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Found 7 results

  1. Hi,(sorry no speak english) How to create Private overpoch server? (epoch and overwatch 0.2.5.) Thanks!
  2. Hey there Epoch Community, A couple friends and I have finally decided to set up an Epoch server we were just going to do a private server and disable battleye. my issue being without battle eye i cannot seem to get any admin commands to work. i guess my question is: is there anyway we can use an admin tool or anything like that instead of re-enabling battleye?
  3. Just a simple little thing i had an idea for, and wanted to share it. So first of all make a custom_traders.sqf file in this add: customTraders = ["Skin1","Skin2"]; VIP = ["4567547","1243124"]; //PrivateTrader if ((getPlayerUID player) in VIP) then { menu_Skin1 = [ [["Category1",123]], [], "neutral" ]; menu_Skin2 = [ [["Category2",123]], [], "neutral" ]; }; Now navigate to your mission folders init.sqf, and right under: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf"; Add: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "YOURFOLDER\custom_traders.sqf"; So it should look something like this: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "YOURFOLDER\custom_traders.sqf"; All done, dont forget to actually create a category and change the 123, with the category number. This is my first post :)
  4. Hi Admins and gurus, I am trying to set up a DayZ Epoch home server using the video guide from Calling The Tech Wolf (and his follow up video for ver 1.0.3 up). When I join I get stuck at Authenticating. I've gone through forums and google with no luck. Currently using the following: Arma 2 Retail with OA and beta patch 103718 or 104648(for another private server of a friend) and all recommended updates up to 1.62 (Did the copying as instructed for the server) XAMPP (Ports are correct and no Skype) Navicat Lite (Passwords and changes made as instructed) Battleye (checked that server and client are the same and updated) Server hosted on Windows 7 and clients on Windows 8 DayZ Commander for version checking etc Here is a link to my RPT: http://pastebin.com/gjtSuBec Im new to MySQL as well but have some logic that might help... Please help, thanks. :) UPDATED 26 MAY 2014: See bottom of discussion for solution (very simple)
  5. Guest

    Dayz Private Server IP change

    Hi, My Problem: The ip adress of my private server changes like every 12 hours.... The problem is that the commander says the server is offline because he searches for the old ip adress... How can i always have the latest ip adress auto updated in the commander? Thanks
  6. I was playing on a server for 3-4 hours until randomly, without any error or warning, I was booted back to the lobby. It didnt tell me any error. When i tried reconnecting, I would log in and everything would work, but when i actually got into the game, between 1 and 5 seconds after, it would boot me back to lobby. I can play on every other dayz epoch server without this issue and have never seen this issue in the 3 years i have played arma 2. Any help is appreciated. I have tried playing with beta and without, and doesnt make a difference. Server says required is 1.62.9248 or something like that, but the admin said anything above that works. I am running latest build 1.62.103718 and so is the admin and other players arent having the issue. Edit: After looking at my RPT file in the local data for Arma2 OA, I have found this. Only says this on the server when i get booted. Warning: looped for animation: ca\anims\characters\data\anim\sdr\mov\erc\wlk\non\non\amovpercmwlksnonwnondf.rtm differs (looped now 1)! MoveName: amovpercmrunsnonwbindf_rfl "infiSTAR.de ProPlan by infiSTAR.de - randvar1 started (768.209)" "infiSTAR.de ProPlan by infiSTAR.de - randvar1 created randvar27a (768.237)" "infiSTAR.de ProPlan by infiSTAR.de - randvar1 created randvar27 (768.237)" Error in expression <1 = [_name,_puid, toArray ('NoRecoil'), toArray (unitRecoilCoefficient player)];> Error position: <toArray (unitRecoilCoefficient player)];> Error toarray: Type Number, expected String
  7. So, We have a server running the Version of Epoch Napf. Server was doing fine for the first few weeks. Then suddenly after every restart more and more vehicles spawned in. Until it reached over 1500 vehicles on our server (Max limit in Epoch_config being 600). It could be a scripting issue but i have looked and looked over the scripts and cannot find anything out of place. Although this is ARMA we are talking about. Even the RPT file looks good. So we looked through our database. Turns out our events weren't turned on for some reason. So we enabled that, Nothing changed. Did a few more tweaks to no avail. Our server has been on scheduled restarts via battleye. We narrowed it down to that causing the problem (Or at least instigating it). So we disabled auto restarts via battleye and set up server side restarts via Firedaemon. And that stopped the problem. But it is only a temporary fix to a persistent problem. Anybody have any ideas? If you prefer a faster route please join our teamspeak @ Ts.fpsugaming.com and look for Toxiin or SinistR. Thanks in advance.
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