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Found 7 results

  1. Don't know if I posted in right section. I have an Epoch Taviana server. the port is 2365. Sometimes when BEC restarts the server, it starts 2365 and 2377. One thing I noticed is that it starts port 2377 first. It causes players to lag and it affects their ping. Does anyone know why it would start two ports? OR where would I look? I don't see anything in server or mission RPT.
  2. I need some help to solve my problems. I got a fully working Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) server running latest Epoch ( Ok, thats great! But the problem is that the server never shows up on DayZ Commander. In-game you can find the server, i tried DayZ Launcher and i found it there as well. Before you say anything about port forwarding etc, i like to tell you that i have disabled all firewalls and i dont got any router connected at this point. And i have waited over a week for the server to show up. The settings i use right now and have no luck. Epoch.sh uses - port 2302. server.cfg Steamport = 2300; Steamqueryport = 2301; I have tried to change Steamport to = 8766; ( since thats the default if u ask Bohemia ) & Steamqueryport = 27016; But that did not solve anything. Same problem, server never shows up! However if i change my Steamport = 2303 | Steamqueryport = 2304 Then i get suck at " Waiting for host " Please someone help me :huh:
  3. Hello guys, sry for my bad english, but I'm from Germany. I created a "Spawn Dialog" where you can choose your own spawn location, but after 1 minute the server port you to the Debug Box. I think it's a cheat protection. How I can turn it off? I hope you can help me. Greez Noldy
  4. When I run my server I can't connect to it even if i direct connect. I get "Wait for host". If put the ports in INPUT and/or FORWARD in the iptables I get the same message. anyone have any ideas as to what i'm doing wrong?
  5. Im hosting an epoch server, when I try to connect to it in dayz commander, it just shows up as offline and the name doesnt appear, only the IP address to the server. It shows up as online on the same network as the server is hosted on although I have opened what I believe is all necessary ports to open, it's only online when adding it to favorites with the steam query port instead of the server port. I have updated the server to 1.63 and I have tried to get it to work, I've followed tutorial and it doesn't seem to work for me. Ports I have opened are: 2200 - 2400 - For the dayz server itself, steam query and the steam port 27000 - 28000 - Steam query (although I am using 2301 as a steam query port) 8766 - Steam port (although I am using 2300 as a steam query port) 20 - 21 (for FTP) 80 (for XAMPP) 443 (for XAMPP) 3306 (for XAMPP) 3389 (for remote desktop) 14147 (for FileZilla, FTP) This is what I get when using netstat -a: http://pastebin.com/DVq31VT6 It doesnt say "LISTENING" next to which I believe is used by the epoch server. My config.cfg file: http://pastebin.com/xjYDTemZ I have hosted epoch servers a couple of months before, before the 1.63 patch and the gamespy shutdown and those weren't having any of theese problems. Im sorry for any bad english in this post, I am not a native english speaker, I'm from Sweden :) Thanks in advance Simon
  6. I have a server set up, i can join it fine on lan. but i cant seem to join it over wan. I've tried many things based on information collected on general port forwarding and troubleshooting. i have forwarded the port on both udp and tcp. (2300-2305, 8766, 27016) i have disabled firewall, i have disabled windows defender. (although i dont think it should matter) I have tried turning on/off DMZ on router. I have my IPv4 as static IP for my server. I am running the server with admin privs. I have turned off my UAC. If i run netstat -an -p UDP: (bolded are server ports) Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* UDP *:* my launch param is -> (port is clearly 2302. well im able to join it over lan on port 2302 so it should be) start /REALTIME "arma2" /min arma2oaserver.exe -port=2302 "-config=instance_11_Chernarus\config.cfg" "-cfg=instance_11_Chernarus\basic.cfg" "-profiles=instance_11_Chernarus" -name=instance_11_Chernarus "[email protected]_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;" "-noCB" "-maxMem=2047" "-cpuCount=2" "-exThreads=1" "-noSound" When i test for router/windows portforwarding policy, it says its set up correctly. So.,.. i launch the game... and this is what it says when i check for the ports... Timed out??? why.... i have the server running on port.... So i check my port again.... coz i mean why not... yea... so i had all the ports that i could possibly want open (and not want... but im desperate) after all, if it was not open and i had server running on the port, it would say connection refused! then you might ask well... is your static ip really YES IT IS then i got really confused... and said Halpppp!!!! is there anyone out there who can help me without saying 'derp did you check portforward.com?'
  7. Recently i have created a taviana overpoch server, All is running smoothly, no hickups. However every client will get kicked randomly. Not all at once, just individually at random time. I have checked all the logs incl Battleye, infistar, server.rpt and client.rpt and all is normal. On client kick it will display "You have been kicked from the server." .Rpt only shows normal player disconnect. I have ran the server without battleye or infistar and it still kicks. Sometime once per 3 hour restart or multiple times. I've checked all ports, tried both dayzlauncher and dayzcommander with various launch parameters. I have also changed config.cfg "onHackedData" and "onDifferentData" to null with no avail. I've scoured the web and with still no result or indication on what's going on i bring it to you guys! Thanks.
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