database manually, use this handler for refresh LEVEL_UserInfo's value, that's not work ... What I have to do for this work ? Thx
  2. If I define a variable: Speed = 150; PublicVariable Speed; (in one script) then in another script define: forcespeed Speed; What is the valid format (if it can be done) and how would everyone that logins in would get this set value of "Speed". I.E. you have a static plane flying at variable speeds. I am just using "Speed" defined at the value of "150" only for this discussion for simplicity. I know if the value changes on "Speed" I would have to re-define the PublicVariable again so it's republish (floating about) with the new value? Lastly would infiSTAR have an issue with a custom PublicVariable? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. This is the kick in publicvariable.log: 13.03.2015 13:39:39: Player (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #0 "PVDZ_plr_Login1" = ["xxxxxxxxxxxxxx",<NULL-object>] 13.03.2015 14:13:55: Player (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #0 "PVDZ_plr_Login1" = ["xxxxxxxxxxxxxx",<NULL-object>] I read somewhere that the kick is the # + 2 so the kick originates from line 2? And this is my publicvariable.txt: //new 5 "" !"PVDZE_" !"norrn" !"usec" !="remExField" !="currentInvites" !="drn_AskServerDynamicWeatherEventArgs" !="norrinRAlie" !="BIS_effects_gepv" !="dayzPlayerLogin" !="dayzPlayerLogin2" !"PVAHR_" !="PVAH_AdminReq" !="PVAH_WriteLogReq" !="toClient" !="usageLogger" !="useBroadcaster" 5 "norrn" !="norrnRACarUp" !="norrnRAPicUp" !="norrnRaDrag" !="norrnR180" !="norrnRalie" !="norrnRLact" !="norrnRALW" !="norrnRDead" 5 "usec" !="usecMorphine" !="usecBandage" !="usecBleed" 5 "PVDZE_" !="PVDZE_fullobj_Publish" !="PVDZE_veh_Colour" !"PVDZE_player" !="PVDZE_send" !="PVDZE_log_lockUnlock" !="PVDZE_Server_Simulation" !="PVDZE_veh_Update" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBody" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBodyZ" !="PVDZE_veh_Lock" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathB" !="PVDZE_maintainArea" !="PVDZE_obj_Publish" !="PVDZE_obj_Swap" !="PVDZE_plr_Save" !="PVDZE_obj_Delete" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish2" !="PVDZE_zed_Spawn" !="PVDZE_plr_Died" !="PVDZE_plr_TradeMenu" !="PVDZE_veh_Upgrade" !="PVDZE_atp" !="PVDZE_plr_Login" !="PVDZE_plr_Login2" !="PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathBResult" !="PVDZE_veh_SFix" !="PVDZE_plr_Hit" !="PVDZE_plr_HitV" !="PVDZE_veh_SFuel" !="PVDZE_plr_HideBody" !="PVDZE_plr_Morph" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish" !="PVDZE_plr_Characters" !="PVDZE_lockVault" !="PVDZE_obj_setlocalVars" !="PVDZE_obj_getlocalVars" !="PVDZE_bank_Save" !="PVDZE_account_Doublecheck" 5 "PVAHR_" !"PVAHR_0_" 1 "PVAH" 5 "remExFP" !="\"remExFP\" = \[,,\"per\",\"execVM\",\"ca\\Modules\\Functions\\init.sqf\"\]" !"\[,,\"per\",\"execVM\",\"ca\\Modules\\Functions\\init.sqf\"\]" 5="player" 5="server" 5 "fnc_plyrHit" 5 "AntiHack" 1 "Delete" 1 "PVDZ_plr_Login1" The kick still occurs even though I have "PVDZ_plr_Login1" filtered to log only. Does it have to be in the same format as 5="server" eg 1="PVDZ_plr_login1" or am I missing something completely obvious? I've read ebadayz's guide here: http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/ but apparently I'm not fully understanding something. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Hello Guys, i've posted this Question in the Nitrado Forums too but still no answers. A friend of mine (he's the Admin) and me reactivated our old nitrado dayz server. After playing a while on chernarus we've decided to try the Map Sauerland. So we re-installed the Server with Map Sauerland. Everything worked fine till we got two restrictions (BE). First one was script restriction #34: we fixed that in the script and everything was fine. Than we had the biggest problem with PUBLIC VARIABLE RESTRICTION #0: PublicVariable.LOG said: 08.01.2014 18:30:29: Shizo (blablabla) blablabla - #0 "PVDZ_plr_Login" = ["bunchOfNumbers",<NULL-object>] Server said: TIME: Player Shizo kicked off by BattlEye: PublicVariable Restriction #0 bla bla bla TIME "ERROR: Cannot Sync Character Shizo as no characterID" OK so i saw we have to add a Filter to the publicvariable.txt. We did so and nothing has changed. We've downloaded the newest BE-Filters and finally we could login in to the Map. BUT only a few Minutes later it was again the same restriction #0. After this every one was kicked when he gets on the map. Do we still have the wrong filters? (sry i really don't know which filters my friend used) I want to play sauerland and not this.....cherna sh**! We have: Dayz Mod Version 1.8.1 Epoch Nitrado Server Launching Game via DayZ Launcher We've tried it with NAPF too but had the same problems (like Sauerland). For testing we've tried Takistan (however) and a few people were able to login without problems but the Admin and I were stuck in character chose at the beginning. No Drama because we want to play Sauerland and just wanted to test the restriction failure. EDITH: forgot to say - when we were on the map/ingame for these few minutes, server said there is no one playing. Don't know if that is important. Any other solutions available? Thanks for any help!!! Cheers Shizo
  5. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue on my DayZ Epoch Panthera server, if someone tries to buy anything at the wholesaler he/she gets kicked off by battleye with the following error: "Wholesaler PublicVariable Value Restriction #295" all the other traders work fine. I couldn't find anything on google about this particular problem on the forums neither. Thanks in advance, Marlon
  6. Hey guys, i install just install the AH from infistar, after i do this i got everytime a kick for - #0 "remExField" = [<NULL-object>,,"JIPrequest"] , I am not a genuis in such things, it would be awesome if someone could help me out. My publicvariable.txt //new 5 "" !"PVDZE_" !"dayzLogin" !"norrn" !"usec" !="remExField" !="remExFP" !="drn_AskServerDynamicWeatherEventArgs" !="norrinRAlie" !="BIS_effects_gepv" !="dayzPlayerLogin" !="dayzPlayerLogin2" !"PVAHR_" !="PVAH_AdminReq" !="PVAH_WriteLogReq" 5 "norrn" !="norrnRACarUp" !="norrnRAPicUp" !="norrnRaDrag" !="norrnR180" !="norrnRalie" !="norrnRLact" !="norrnRALW" !="norrnRDead" 5 "usec" !="usecMorphine" !="usecBandage" !="usecBleed" 5 "PVDZE_" !"PVDZE_player" !"PVDZE_send" !="PVDZE_veh_Update" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBody" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBodyZ" !="PVDZE_veh_Lock" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathB" !="PVDZE_maintainArea" !="PVDZE_obj_Publish" !="PVDZE_obj_Swap" !="PVDZE_plr_Save" !="PVDZE_obj_Delete" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish2" !="PVDZE_zed_Spawn" !="PVDZE_plr_Died" !="PVDZE_obj_setlocalVars" !="PVDZE_plr_TradeMenu" !="PVDZE_obj_getlocalVars" !="PVDZE_veh_Upgrade" !="PVDZE_atp" !="PVDZE_plr_Login" !="PVDZE_plr_Login2" !="PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathBResult" !="PVDZE_veh_SFix" !="PVDZE_plr_Hit" !="PVDZE_plr_HitV" !="PVDZE_veh_SFuel" !="PVDZE_plr_HideBody" !="PVDZE_plr_Morph" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish" 5 "PVAHR_" !"PVAHR_0_" 5="player" 5="server" 5 "remExFP" !="\"remExFP\" = \[,,\"per\",\"execVM\",\"ca\\Modules\\Functions\\init.sqf\"\]" !"\[,,\"per\",\"execVM\",\"ca\\Modules\\Functions\\init.sqf\"\]" 1="PVAH_AdminReq" 1="PVAH_WriteLogReq" 1 "PVAHR_0_" 5="AHKICK"
  7. When a suicide attempt error: BattlEye: PublicVariable Value Rescription #296 Drop lifted car error SetPos #0 and createVehicle TKVehicleBox_EP1 immediately causes an error Create Vehicle Pescription #21 tell me how to properly set up so that the error disappeared... PLEASE HELP/
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