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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I'm new around here so please go easy on me :P Myself an a few others have started a new overpochins server called [SS]|Overpochins|Coins|ActiveADMINS|FullCustom|Semi-Militarized IP: Me and a few others have added some features/scripts like unpack little bird,towlift,missons,bankmoney ect... but were having problems finding a working sector b script which isn't out of date an a origins build trader w/buildings. Would appreciate it if anyone could help us an would be willing to give you guys who help some goodies on the server to start with. The server only holds upto 20 people so far but we will increase it when a few more people join. Using GTX servers. Cheers.
  2. Runewulv

    Force DC or Abort

    Hello, I am running an Overpochins server with Origins added in. Now, everything is working fine, however Origins overrides the hud. This isn't a huge problem, but it also overrides the ESC menu, removing the abort option. So I was wondering if there was anyway that I could add a log out option on the WDP Action menu or mousewheel or something to that effect. And if so, how would I do so? I'm pretty good at emulating code scripting, however, to do it myself I'm not there yet. Any help would be great.
  3. hi need server files Overpoch Origins Taviana plz asap be a go send
  4. welcome I need help in connection with a script the animation is not in operation long ago I was good because I used private ["_target"]; _target = _this select 3; _isGate = ["wood_gate","MetalGate_4"]; if (typeOf _target in _isGate) then { _target animate ["DoorR", 1]; _target animate ["DoorL", 1]; cutText ["Unlocked", "PLAIN DOWN"]; } else { _target animate ["", 1]; //to be the animation cutText ["Unlocked.", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; _target setVariable ["isOpen", "1", true];
  5. I am having trouble getting the static missions to spawn, vehicle patrols, para drops and such.. I have copied and pasted and edited coords and a few other things to suit my needs.(this worked for previous version) No Luck on the newest release. I set static missions to true in config file and my default.sqf looks like this: http://pastebin.com/hrd4zmY1 Any help at all is appreciated. :)
  6. I added this since i have found little to no help on removing ammo from vehicles with multiple gunners. I take no credit for the script what so ever i just fiddled around with it until i got it working to my needs. If you use the fnc_remWepSG script and run a Epoch-Origins of Overpochins server and would like to make the Flying Fortress avaialble in traders without ammo at every restart just add to your "dayz_server\compile\fnc_remWepSG.sqf" and the ammo will be stripped upon purchase and each restart forcing player to use their own ammo. If you dont have this or know what this is, google how to remove ammo from vehicles in epoch. There is a cached version of the install process if the site is still down. If you cant download the sqf here is mine. Its quite easy to edit. Already includes Flying fortress,F-35,Apache,& all variants of the pook transport. As of now there is no way that i know of to acquire/add ammo to the F35 and Apache. I use them as vanity vehicles! Hope this helps! Any other vehicles that trouble you just ask and ill give them a shot on my test server when i have time! But its really easy to do. The only thing that needs edited is the classname usually. the numbers represent the seat. -1 is driver 0-(one less than how ever many gunners the vehicle has) are the gunners. not sure of passengers but they dont matter! Not all drivers have guns, wont hurt to have the command in but its not needed!
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